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Thanks to Keith Warrender for sharing this photo of his well worn Indian Cookery book. Here is a comment from him:

‘who remembers this little 6 x 3 inch paperback? My first Indian cookbook and still in use 40 years on. Although late night Indian food could be had at Salim’s for about £2. Limited menu but very good food.’

Keith Warrender

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The Asian Programme Unit producers: Yousaf Aziz, Waseem Mahmood, Krishan Gould and Bish Mehay. Seated is Ashok Rampal, the executive producer.

Thanks to Waseem Mahmood for sharing the photo.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Waseem Mahmood: ‘This must have been about 1984. We all worked on the BBC 1 Asian Magazine programme that went out on Sunday morning, Gharbar that went out on BBC 2 on Wednesday mornings and the Radio 4 programme Make Yourself at Home which also went out on Sunday.’

Lynne Cullimore: ‘I worked there for a while. Worked on many interesting stories and of course the music. I was there when Nahrendra was in charge!’

Dawn Trotman: ‘I worked on the programme. I even sunk up Bish’s feature film in his garage ! Many stories abound about the shooting of the film in Birmingham ! I later worked on Network East some of the old team remained but a new boss.’

Rosalind Gower: ‘So great to see this lovely bunch again. Thanks’

Jane Ward: ‘Wow! Agree with Rosalind Gower – how lovely to see them all in this pic. I worked with them on Gharbar and Asian Magazine – 1986-87. The Midlands Today set would come out of Studio B for filming Asian Magazine and then be put back in again just in time for afternoon news. I used to love the bands that sat on the floor and played great music.’

Mary Sanchez: ‘I worked as part of my secretarial training on Asian Network and Ebony then onto news where indeed we doubled up with Asian Network and News in same studio.’

Excerpt from ‘Working in Television’ 1980, by Jan Leeming























This is an excerpt from an interview with Clare Stride, from a book called Working in Television written in 1980 by Jan Leeming, who worked at Pebble Mill for a time. The aim was to encourage young people to think about careers in television. Clare was working as a research assistant at the time, and later became a producer on The Clothes Show and a series producer on various Daytime shows. I worked with her when she was a producer on Good Morning with Anne and Nick in the early 1990s. She sadly died aged 55 in 2006.

Thanks to Jonathan Dick for sharing the photo, who has sadly died since sharing the excerpts.

Clare Stride on the Severn Valley Railway. Photo by Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission

Jonathan Dick (centre) at the 2016 Midlands Today reunion. Thanks to Jane Green for sharing the photo













Jonathan Dick, who was an RSA on Midlands Today, died very suddenly overnight on 17/18th April. David Croxson worked with him at BBC World News. He writes that Jonathan was always calm, collected, very witty and thoroughly professional, and that we are all in complete shock at this desperately sad news.

The following comments were posted on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Jane Green: ‘Jonathan and I were RSAs together in the 80s on Midlands Today. He was the intellectual on the team, a brilliant vision mixer (the master of E-Flex and Charisma too), was unflappable in a tense gallery, and had a fantastic sense of humour.

Together, he and I took responsibility for saving all the regional TX and rushes bloopers onto a compilation tape, and when we saw each other the past few years, we recalled things like David Stevens’ forecasting the weather as ‘matchy pists’ and the BBC logo falling off the wall during Brian Conway’s breakfast bulletin. Jonathan’s hands were once seen dancing in shot in the pres studio as he tried to help the poor presenter who was failing on the self opt desk whilst reading the news. Most mishaps seemed to happen in the self-opt pres studio. Neither of us knew where that tape ended up after we left Midlands Today.

We had some fun times out in Brum in the 80s too, and last time I spent the day with Jonathan at BBC Parliament, I gave him some of the photos of him that I’d found, from a very boozy lunch a group of us had at ‘Jonathan’s’ restaurant about 1988. I never heard Jonathan say a bad word about anyone. He was a gentleman and so very kind. I’m still in shock from the awful news that we’ve lost him.”

Lynda Maher: ‘Such sad and shocking news. I worked with Jonathan as an RSA and when I moved onto studio directing he was by my side as VM, always helpful and encouraging and also great fun. He always stayed calm when things went wrong and I learned a lot from him.’

Gary Hudson: ‘I worked with Jonathan in the late 80s on Midlands Today, and I’d been in touch again on Facebook for the last three or four years. A very funny chap, who’ll be greatly missed. This is a photo he posted from Ariel when we won the RTS award.’

Darren New: ‘Very sad to hear this. I worked with Jonathan as a RSA in the Pebble Mill newsroom. I’m in the photo that Gary posted. The one thing I remember his his dry sense of humour and he would say it as it is. And he was a very good vision mixer.’

Maria Needle: ‘I worked with Jonathan and he was one of the nicest guys in telly. If ever I went into a show after him, I used to steal his DVE moves and copy them on to my disk! He was such a technical genius.’

Mary Sanchez: ‘I worked with Jonathan at Pebble Mill . He was a whizz kid on our vision mixing desk on Midlands Today and a lovely colleague too.More recently caught up with him at a reunion where we swapped funny memories and pottery tips on F/B…’

Jonathan Dick in N8 TVC. Photo from David Croxson

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This is an excerpt from a book called Working in Television written in 1980 by Jan Leeming, who worked at Pebble Mill for a time. The aim was to encourage young people to think about careers in television.Thanks to Jonathan Dick for sharing the photo.