CMCR9 Vision Area

CMCR9 Vision area

CMCR9 Vision area


CMCR9 Vision area 2

CMCR9 Vision area 2

CMCR9 Philips CCUs

CMCR9 Philips CCUs





















Photos by John Abbott, no reproduction without permission.

These photos are from the 1969 outside broadcast scanner, CMCR9, which was Pebble Mill’s original CM1. This scanner became Manchester’s North 3, in around 1979.

The photos show the Vision area of the truck, as well as the Camera Control Units for the original Philips/Pye cameras.

This scanner has recently been restored by a team up in Manchester, and is now owned by Steve Harris.

Rob Cherry added the following comment on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

‘Having completed an ‘A’ course at Evesham in December 1974 I went to Pebble Mill Audio Unit and was put out on OBs for that long, hot summer of 1975. All sorts of stuff including the final of “Sportstown” from Wales, somewhere, with Alan Edwards as EM1 or whatever it was called; culminating in what I believe was the first World One-Day Cricket competition in England, including the final at Lord’s. I had to pinch myself. I’m getting paid, for this?’

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