Lizzie’s Pictures – TX Card from Dave Bushell

Transmission Card for the 1987 4 part drama Lizzie's Pictures

Lizzie's Pictures TX Card

Lizzie’s Pictures, four-part drama series shot in Studio A and on location in Birmingham, Warwickshire and London. Directed by Nick Renton.

Transmitted in 1987. Critically well-received but unfortunately got lost as it was aired alongside ‘Porterhouse Blue’ which was very popular. Starred Lisa Harrow, Robert Stephens, Sheila Ruskin, Philip Jackson and Pam Ferris amongst others. Crew included myself on lighting, Sally Engelbach (designer), Al Barnett  (costume), Gill Hughes (make-up), Dave Doogood (camera supervisor), Dave Baumber (sound) and Ivor Williams (VT editor).

Dave Bushell

Camera script front page for Lizzie's Pictures

Script front page for Lizzie's Pictures

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  • It wasn’t a hosted show it originated in Brum – I was the AFM. My main recollection is having to keep Sir Robert Stephens out of the nearest pub. Gareth Williams and I had an interesting time in London looking after him – including an unusual night in Primrose Hill at his flat and later his local. Sadly the drink did for him despite a liver and lung transplant. A legend and probably the greatest actor of his generation.

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