Maharajas – TX card from Maggie Humphries

Maharajas TX card

Maharajas TX card from Maggie Humphries.

Maharajas was a two part documentary about the former Indian rulers, produced at Pebble Mill.  The first part, ‘Kings and Castles’, was transmitted on 13/8/87, with the second part, ‘Kings to Commoners’ going out the following night.

It was written by Charles Allen and directed by Jonathan Fulford, Peter Hercombe was the executive producer.  Keith Froggatt was one of the cameramen who worked on the film.  The documentary contained dramatised sequences. It starred actors: Simi Garewall and Jugal Hansraj.

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  • I seem to remember the researcher, Yasmin (Archer? I think that was her name – it was nearly 20 years ago!) was a young Anglo-Indian woman who, ironically enough, suffered worse gastro problems on the shoot in India than any of the rest of the crew.

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