Pebble Mill – Midlands Today Signature Tunes

Midlands Today newsroom

Midlands Today newsroom

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Here are programme signature tunes for: Midlands Today 1992? opening and closing sigs and Midlands Today 1996? opening and closing sigs. David Lowe and Richard Myhill were the composers of the signature tunes.

Thanks to Peter Poole for making these available.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook group:

Mike L Workman: ‘Richard Myhill composed the 1996 theme for the KPM Music library, there was a remix done for BBC Midlands in 1998 for the MTD patchwork look. In fact it was called ‘Newslive’ on KPM CD 402!’

Gary Hale: ‘Peter Poole, thank you for uploading these themes. I loved them then and still do. More Midlands Today themes please…. Brilliant.’

Jane Green: ‘The second was my favourite. I have a snippet of the visuals somewhere on old vhs of the 3rd one. p.s. Anyone know what the bell is for that’s on the desk in the photo?’

Peter Poole: ‘The second track is also my favourite. Listening to it and I’m back in Studio B. Network on prefade and ready to mix back to network. Very happy days.’

Mike L Workman: ‘I like them both equally, I’d love to hear the one they adopted in 1998, I’ve only ever heard snippets of that one!’

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