Radio Birmingham’s Carnival Float

Radio Birmingham Carnival PS












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The photo is of the Radio Birmingham carnival float, in the 1970s.

Included in the photo, left to right, bottom row, Annie Gumbley Williams, Kathy Nelson (Scott), now married to David Nelson. Second row Carol McLeod, Dave Lowe, Claire McCloud (copytaker). Back row, Peter York, Alex Lester, Chris Phipps,?, Pete Simpkin  standing by the gramophone (producer/presenter).

Thanks to Pete Simpkin for sharing the photo.

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  • I’m on the picture right of Alex Lester .

    Next to Carol McCloud is in fact future uber composer david Lowe –not Anne Stephens.

    chris phipps

  • Hi Chris

    Thanks for that information – I’ve added it into the original post.


  • Hi, I had just joined Radio Birmingham at 18. I am on the photo as Claire McCLoud but was Claire Pilson then. How young!!!
    It was a really fun day, handing out stickers and badges and even signing the odd autograph book!
    The t-shirt would have made a nice keepsake.

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