Radio Training Week – Paul Balmer

Paul Balmer - supervising school children

Radio Training Week.

Jock Gallagher invited schools to come and learn about Radio production that’s me in ‘M3’ teaching tape editing with a razor blade!

I spent most of the day with Kenneth Williams as a ‘minder’ – I think Jock wanted him out of his hair . Kenneth spent most of the day regaling me with the agony of his haemorrhoids!

Pebble mill was full of surprises!

Paul Balmer

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  • I remember meeting Paul Balmer when I was a sixth former. I was playing percussion in the Solihull Youth Orchestra in 1977 for some silver Jubilee thing and he was there in the OB truck. I wanted to become a Studio Manager (which i eventually did) but spent three years at Pebble Mill en route. Whilst now working at Exeter Cathedral I still do the occasional recording and still play the drums – in an 80s tribute band…..

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