Shalom Salaam – photos from Gus and Bev Dartnall














































Photos by Willoughby Gullachsen (Gus), with team photo from Bev Dartnall.  No reproduction without permission.

The drama was written and directed by Gareth Jones, and produced at Pebble Mill by Chris Parr.  The 1989 series follows the story of  two culturally different families who become intertwined when a Jewish boy  (John Cater) and a Muslim girl (Mamta Kaash) fall in love whilst at college.  Much of the filming was on location in Leicester.  Zia Mohyeddin, Charlotte Cornwell and Buki Armstrong also featured.

The crew photo features: left-to-right Elson Godbolt (Vision Engineer), Don Cooper (Camera Supervisor), Tim Everett (sound), Colin Fearnley (VT Engineer), Dave Bushell (Lighting Director) and Bob Jacobs (1st AD).




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