Studio C, Calrec Sound Desk – Peter Poole

Photos by Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

Studio C was the Foyer, made famous by ‘Pebble Mill At One’. In the early days of ‘Pebble Mill At One’, Studio C did not have a dedicated Production Gallery.  Studio A or B’s Galleries were used depending on which one was available. About 1982 Studio C had it’s own Gallery built. This enabled much greater use of the Foyer by other programmes. ‘Saturday Night At The Mill’ and ‘Good Morning With Anne And Nick’ were among many programmes to be broadcast from Studio C. In the final years of Pebble Mill the Foyer was used to record the daytime drama ‘Doctors’.

The photos show the Studio C, Calrec Sound Desk, which gave similar facilities to the Studio A desk, and offered more channels than the Studio B desk. It was very well designed for live broadcasting.

Peter Poole

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  • Great pictures from Peter! I worked in studio C gallery on Anne & Nick and the Really Useful Show (eternal thanks to Louise for giving me my first chance at mixing network telly!) – it was a different Calrec by then, and new monitor stack – sound and vision. I’ve got pics somewhere, I’ll dig them out.

  • Hi Andy

    Any pics you’ve got, that you’re happy to share, please send to me, either by email, or by post – I’ll scan them and send them back. Thanks


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