Telecine – photos by John Kimberley & Ivor Williams

Photos by John Kimberley and Ivor Williams, no reproduction without permission.

These photos include the Rank Cintel 16 mm Flying Spot Telecine (1971) and the VTA Ampex 2000 & amp; Sepmag Machines (1971).

Telecine is the process by which film footage is transferred to video.  It also refers to the equipment used in the transfers.  Telecine is an amalgam of the words ‘television’ and ‘cinema’.


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  • I remember TK in Southampton where I was an engineer and the demands of the local news were hysterical with little time available for ‘grading’, constant locking and unlocking of the sepmag,amzing embarassment if the film broke because the TK was part of the studio gallery so’help’ and panick stricken directors were close at hand! You had it easy at pebble Mill!

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