Top of the Form – from Gosta Green

Here are a couple of script pages from an outside broadcast of the quiz show Top of the Form, mixed at Gosta Green in 1964. The show started as a radio quiz in 1948, and finished in 1986, with the television version running between 1962-1976.

Thanks to Malcolm Hickman for finding and sharing the scripts.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Pete Simpkin: ‘Fascinating…seems odd now that they were still using the term ‘telerecording’ which referred to the original system of recording of programmes onto a film camera pointing at a monitor! It was still in use in London at the time!’








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  • the term ‘telerecording’ was used on paperwork well into the eighties for any storage of electronic programmes ahead of transmission.

    Arguable, telerecording could be seen as the generic term and film recording and VTR the specific (in the same way ‘ampexing’ was used in the early days of VTR)… Even though telerecorder was the branding of the first commercial film recorder.

    All film recordings are telerecordings, but (if we follow the contemporaneous, not retrospective) language, not all telerecordings are film recordings.

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