Jim Dumighan at the World Cup

                      Pebble Mill producer Jim Dumighan, on the left, working on the World Cup. Bobby Charlton in the centre, with Jack Charlton to the right. Commentator John Motson arguing with someone in the foreground. The following comments are left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page: […]

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Harrier landing 1979

                                                                                            These photos are from the first Harrier landing at […]

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Tom O’Connor Roadshow – Port Talbot

                                          The top photo is of SCV6 (possibly with Roger Guest operating), on the OB for the Tom O’Connor Roadshow in Port Talbot in March 1987. CM1 was also needed on the OB, because of […]

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Sea King helicopter on Pebble Mill at One

                                                        Sea King helicopter landing on the front lawn during a Pebble Mill at One broadcast, no doubt a John Smith production. Notice the fire engine on Pebble […]

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Wrong Car, Right Car

                    This screen grab is from the series, Wrong Car, Right Car, which was transmitted in 2002-3. Here is the entry from the Radio Times, courtesy of the BBC Genome project: “A six-part guide to buying the right car, presented by Top Gear’s Jason Barlow and […]

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