Black Sabbath at the Whitley Bay Festival

Tony Iommi and Chris Phipps

Dick Carruthers, Tony Iommi and Chris Phipps

“Tony Iommi reminisced about his life with Black Sabbath in an interview with Chris Phipps at a capacity audience event at the Whitley bay Film Festival.

Chris presented Black Sabbath on BBC Pebble Mill based arts show Look! Hear! 40 years ago this year.

Tony Iommi received a standing ovation.

They were also joined by director Dick Carruthers who directed  Black Sabbath, the end of the end feature movie.

The  Festival is also screening  “Squire!”  the 2nd City First play  shot at Pebble Mill in 1974 starring Lindisfarne’s Alan Hull and directed by Barry Hanson.

Photos by Miriam Phipps Bertram, no reproduction without permission.”


Chris Phipps

Maxine Henry

Maxine Henry













Maxine Henry, Costume Designer, passed away on 8th August 2018. Although much of her work was at ATV and Central, she did work for many years at Pebble Mill on various shows and is much missed by us all in “Doctors” costume.

(Thanks to Anne-Marie Palmer for sharing the photo and this sad news.)

Vanity Fair, photos by Chris Glover

Paul Woolston and VPR20 videotape machine mounted on carriage

Low loader

Paul Woolston on 2CV camera car + director Mike Morris

Cherry picker. For lighting purposes I think, rather than a camera platform














































Photos by Chris Glover from the 1987 drama series, Vanity Fair.

The following comments were posted on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Malcolm Hickman: ‘Paul Woolston was a real gentleman. A sad loss..’

Jane Green: ‘Yes – lovely to see Paul Woolston in this pic. I was a runner on this. Up at 3am to bus in about a hundred extras to get into costume and make up – period dress – so took hours and hours, to shoot a ball scene at the Rothschilds’ fabulous Waddesdon Manor in Bucks. Seriously hard work! Lots of tired, hot, fed up actors to placate.’

Gillian Lynne taking a crew warm up

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission









Director and choreographer, Gillian Lynne, who died at the beginning of July 2018, taking a warm up with the crew.

This is from the production The Various Ends of Mrs F’s Friends, transmitted in December 1981.

Included in the photo are, Gillian Lynne, floor Assistant, Mick Murphy next to Gillian, then Pete Edwards, Jack Rooke, Phil Wilson, Keith Schofield, Phil Thickett, Robin Sunderland, Andy Miekle and Keith Froggatt, Jess Bhatti (studio attendant) in the background.

Thanks to Robin Sunderland for sharing the photo.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Mick Murphy: ‘Studio A, ‘The Various Ends Of Mrs F’s Friends’. Scenic services had laid a chequered floor canvas which was creased. Gillian had the idea to get the studio crew in a line to shuffle it smooth…in a dance style routine of course. I was her assistant floor manager, marking time. She was a lovely person. Great picture, happy times.’

Karen Bevins: ‘I was Costume Assistant on it & Al Barnett was Costume Designer ‘

Kate Rolfe: ‘I was the assistant on this production and we finished making it in July 1981 when I went on maternity leave. It was her first telly and she was great fun to work with’

Memories of Gillian Lynne

Gillian Lynne on the Nike crane, on Morte D’Arthur. Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.













“I worked with Gillian at her LEAN TWO company for several years.  We were always close friends, ever since the Pebble Mill days.  Nine days before she died I was invited by Andrew Lloyd Webber for the renaming of the New London Theatre to the Gillian Lynne Theatre.  Quite a starry event, and Gillie was carried onstage on a golden throne!!!!  Lots of lovely tributes but she was very frail.  I hadn’t seen her since her birthday in February and it was obvious that the incredible dancer’s body (issue a fitness DVD at the age of 88, anyone?) was giving up.  I wondered then if I would see her again.

The tributes have been amazing, both here in the West End and on Broadway.  Andrew Lloyd Webber yesterday has put up a huge video screen above the stage door of the Palladium with a lovely picture of Gillie and a very sweet message from him.”

Carol Kilby (formerly Parks)