Electrical Safety Sign – from Andy Frizzell

Photo by Andy Frizzell, no reproduction without permission.

This sign was salvaged from BBC Pebble Mill, before the building was demolished, and rehomed.

It used to hang on the wall between the inner and outer doors of studio A (airlock) nearest the Foyer. There must have been others at the other entrances.

Judging by the BBC logo it must have been there from the day the studios opened.

Golden Oldie Picture Show – Christmas 1986

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

The ‘Golden Oldie Picture Show’ was presented by Radio 1 D.J., Dave Lee Travis.  The show created music videos for Hits which pre-dated the era of music videos, and directors were encouraged to choose a track and create a story around it.  It was produced at Pebble Mill by Exec, John King.

This photo dates from Christmas 1986, and was taken on location at the Red Lion, Somerton, Somerset, where the links for that show were recorded.  Left to right, back row it includes: Dave Lee Travis (presenter), John King (exec), Mike Williams (lighting cameraman), John Parker (sound), Jim Hatchard (set design).  Front row: Andy Frizzell (lighting), Nigel Davey (camera), Phil O’Shea (props), Gail Herbert (P.A.), Veronica McAleer (Brebner)(make-up).

Thanks to Gail Herbert for making the photo available, and to Andy Frizzell, Kevin Lakin and Lesley Weaver for adding information.



The Clothes Show, Thailand – photos by Andy Frizzell

Photos by Andy Frizzell, no reproduction without permission.

The photos are of a ‘Clothes Show’ shoot in Thailand.

Crew were Clare Stride Producer/Director, Cameraman was Eric Wise, Sound was John Gilbert and myself (Andy), Lighting. Jeff Banks was the presenter but I can’t remember for the life of me who the PA was (there must have been one surely). We travelled mostly in the north of Thailand to Chang Mai, Chang Rai, the Burmese border region and of course Bangkok. The girls in costume were from the hill tribes and were dressed to attract prospective husbands I seem to recall. Can’t find any more pictures at the moment, still sifting but there must be more of that trip.
Part of the trip involved the work of Oxfam trading where fair trade for goods was being setup in small communities. A young Caroline Lucas joined us in her role as press officer for Oxfam. (She is now the only Green party MP in the house of Commons)

Andy Frizzell

Clothes Show: Dream Wedding, Egypt – photos by Andy Frizzell

Photos by Andy Frizzell, no reproduction without permission.

‘The Clothes Show’ did an annual ‘Dream Wedding’ show, which included working with the bride and groom, helping arrange the wedding itself, and dressing the wedding party. One of the most ambitious was this one filmed on location in Egypt.

The crew were, Andy Frizzell (lighting), Steve Saunderson (camera), Keith Froggatt (camera), Roger slater (sound), Carol Sparrow (PA), Clare Stride (Series Producer), Alexandra Fraser (AP), Jane Galpin. Presenters were Jeff Banks and Caryn Franklin with Trevor Sorbie. Make up was Jill Gray (+ a n other) plus we took our own vicar Paul Daniel James ( true) researcher was Kath Moore.

The wedding took place over two days. Civil wedding day one then the religious (C of E) by the stepped pyramid at Sakhara day two. We were all pretty knackered having done in the region of a 35hr day!!! With a short rest break at about midnight ahead of the sunrise shoot.

The Clothes Show – Latvia – Photo from Andy Frizzell

Photo from Andy Frizzell, no reproduction without permission.

The photo is of a ‘Clothes Show’ special recorded on location in Latvia, at some point between 1988-92.

Jeff Banks (in the pinky shirt on the left) was the presenter, Roger Casstles the director (crouching by the camera monitor), John Kenway the cameraman, Tony Wass – sound (not shown – probably taking the photo), Andy Frizzell – lighting (holding the reflector by the tree).