Tour of Vision Area on CMCR9

Specially shot video of Steve Harris, giving a tour of the restored 1969 outside broadcast scanner, CMCR9. The truck was BBC Pebble Mill’s original CM1, and became BBC Manchester’s North 3. Steve is the owner of the scanner and has restored it with fellow enthusiasts over the last few years. The video was filmed at a history of communication exhibition held at Salford University in October 2012.


photo by Ray Lee

photo by Ray Lee

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Keith Brook:’Good to put a face to Steve’s name. Although he’s right about the diminishing knowledge base, there are still loads of engineers about and I think this might be an opportunity to match-make. Jenny Brewer has the names of many who meet monthly at Selly Park.’

CMCR9 (CM1/North3) – Jerry Clegg

North 3, CM1 JC












Copyright Jerry Clegg, no reproduction without permission.

Article by former sound supervisor, Jerry Clegg from BBC Manchester, about the outings that the newly restored CMCR 9, outside broadcast scanner, which was Pebble Mill’s CM1, and later Manchester’s North 3, has had this year.

The article appeared in a recent edition of Prospero.

CMCR 9 Vision Crew

CNV00065 CMCR9 Vision Crew












Photo by E.M. John Abbott, no reproduction without permission.

The photo is of the Vision Crew of the outside broadcast scanner: CMCR9, Pebble Mill’s CM1 in the 1970s. ┬áThis scanner went on to become North 3, in Manchester.

The truck was used on programmes like ‘Gardeners’ World’ and ‘Songs of Praise’, as well as dramas and sport.

Included in the photo are: Ian Dewar at the back, Ron Pickering on the phone, Rod Bach at the front and John Allinson on the right. (Thanks to Janet and Ian Collins for the identification!)

Jerry Clegg talking about the Scanner CMCR 9

Jerry Clegg in CMCR9 from pebblemill on Vimeo.

Specially recorded video with Jerry Clegg, who used to be a sound assistant on North 3, the outside broadcast scanner, which was Pebble Mill’s original CM1. The scanner was built in 1969, and I think started life in London, before coming to Pebble Mill. Jerry describes how some of the equipment on the truck works.

The scanner was restored recently by its owner, Steve Harris, and a group of enthusiasts in Manchester, including Jerry. The truck was on display as part of a history of technology exhibition in October 2012, at Salford University.

Pye Camera Demonstration

Pye Camera demonstration from pebblemill on Vimeo.

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Specially recorded video of former BBC Manchester cameraman, Malcolm Carr, demonstrating the Pye outside broadcast camera.

The video was recorded at a history of technology exhibition in Salford in October 2012. The restored outside broadcast scanner, CMCR9, built in 1969, which was Pebble Mill’s original CM1, before becoming BBC Manchester’s, North 3, was on display at the exhibition, and the Pye camera was part of this exhibit.

Keith Brook (Scouse) posted the following comment on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

‘Great to see Malcolm again. Last time I saw him he was gainfully employed with 360 media, the joint venture between Granada and BBC Manchester. We were in the canteen at GTV and he was keeping his head down to reach retirement without any problems!! My memory of those Pye cameras was that on really hot days, the sides had to stay up to give ventilation, otherwise they’d overheat!!’