Marconi Mark 3 Camera – photo from Dave Kirkwood

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This is a very young ‘me’ with a Marconi Mark 3 camera. This was one of the iconic cameras of the era (1960s) used in studios and outside broadcasts. It was the one featured on the original opening shots for ‘Grandstand’.

(Incidentally it was the Grandstand titles that inspired me to go for a career in broadcasting). The camera was obsolescent by the time this was taken but still in daily use at Gosta Green (pre BBC Pebble Mill).

Dave Kirkwood

Former Radio WM presenter, Gordon Astley, remembers working at Gosta Green: ‘I was there as my first posting after Wood Norton. My biggest thrill was being allowed to play on the new colour cameras …I seem to remember a scanner outside. Then I went to be a boom operator on all sorts of shows such as “The Doctors”. Looking back I should have stayed on staff, and now would be living on an island on a hefty pension!!!’

‘The Newcomers’ – photo from Dave Kirkwood













Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

‘The Newcomers’ is a Cast & Crew publicity shot for a soap called ‘The Newcomers’, which was shot at Gosta Green in the mid 60’s. It was a very happy production telling the story of London families relocated to a ‘Town in East Anglia’. The show gave a first break to Wendy Richard, who went on to ‘Are You Being Served’, ‘East Enders’ etc.  It was directors included Ronald Wilson, Eric Hills and Paddy Russell, produced by Bill Sellars, script by Barry Letts, Kenneth Hill and Patrick Scanlan, and the story was by John Cresswell. The series also starred George Woodbridge, Megs Jenkins, Alan Browning, Naomi Chance, and Robert Brown.

Apart from the people, note the archaic lighting equipment c/f today!