Gardeners’ World – photos by Gail Herbert

Photos by Gail Herbert, no reproduction without permission.

The photos are of ‘Gardeners’ World’ shoots from around 1989.  This was just after the programme moved to single camera production, instead of a two camera outside broadcast.

The first includes (left to right) presenter Nigel Colborn, director Annette Martin, PA Gail Herbert, sound Paul Taylor.

The second photo is taken at Barnsdale, presenter Geoff Hamilton’s garden, and main location of the popular series in the 1980s.  It shows Geoff recording a piece to camera in the snow.

Chelsea Flower Show – photo from Laura McNeill

Photo from Laura McNeill, no reproduction without permission.

The photo shows Laura McNeill (sound), with John Moorcroft (camera).  It was taken at an outside broadcast at the Chelsea Flower Show,  probably around 1990.  Given the champagne, and dinner jacket, it was probably taken on the Monday evening during the Royal Gala.

Working on the ‘Chelsea Flower Show’ was always a great occasion, and great fun.  At this time we tended to make a ‘Chelsea Special’ programme, and a ‘Gardeners’ World’ from Chelsea that would go out on the Friday night, in the normal slot.



Gardeners’ World – photos from Gail Herbert

Photos from Gail Herbert, no reproduction without permission.

These photos are of a location shoot for ‘Gardeners’ World’ in 1991, shortly before the series stopped being a BBC Pebble Mill production and became an independent production with Catalyst Television.

The first photo shows (left to right) Tony Wass (sound), Eric Wise (camera), Herbie Donnelly (sparks), Denis Jarvis (director).

The second photo shows (left to right) Tony Wass (sound), Eric Wise (camera), Karen Lamb (director), Gail Herbert (PA), Caroline Officer (researcher), Denis Jarvis (director).

The location was Keighley in North Yorkshire, and was I think about railway station gardens.  This station is on the Keighley and Worth Valley line, which is called ‘The Railway Children’ Line.

Editing Gardeners’ World – photos by Ian Collins

Photos from Ian Collins, no reproduction without permission.

These photos show Kerry Richardson editing ‘Gardeners’ World’, with some gusto, with editor, Ian Collins.

Gardeners’ World was produced at Pebble Mill until around 1990, when it became an independent production made by Catalyst television.  Kerry worked on Gardeners’ World for a number of years, and in fact still works on gardening programmes to this day. BBC editors like Ian, were employed to edit Gardeners’ World, and the online editing was done at Pebble Mill, and then at the Mailbox.

Gardeners’ World came back to BBC Birmingham after re-pitching for the series when Alan Titchmarsh finished presenting it, and Monty Don took over in 2003.

The production offices for Gardeners’ World when Catalyst produced it were situated in King’s Heath Park, where some of the gardening was also done.


P.A. Course – Gail Herbert’s photos


Photos from Gail Herbert, no reproduction without permission.

These photos are of the Production Assistant Course from 1988.  Included in the photos are: Stephanie Ash (CE), Martine Crogan (M/C), Corinne Davies (M/C) , Patti Evans (PM), Gail Herbert (PM), Julia Hickman S&C, Helen Jackson (M/C), Yvonne James (Cardiff), Rebecca Martin (Schools), Deborah Moore (CE), Jennifer Slatter (Plymouth), Lorna Taschini (OU).

Patti Evans worked on many gardening programmes from Pebble Mill, as did Gail, although she also worked on ‘Top Gear’, in John King’s department, and on ‘Points of View’.  Helen Jackson moved down to Pebble Mill from Manchester, and worked on ‘Gardeners’ World’, and other gardening output, before moving south and giving up TV.