Billy Joel Live on One

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The live concert of Billy Joel at Wembley was transmitted on 8th June 1984.

Below is the entry from the Radio Times, courtesy of the BBC Genome project:

“Billy Joel in Concert

BILLY JOEL , American singer/songwriter, in a rare live broadcast from Wembley Arena, presents a catalogue of hits from ‘Piano man’ to ‘An innocent man’.
In this, the only European engagement of his 1984 World Tour, Billy Joel includes previous favourites Just the way you are’, ‘Goodnight baigon and ‘Allentown’ along with his contemporary successes ‘Tell her about it’, ‘Uptown girl’ and ‘An innocent man’.
Lighting STEVE COHEN , DEREK PRICE Executive producer JIM DUMIGHAN Production JOHN G. SMITH
BBC Pebble Mill”

Jane Mclean was the PA.

Thanks to Stuart Allen for sharing this screen grabs from the concert.

The following comments were added on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Andrew Henry Lewellyn Davies: ‘It was also broadcast live at the same time on Radio 1. I still have the recording. Superb broadcast of Joel in his pomp.’

Peter Hercombe: ‘Remember this well. Love Billy Joel. Well done John G and Jane !’

John Kenyon

(Jim Dumighan has shared the information below about John Kenyon)

John Kenyon has died, at his home near Skipton, Yorkshire.  He was 83.

John headed the Farming Unit at BBC Midlands for two decades before Gardeners’ World was added to his CV.  His stewardship of the weekly Farming programme over such a long period was testing, given that his output was always closely scrutinised by the powerful farming lobby, led by most rural M.P.s.

In 1978, John took over Gardeners’ World, but still retained responsibility for Farming  Eventually, he opted for the single post of Executive Producer, Gardening Programmes, and remained there until retirement.

Away from farming and gardening, John enjoyed a lengthy attachment in London with the Horizon programme.

A Tynesider, John joined the BBC in Birmingham after graduating in agriculture at King’s College – which later became Newcastle University.  He will be remembered as an energetic and resourceful producer, as well as being a loyal and supportive colleague.

The following comment was added on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Andy Frizzell: ‘A lovely man with a wicked sense of humour. Worked on GW during his tenure and always a joy to work with.’

Broad Street News Studio Gallery

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These photographs show the news studio gallery at Broad Street in the 1960s. In the second photograph you can see into the studio, through the window. The man in the white shirt is a young Jim Dumighan.

These photographs were originally posted on the Pebble Mill Engineers Facebook group. Thanks to Stuart Gandy for allowing them to be shared.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Colin Pierpoint: ‘I did a short time in there. I didn’t do much except change a few caption cards in the studio, and I was on tape and grams at least once. The Director asked me for a particular sound effect, so I went to the F/X disc library to get one. When I returned I incurred the Director’s wrath for not being at my post when they had done a rehearsal! (In fact, I had left the tape machine on remote so the sound supervisor could start it). Photo 1: Sam Shaw standing at the back. I think the tape and grams operator may be Ant (Anthony) Astley.

Gordon Astley: ‘I used to work where the guy, back left in the first pic is, playing in sound fx on disc.’






Reg Perrin

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Director and producer, Reg Perrin died last Saturday 11th June 2016, aged 90.

The information about him below is from Jim Dumighan:

“He lived in Eastbourne for some years, having moved there from Nottinghamshire, where he settled after retiring from Pebble Mill. He celebrated his 90th birthday on 24th May with a family gathering.

Having started in radio in his native London, Reg moved into television and joined BBC Midlands in the 1950s. He worked closely with Barrie Edgar and Phil Lewis, and for many years acted as studio director of Come Dancing. One of the first series he directed from Gosta Green was Keep Fit with Eileen Fowler.

In 1970 Reg replaced Phil Lewis as producer of Pot Black. He later produced Jazz at the Mill, the first music special to come out of Pebble Mill in 1973.”




Sybil Jenazian

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Sybil Jenazian passed away on Tuesday, 17th May 2016, after a short illness.

For many years Sybil was PA to John McGonagle on Match of the Day. Before joining outside broadcasts at Pebble Mill in 1971, she had worked as a PA in Light Entertainment.

Thanks to Jim Dumighan and Louise Willcox for sharing this sad news.