Pebble Mill at One running order – Kevin Lakin

Thanks to Kevin Lakin for keeping this marked up running order of  a 1984 edition of ‘Pebble Mill at One’ safe in his attic for the last 27 years!

Kevin was the floor assistant at that time, and his main job was getting presenters and guests from make-up, wardrobe, canteen, bar, green room and on to the studio floor at the right time. Item no 2 and 7a are crossed out because they were pre-recorded in the morning, that’s why there’s a VT in the box.

Roger Casstles was the producer of the show, and the presenters Paul Coia, Marian Foster and Jeff Banks.   The show featured Princess Anne, Earl Okin, John Curry as well as Peter Seabrook planting lettuce!  Sounds like a packed show!

‘Pebble Mill at One’ – Bugs Bunny Cartoon from Kevin Lakin

'Bugs Bunny' cartoon by Chuck Jones

This sketch was done by Chuck Jones… the inventor, producer, director of Bugs Bunny and many other cartoon characters.   He was on Pebble Mill at One in 1979, being interviewed by, I think, Bob Langley….. and while being interviewed, he was sketching and throwing them on the floor. After the show, he signed this one and gave it to me. I have been offered £500 pounds for this sketch, but I’m keeping it for now.

Kevin Lakin

‘All Creatures Great and Small’ – Kevin Lakin








These photos were taken while filming ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.  We were filming at a horse race stables in the Yorkshire Dales, we had a sure fire tip from the Head Lad, we all won and took the local bookmaker for £1000. Those are £50 notes by the way, there were some very sore heads in the morning. Terry Ford the guy in the dark jumper, has passed away, the other guy is Stan Morgan, ( in stripped shirt ) I think he has passed away too.

Kevin Lakin


Stan Morgan & Kevin Lakin