Midlands Today Newsroom

Maureen Carter producing, Basys computer system












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This photo of the Midlands Today newsroom is from Maureen Carter, who is seen here producing. You will also notice the Basys newsroom information system being used.



‘Midlands Yesterday’ Reunion Party

Photo by Ivor Williams, no reproduction without permission

Photo by Ivor Williams, no reproduction without permission













(The message below is from Diane Kemp)

A ‘Midlands Yesterday’ reunion party is being arranged to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Midlands Today. All those who worked in, or for, the Pebble Mill newsroom are invited. The party is happening on 3rd September 2016, 1pm, Deloitte Room at the mac. It is £10 a ticket, to cover room hire, finger food and there is a paying bar.

If you would like to come along, please email Maureen Carter: Maureencarter@gmail.com, or Cathy Houghton: cathy128@icloud.com.

If you are coming, then please bring any video or photos, to share!


Milton Hainsworth – News film editor













Photo by Jim Gregory, no reproduction without permission.

The photo is of Pebble Mill, News film editor, Milton Hainsworth.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Jonathan Dick: ‘Great pic! I remember Milton well, as he was on the board that gave me my first proper BBC job, as a Station Assistant at Pebble Mill in 1987’

Peter Poole: ‘Milton was a legend in news editing!’

Jane Green: ‘Loved Milton. He was my boss too in the newsroom. He tried very hard to be grumpy about everything – it was a challenge to make him smile but you could.’

Liz Munro: ‘Even though we barely overlapped at Pebble Mill, I remember the unforgettably named Milton with a personality to match…’

Maureen Carter: ‘Milton was THE editor to head for if you were arriving back late with the top story. My favourite Milton quote? Why’s a BBC film editor like a sheriff in the wild west? Because he clears up the s**t after the shooting.’

Lynn Cullimore: ‘Yes, I remember milton…such a character and I liked him.’