Harrier landing 1979

Photos by Bob Allison, no reproduction without permission

Refuelling the Harrier















































These photos are from the first Harrier landing at Pebble Mill in the summer of 1979. This one was a Fleet Air Arm Harrier as you can see from the logo on the tail. Bob Allison took these from the balcony of Pebble Mill on the 8th Floor.

Sea King helicopter on Pebble Mill at One

Photos by Julian Sharp, no reproduction without permission





























Sea King helicopter landing on the front lawn during a Pebble Mill at One broadcast, no doubt a John Smith production. Notice the fire engine on Pebble Mill Road, just in case!

Pebble Mill at One compilation



Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Thanks to Roy Thompson for finding this compilation video of Pebble Mill at One, and sharing it.

Harrier on Pebble Mill at One

Photo by Robin Sunderland, no reproduction without permission.













Harrier jet lands at Pebble Mill, as part of Pebble Mill at One. Keith Brook (aka Scouse) is on camera, and I think Philip Thickett is cable bashing.

Pebble Mill at One – Wendy Leavesley

Photo by Robin Sunderland, no reproduction without permission













Pebble Mill at One researcher Wendy Leavesley (I think), pretending to be a camera operator, down by the brook in the grounds of Pebble Mill. The photo dates from the early 1980s.