Birmingham Superprix, Gina Campbell interview

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This photograph shows Gina Campbell being interviewed by John Taynton, for Radio WM, during the Birmingham Superprix, circa 1987. Gina comes has a long racing pedigree, her father was Donald Campbell CBE, and her grandfather, Sir Malcolm Campbell. Gina won the UK Off-shore Boating Champion in 1984, as well as holding the Women’s World Water Speed Record, in 1984 and again in 1990. She was obviously affiliated to the Renault team at the Birmingham Superprix.

Thanks to Radio WM engineer, Rod Fawcett, for sharing his photograph.

The following comment was left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Pete Simpkin: ‘John Taynton was a great interviewer and human being and is greatly missed.’

Radio WM at the Birmingham Superprix

Photos from Rod Fawcett, no reproduction without permission. Bristol St Motors garage, 1986. Rod Fawcett: “This was the first race back in 1986 – you can see a few damp jackets in the pic, due to the heavy rain that fell on that day.”

Rod Fawcett: “Ivan Capelli coming into the temporary pit lane area – it’s 1986 – look at the rain on the track! Also, Ivan is driving with one hand on the wheel! He went on to drive in Formula 1 for Ferrari in 1992.”

Rod Fawcett: “This is 1987 I would say – note the completely dry tarmac! Here Bristol Street Motors is being used as a temporary pit lane area.”

Bristol St Motors, Superprix garage. Rod Fawcett: “Great atmosphere – I particularly like the temporary electrics rig on the upper left of the pic! This is 1986 the cars have full ‘wet tyres’ for racing.”

Bristol Street Motors, Superprix garage. Rod Fawcett: “The race mechanic really getting into the maintenance work here!! This is the 1986 event.”






















































These photos from Radio WM engineer, Rod Fawcett, are of the Birmingham Superprix race circuit from 1986-7. Bristol Street Motors provided the garaging area.

Radio WM were given access to the race, and broadcasted from the circuit.

Radio WM Sports Team at Superprix 1986

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Included in the photo are (left to right): Stuart Miller chief engineer at Radio WM sitting down laughing, ?, Mike Ronson(?), Rob Hawthorne with the Uher, Annie Barker in yellow jacket.

Thanks to Rod Fawcett for sharing this photo of the Radio WM sports team at the first Birmingham Superprix in 1986.

(The Superprix was a street based motorsport event in Birmingham. The highlight was the Formula 3000 race.)

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Rod Fawcett: ‘I remember the gig quite well. We were set up in a Portakabin right next to the start / finish line on Bristol Street. The motor racing noise within the cabin was astonishing as it resonated the walls, ceiling, everything!! We kept going of course. The young reporter with the Uher tape recorder is Rob Hawthorne – now an established football commentator with Sky Sports.’

Gordon Astley: ‘ was taken out for a skidpan type ride with the Italian Job Mini team. I felt nauseous for the rest of the day.’

Tim Beech: ‘I remember the last Superprix was in 1990, a year after I joined the WM sports team. Rob had just left, but Ian was Sports Editor and Annie had started with Central. Great pic – great memories!’

Marilyn Ward: ‘Central had the broadcasting commission.’

Rod Fawcett: ‘Hi Marilyn and thanks go to Central TV as you were kind to give us a courtesy monitor race feed to use for commentary purposes.’

Keith Conlon: ‘I think the guy in the background was a sports reporter and I think his name was Mike Ronson i think but his surname may be wrong.’

Children in Need outside Studio A

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A busy Children in Need night in the corridor outside Studio A. This photo probably dates from the 1980s.

Thanks to Radio WM engineer Rod Fawcett, for sharing the photo.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Stuart Gandy: ‘Those were the days when CIN was a big event inside and outside the Mill.’

Andy Marriott: ‘It’s a shame, all the regions would get a decent chunk of airtime and places like Pebble Mill and Oxford Road used to make the most of it. It seems very London-centric now.’

Gyn Freeman: ‘Standing behind this red haired beauty is the timid, yet well dressed beauty Steve Woodhall. This is an audience I think off into the studio, but who is on the ladder at the back trying to maintain order? No doubt about it, the good old days!’

Rod Fawcett: ‘On the far left it’s Jenny Wilkes as Robin Hood.’




Radio WM Radio Car and Trailer

Photo from Rod Fawcett, no reproduction without permission












The photo shows the Radio WM radio car and trailer. Thanks to Radio WM engineer Rod Fawcett for sharing the photo.