Gardener of the Year 1999 – Vanessa Jackson

Photos by Vanessa Jackson, no reproduction without permission.

These photos were taken on location shoots for the heats of the ‘Gardener of the Year’ competition in late spring 1999.  They show gardening expert Nigel Colborn interviewing contributors, and visiting their gardens.

The ‘Gardener of the Year’ competition began in 1999.  It comprised of regional heats, which were held at the Botanical Gardens of Wales, and then a Final which was held at the Earth Centre in Doncaster.  The regional heats included question rounds on a specialist subject, a general knowledge gardening round, as well as skills tests, and a visit to the shortlisted candidates’ gardens. The judges included Nigel Colborn, Adam Pasco and Ali Ward.  The series was presented by Alan Titchmarsh.

I was the series producer of the competition in its first year. Subsequently the regional heats were dropped, but the Final, which included designing and building a show garden remained for the next ten years.Roger Casstles was the executive producer.

The competition was transmitted on BBC 2 in the Gardeners’ World Friday night slot in the run up to Christmas.

Vanessa Jackson




The Clothes Show – Latvia – Photo from Andy Frizzell

Photo from Andy Frizzell, no reproduction without permission.

The photo is of a ‘Clothes Show’ special recorded on location in Latvia, at some point between 1988-92.

Jeff Banks (in the pinky shirt on the left) was the presenter, Roger Casstles the director (crouching by the camera monitor), John Kenway the cameraman, Tony Wass – sound (not shown – probably taking the photo), Andy Frizzell – lighting (holding the reflector by the tree).

Pebble Mill at One running order – Kevin Lakin

Thanks to Kevin Lakin for keeping this marked up running order of  a 1984 edition of ‘Pebble Mill at One’ safe in his attic for the last 27 years!

Kevin was the floor assistant at that time, and his main job was getting presenters and guests from make-up, wardrobe, canteen, bar, green room and on to the studio floor at the right time. Item no 2 and 7a are crossed out because they were pre-recorded in the morning, that’s why there’s a VT in the box.

Roger Casstles was the producer of the show, and the presenters Paul Coia, Marian Foster and Jeff Banks.   The show featured Princess Anne, Earl Okin, John Curry as well as Peter Seabrook planting lettuce!  Sounds like a packed show!

The Clothes Show – photos from Clive Wagner

Clothes Show Live

Photos from director Clive Wager (shown here in the lower picture), no reproduction without permission,

‘The Clothes Show’ was produced at Pebble Mill from 1986-2000, it was originally a spin off of fashion items from ‘Pebble Mill at One’.  The executive producer was Roger Casstles.  The fashion magazine show had very high production values, and became well known for its use of new video editing effects.  Eventually the post production team were awarded a BAFTA for their work.

The first photo shows the production office at ‘Clothes Show Live’, the annual exhibition at the NEC which is still running.  Shown in the photo are Nicky Barfoot in the stripy top, Caroline Hawkins, Tim Langford, and presenter Caryn Franklin seated.

The lower photo is of a location shoot at the Imperial War Museum, and shows director Clive Wagner.

‘The Clothes Show’ – photo by Gail Herbert

Clothes Show 1990 Beachy Head

Photo by Gail Herbert.

The Clothes Show (1986-2000) was a hugely popular fashion magazine show transmitted on Sunday afternoons.  It started as a spin off from fashion items on Pebble Mill at One and was the brainchild of Exec Producer, Roger Casstles.  The producers included Clare Stride, Jane Lomas and Colette Foster.  Directors on the show included Clive Wagner, Tim Langford, Alex Fraser, Paul Vanezis.

Regular presenters included Selina Scott, Jeff Banks, Caryn Franklin, Brenda Emmanus, Margherita Taylor and Tim Vincent.

The title music was part of the Arthur Baker remix of the Pet Shop Boys’ ‘In The Night’.

The show was so popular that a BBC magazine of the same name was launched, as well as the annual ‘Clothes Show Live’ event at the NEC, which is obviously still a fixture.

The television series became renowned for the fast pace of its editing, and creative use of digital video effects.  The post production team won a BAFTA for their video editing in 1989.

Tim Langford was the director of this particular insert.

Jane Green comments about working on The Clothes Show: “I FM’d on some of the first Clothes Shows with Selina and Geoff. We did the first ever Bride of the Year in Bradley, Staffs, with Lindka Cierach designing the dress, and Trevor Sorbie and Barbara Daly, hair n make-up. Years later I was a director – at the British Fashion Awards I met a new young model called Kate Moss, a crazy Vivien Westwood and Philip Treacy, and a grumpy Naomi Campbell. My 11 year old daughter finds it hard to believe mummy had such a cool job. It was hard slog but great fun. Roger was a genius.”