End of Pebble Mill party photos

Clara Hewitt, Janet Collins, Margaret Barton, Sheila Brown

Clara Hewitt, Janet Collins, Margaret Barton, Sheila Brown


Ruth Barretto, Kevin Nock (Head of Finance)

Ruth Barretto, Kevin Nock (Head of Finance)

George Henson (manager Comms and Engineering), Ruth Barretto, John Grantham

George Henson (manager Comms and Engineering), Ruth Barretto, John Grantham
































Photos from Ruth Barretto, no reproduction without permission.

These photos were taken at the end of Pebble Mill party in summer 2004. The party was held in the back garden of Pebble Mill, behind the office block. There was a marquee, with different areas – named after different programmes, as well as games outside. A good time was had by all, despite the sadness of the occasion!

Thanks to Ruth for sharing the photos.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Janice Rider: ‘There was alot of controversy surrounding that party as many key former members of staff were left off the invitation list.’

Jean Palmer: ‘Kevin Nock my old boss. He tried to tell me to stop laughing as if I would stop that. The only way to get all those payment done was with a bit of a laughing. Yes I remember a lot of new staff where at the party. But I am pleased to say I had an invite and glad I went saw a lot of good friends.’

Stuart Gandy: ‘Can’t believe it’s almost 10 years ago now, It was a great party for sure, but for such a sad reason. I remember John Grantham from my very very first day at Pebble Mil in 1979l, that was before I was employed there as he did my first interview!’

Maurice Blisson: ‘It was a fabulous do. I remember seeing Michael Hancock and several of the retired news people. And the chocolate fountain was amazing!’

Judith Markall: ‘Takes me back to Carpenter Rd and Pebble Mill in the good old days – working alongside Janet and Margaret.’


Pebble Mill model

Pebble Mill newspaper clipping PP








Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Thanks to Pauline Pearson for making this cutting from Ariel available, and for keeping it safe!

The photo is a model of the Pebble Mill building before it opened in 1971.

Included left to right are: John Grantham (Engineer, Services), Tony Pilgrim (Management, Communication and Engineering Services), Pauline Pearson (Producer’s Assistant, ‘The Doctors’), P. Hodges (Engineer, Services), E.R. Deighton (Head of Programme Services and Engineering), Ruth Taylor (Secretary to Head of Regional Television Development), Alan Rees (H.N.P.C.)(pointing out areas of the building), J.M.N. MacQueen (Head of Personnel and Finance).

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Ruth Barretto: ‘Collette Foster (who became a series producer on The Clothes Show) used to work for Tony Pilgrim and then George Henson took over the job of Manager Communication & Engineering Services (MCES). I used to work for John Grantham – (not in 71 but back in 83).’

Mike Workman: ‘Points of note, multi-storey carpark on the left of that image wasn’t completed, Studio C not shown in that image wasn’t built due to the substation and the front entrance didn’t protrude as much from the building!’

Stuart Gandy: ‘My goodness, they all look so young. John Grantham was one of the first people I ever met at Pebble Mill. This was early in 1979 when I went for my preliminary interview for the post of Technical Assistant. I remember he recommended a particular book to read on electronics. It must have worked because later that year I met him again on the formal selection board which got me the job. Then when I first started at Pebble Mill in early 1980, in TV ops, Peter Hodges was by then a Vision Super who I worked with for a while, always ensuring that high standards of picture output were maintained.’

Pebble Mill Nursery – 1st Birthday











Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Press cutting from the internal BBC Midland Newsletter, about the first birthday of the Pebble Mill Nursery, circa 1990.  The Nursery was based in the sports pavilion on the Bristol Road, just round the corner from the main Pebble Mill site.  It catered for around 20 children of BBC staff.  The Nursery had a really good reputation and some excellent staff.  Consequently it had a long waiting list and was quite difficult to get a place.  It was difficult to establish, and I think was the idea of Bridget Allen in Personnel.

Thanks to Marie Phillips for making the cutting available.

The following comments were added on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Chris Marshall: ‘That’s my little boy! Now 25 and running an artists’ cooperative and gallery in Newcastle. The nursery gave such a tremendous start to both my boys and I remember the staff with great affection: so kind and patient (even when I was late collecting!). Thanks so much for this – very happy memories!’

Ruth Barretto: ‘I think Kimberly Palmer was Jean Palmer’s daughter who worked in Finance and Jodie Mawson is Wendy Mawson’s daughter (she works in Drama).. I must find the picture of David Waine, Pauline (who ran the nursery) and me and Elena. She opened the nursery back in 1989.’

Marie Phillips: ‘I know I have said it before, b ut the Nursery would not have existed without the efforts of Bridget Allen, Senior Personnel Officer. You wouldn’t believe the work she put into the project and it was a stroke of genius when she chose Pauline to run it. Bridget left the BBC when she had completed the Nursery and unfortunately, others got the glory for its inception – something I always thought unjust. It was brilliant and such a boon for so many Mums (and Dads!).’