Great Expectations – starring the horse

Albert and John Mills, make sure that the horse doesn’t run off. Photos from Albert Sheard, no reproduction without permission

The horse is led across the car park to Studio A

Blacksmith’s set for Great Expectations in Studio A

The horse’s starring role











































These photographs are from the 1981, BBC1 serial of Great Expectations. They show the lengths that were taken with Studio drama to recreate authentic looking sets.

Thanks to Albert Sheard for sharing the photographs.

Studio A Refurbishment – Stuart Gandy

Refurbished Studio A Gallery. Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.











Hard to believe but this month (March 2018) it is 20 years since Studio A came back into use after it’s digital widescreen refurbishment. The strip out had started just before Christmas 97, and then the rebuild continued early 98. Sadly as we all know the new studio had a very short life. I could be wrong (corrections please) , but I think the first programme in the new studio was Can’t Cook Won’t Cook. The picture is of the new production gallery.

Stuart Gandy

Great Expectations – Camera Break

Photo by Albert Sheard, no reproduction without permission











A camera break in Studio A, during the recording of the 1981 adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. It was a twelve part series, hosted at Pebble Mill. It was transmitted on Sundays, early evening.

The producer was Barry Letts, the director Julian Amyes, production designer was Michael Edwards, the script editor Terrance Dicks, and the make-up designer Gwen Arthy.

Thanks to Albert Sheard for sharing the photograph.

Ted the Studio Cleaner

Photo by Graham Pettifer, no reproduction without permission











Ted the Studio cleaner in the corridor outside Studio A, taken in 1973.

Thanks to Graham Pettifer for taking and sharing the photograph.

Christmas show in Studio A

Photo by Malcolm Hickman, no reproduction without permission












Can anyone identify this Christmas entertainment show in Studio A?

Thanks to Malcolm Hickman for sharing the photo.

The following comments were added on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Malcolm Hickman: ‘I have a vague recollection that it was a L.E. Show featuring 5th Dimension, but as it was over 40 years ago, I might be mistaken.’

Andy Frizzell: ‘Not that long ago Malcolm. I think it might have been an ‘Ebony’ spin off. I remember working on it and I only joined the Beeb in 1980. I remember it being a pig to light inside that tent though.’

James French: ‘Yes definitely an ethnic minority programme. I would say about 1985.’