Battle of Waterloo – Toby Horwood

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Here’s a shot of Keith Schofield (Operating the camera) and myself on the Live Drama ‘Battle of Waterloo’.

The soldier on the floor is Warren Clarke. I worked with Keith on quite a few period dramas and learnt a lot from him. I’m pushing an Elemac dolly with an Egripment arm on it for the boffins amongst you. The Camera is an Ikegami HL 79D. The ear defenders were necessary because black powder charges were fired off from muskets during the course of the play. We had a very complex series of moves to execute and a vast number of shot cards. For the camera crew it was a fantastic challenge. We had rehearsed for at least a couple of days prior to going live.


(The Battle of Waterloo was a live drama, written by Keith Dewhurst and produced by Robin Midgley, in 1983)

Pebble Mill Reunion 2010

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission. Thanks to Jane Mclean for making the photo available.

The photo was taken at Keith Salmon’s get together at the Saracen’s in 2010.

Included are: John Smith, John Endall, Yvonne Ackrill, Keith Ackrill, Jim Dumighan, Roy Ronnie, Margaret & Brian Barton, Gordon White, Keith Salmon, John Kimberley, Dave Ballantyne, Toby Horwood, Bob Jacobs, Wilf Welch, Tony Wolfe, James French, John Couzens, behind Jane Mclean (front with orange juice), Kath Woolston, John Abbott. Simon Evans wearing shades at back and Eric Wise standing in the front between Dave Ballantyne and Bob Jacobs.  It might be Keith Bullock behind Margaret Barton, Dave Doogood behind Bob Jacobs and Mark Kershaw between Wilf Welch and Tony Wolfe.  Probably Phil Wilson behind Kath Woolston. Simon Albu on left in front of John Smith.

Thanks to Dave Bushell, Jayne Savage, Janet Collins, Yvonne Ackrill and Jane Mclean for identifying everyone.