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Copyright resides with the original holder. These photos were probably taken by Willoughby Gullachsen.

‘Airbase’ was a ‘Play on One’, which was produced at Pebble Mill and transmitted in 1988.  David Attwood was the director, Roger Gregory and Keith Williams the producers.  Malcolm McKay wrote the script.  It was recorded in Studio A.

The drama was set over ‘four days in the life of Madeline Kohler, a young female American Air Force officer, who is posted to the all-male world of a U.S. airbase in Britain’

The play starred Anton Lesser, Clive Mantle, Catherine Russell, David Lansbury, Ricco Ross, Stevan Rimkus, Norman Beaton.

Thanks to Costume Designer, Janice Rider, for making the photos available.

Paul Vanezis left the following comment on the Pebble Mill Facebook page: ”Airbase’ was the first BBC production I attended whilst at film school. Roger Gregory organised it for me. The production had been started in the summer of 1987, but generally it was felt that the lighting wasn’t right and it was remounted between Christmas and New Year a few months later. It was a great experience; I was there for all 5 days of the recording and was able to walk round the set. It was a full size replica of an F1-11 bomber (although the tail section was slightly shorter so it would fit in Studio A). The other sets were built around it. I kept all the camera scripts and rehearsal scripts and made notes and drawings of the set-ups next to the action in the script. It was also early use of a Steadicam in a TV studio; the operator was Peter Cavaciuti who had worked on ‘Aliens’ the year before, as had actor Ricco Ross who also starred. Director David Attwood asked Peter if he could make his shot “more wobbly”, and Peter asked why he was using a steadicam for a wobbly shot!’

Shalom Salaam – Janice Rider

Specially shot video interview with costume designer Janice Rider, talking about working on the 1988 drama series, ‘Shalom Salaam’. The series was written and directed by Gareth Jones. The producer was Chris Parr. It was recorded on location in Leicester, and followed the fortunes of a Jewish and a Muslim family.

The series starred Zia Mohyeddin, Mamta Kaash, Toby Rolt, Clare Holman, Jimmi Harkishin, Charlotte Cornwell, John Carter and Buki Armstrong.

The production photos in the video were almost certainly taken by Willoughby Gullachsen.

Electrician Andy Frizzell adds the following comment on the Facebook page: ‘I worked it. Dave Bushell lit it assisted by John Abbott. Gaffer was Roger Hynes. It was an early TV appearance for the lovely Clare Holman who went on to appear in ‘Morse’ amongst other things.’

Kinsey series 2 – photo from John Greening

Copyright resides with the original holder, probably Willoughby Gullachsen, no reproduction without permission.

The photos is from the second ‘Kinsey’ series.  It features John Greening (1st AD) and Anthony Garner (director). It would have been taken from either the third or fourth episodes in the series – ‘Heads and Tails’ or ‘Drop Shot’, as the other episodes were directed by Richard Standeven.

The series was transmitted from 1992/11/03 – 1992/12/08 on BBC 1.  It followed the maverick solicitor Neil Kinsey, played by Leigh Lawson. Barry Hanson was the executive producer, Carol Parks the producer, with Peter Gibbs writing the script.




‘Fighting Back’ – photo from John Greening

Photograph probably taken by Willoughby Gullachsen, no reproduction without permission.

‘Fighting Back’:  TX 1 4 Aug 1986, 5 part series

Actress and singer Hazel O’Connor stars and sings the title song of ‘Fighting Back’.

Hazel plays Viv Sharpe, a young mother who just walked out on her current man  – father to her youngest child – and lands up back in her home town, Bristol.  Her mother’s dead, and she didn’t know, and no one wants to know her because of her past history.  She has no money to feed her kids, and to top it all she gets nicked and the children are put into care …… and her troubles are only just beginning.

‘Fighting Back’ also features Cheryl Maiker and Tont Carney as Viv’s children – Yvonne and Neil; Derek Thompson as Viv’s husband, Bruce; and Malcolm Frederick as Viv’s ex-lover.

John Greening

Jane Green remembers working on ‘Fighting Back’ well: ‘My first ever BBC day on work experience – in at the deep end – looking after Ms O’Connor. A right baptism of fire. I was supervised by Gareth Williams who was the FA on the studio floor. Pebble Mill made fab drama.’

‘Fighting Back’ – photo from John Greening

Copyright resides with the original holder, probably Willoughby Gullachsen, no reproduction without permission.

‘Fighting Back’, was a five part Pebble Mill drama, transmitted in 1986, starring Hazel O’Connor.  It was produced by Chris Parr, directed by Paul Seed, written by Gareth Jones and filmed in Bristol.  It was about a mother fighting to keep her children. It also started Derek Thompson (before Casualty).

The second photo features (left to right): ?, John Greening (AFM), and Alf Mayall (props).

Thanks to John Greening for making the photo available.