Transmission Lists

These are the transmission lists for television dramas broadcast from BBC Pebble Mill between 1972-2005. The tables below present the records grouped by decade. You can use the search box above each table to automatically refine the results shown and to quickly focus on records containing a particular word or phrase.


197221 FebruaryThirty Minute TheatreAN ARROW FOR LITTLE AUDREYBrian FinchDavid RosePaul Ciappessoni
197228 FebruaryThirty Minute TheatreTHAT QUIET EARTHJohn HopkinsDavid RoseJohn Hopkins
19726 MarchThirty Minute TheatreSAID THE PREACHERArthur HopcraftDavid RoseMichael Apted
197213 MarchThirty Minute TheatreTHAT TIME OF LIFEDavid CreganDavid RoseMichael Simpson
197220 MarchThirty Minute TheatreUNDER THE AGEE A WhiteheadDavid RoseAlan Clarke
197227 MarchThirty Minute TheatreBYPASSDavid RudkinDavid RoseDavid Rose
19723 AprilThirty Minute TheatreAND FOR MY NEXT TRICKJack RosenthalDavid RoseBrian Parker
197210 AprilThirty Minute TheatreTHE SIT INKeith DewhurstDavid RosePaul Ciappessoni
19721 JunePlay for TodayTHE FISHING PARTY
Peter TersonDavid RoseMichael Simpson
197212 OctoberThirty Minute TheatreSCARBOROUGHDonald HowarthDavid RosePeter Cregan
197219 OctoberThirty Minute TheatreTONIGHT WE MEET ARTHUR PENDLEBURYAlan PlaterDavid RoseChristopher Morahan
197226 OctoberThirty Minute TheatreRONNIE’S SO LONG AT THE FAIRJay HumberDavid RoseIan Wyatt
19722 NovemberThirty Minute TheatreTEN TORREY CANYONSBrian ClarkDavid RoseEric Hills
19729 NovemberThirty Minute TheatreI WOULDN’T TELL ON YOU MISSSusan PleatDavid RosePaul Ciappessoni
197216 NovemberThirty Minute TheatreYOU’RE FREEHenry LivingsDavid RoseAnthony Page
19738 JanuaryPlay for TodaySHAKESPEARE OR BUSTPeter TersonDavid RoseBrian Parker
197315 JanuaryPlay for TodayTHE LAND OF GREEN GINGER
Alan PlaterDavid RoseBrian Parker
19738 FebruaryThirty Minute TheatreA TOUCH OF EASTERN PROMISE (read Editor Oliver White's memories)Tara PremDavid RoseMichael Lindsay-Hogg
197315 FebruaryThirty Minute TheatreAND ALL WI-ID SAIL IN HERAndy AshtonDavid RoseKenneth Ives
197322 FebruaryThirty Minute Theatre YOU AND ME AND HIMDavid MercerDavid RoseBarry Hanson
19731 MarchThirty Minute TheatreTHE GREAT ACROBILE (see still from the drama)
Roy MintonDavid RoseTristan de Vere Cole
19738 MarchThirty Minute TheatreI WANT TO MARRY YOUR SONDavid CreganDavid RoseKenneth Ives
197315 MarchThirty Minute TheatreATROCITYDavid RudkinDavid RoseDavid Rose
197322 March (repeat)Thirty Minute TheatreAN ARROW FOR LITTLE AUDREYAlan PlaterDavid RosePaul Ciappessoni
197329 March (repeat)Thirty Minute TheatreBYPASSDavid RudkinDavid RoseDavid Rose
19735 April (repeat)Thirty Minute TheatreSAID THE PREACHERArthur HopcraftDavid RoseMichael Apted
197314 MayPlay for TodaySTEPS BACKDavid HalliwellDavid RoseBrian Parker
197311 JuneTHIS STORY IS TRUEDon TaylorDavid RoseDon Taylor
197312 JuneTHE ROSES OF EYAM (read Ben Lamb's blog)
Don TaylorDavid RoseDon Taylor
19739 July (repeat)Play for TodayTHE FISHING PARTYPeter TersonDavid RoseMichael Simpson
197316 August (repeat)Thirty Minute TheatreUNDER THE AGEE A WhiteheadDavid RoseAlan Clarke
197323 AugustTHE DIARY OF A MADMAN by GogolMichael Wearing and Victor HenryDavid RoseDavid Rose
197315 OctoberSecond City FirstsTHE MEDIUMDenise RobertsonBarry HansonMichael Simpson
197322 OctoberSecond City FirstsMRS POOL’S PRESERVESMichael SadlerBarry HansonPhilip Saville
197329 OctoberSecond City FirstsIF A MAN ANSWERSBrian GloverBarry HansonBarry Hanson
19735 NovemberSecond City FirstsTHE MOVERSIan TaylorBarry HansonBrian Parker
197312 NovemberSecond City FirstsKING OF THE CASTLEWilly RussellBarry HansonMatthew Robinson
197319 NovemberSecond City FirstsPATRONSEric BergerBarry HansonMichael Lindsay-Hogg
197326 November (repeat)Thirty Minute TheatreTHAT TIME OF LIFEDavid CreganDavid RoseMichael Simpson
197417 JanuaryPlay for TodayTHE LONELY MAN’S LOVERBarry CollinsDavid RoseBrian Parker
197424 January (repeat)Play for TodayTHE LAND OF GREEN GINGERAlan PlaterDavid RoseBrian Parker
197428 January (repeat)THIS STORY IS TRUEDon TaylorDavid RoseDon Taylor
197429 January (repeat)THE ROSES OF EYAMDon TaylorDavid RoseDon Taylor
197418 FebruarySecond City FirstsHUMBUG, FINGER OR THUMBArthur HopcraftBarry HansonRob Knights
197425 FebruarySecond City FirstsGIRLJames RobsonBarry HansonPeter Gill
19744 MarchSecond City FirstsBOLD FACED CONDENSEDPeter RawsleyBarry HansonJohn Bruce
197411 MarchSecond City FirstsTHE ACTUAL WOMANJack ShepherdBarry HansonPhilip Saville
197418 MarchSecond City FirstsMATCH OF THE DAYNeville SmithBarry HansonStephen Frears
197421 MarchPlay for TodayPENDA'S FENDavid RudkinDavid RoseAlan Clarke
197425 MarchSecond City FirstsLUNCH DUTYRony RobinsonBarry HansonBarry Hanson
197428 MarchPlay for TodayPIDGEON-HAWK OR DOVE?Michael SadlerDavid RoseDavid Rose
19741 April (repeat)Thirty Minute TheatreA TOUCH OF EASTERN PROMISE (read Editor Oliver White's memories)Tara PremDavid RoseMichael Lindsay-Hogg
19744 April (repeat)Play for TodaySHAKESPEARE OR BUSTPeter TersonDavid RoseBrian Parker
197411 AprilPlay for TodayTHREE FOR THE FANCYPeter TersonDavid RoseMatthew Robinson
197430 July (repeat)THE DIARY OF MADMAN by GogolMichael Wearing and Victor HenryDavid RoseMichael Wearing
197428 August (repeat)Play for TodayTHREE FOR THE FANCYPeter TersonDavid RoseMatthew Robinson
197423 OctoberSecond City FirstsPIG BINBrian GloverBarry HansonTara Prem
19744 NovemberSecond City FirstsTOO HOT TO HANDLEJim HawkinsBarry HansonPam Brighton
197411 NovemberSecond City FirstsSUNDAY TEAEdwin PearceBarry HansonLes Blair
197418 NovemberSecond City FirstsFIGHT FOR SHELTON BARPeter CheesemanBarry HansonPeter Cheeseman
197425 NovemberSecond City FirstsSQUIRETom PickardBarry HansonBarry Hanson
19742 DecemberSecond City FirstsSILENCEJohn FletcherBarry HansonIan Wyatt
19749 December (repeat)Second City FirstsMATCH OF THE DAYNeville SmithBarry HansonStephen Frears
197416 DecemberSecond City FirstsTHE FESTIVE POACHERIan TaylorBarry HansonTara Prem
19759 JanuaryPlay for TodayGANGSTERSPhilip MartinBarry HansonPhilip Saville
197516 JanuaryPlay for TodayTHE AFTER DINNER GAMEMalcolm Bradbury and Christopher BigsbyDavid RoseRob Knights
197523 JanuaryPlay for TodayBREATHElaine FeinsteinDavid RoseMatthew Robinson
197530 JanuaryPlay for TodayTHE DEATH OF A YOUNG YOUNG MANWilly RussellDavid RoseViktor Ritelis
197513 February (repeat)Play for TodayPENDA’S FENDavid RudkinDavid RoseAlan Clarke
197516 February (repeat)Play for TodayTHE LONELY MAN’S LOVERBarry CollinsDavid RoseBrian Parker
197520 MarchSecond City FirstsEARLY TO BEDAlan BleasdaleBarry HansonLes Blair
197527 MarchSecond City FirstsSWALLOWSJohn McGahernBarry HansonRobert Kidd
19753 AprilSecond City FirstsWAITING AT THE FIELD GATEJames RobsonBarry HansonJane Howell
197510 AprilSecond City FirstsTHE PERMISSIVE SOCIETYMike LeighBarry HansonMike Leigh
197517 AprilSecond City FirstsTHE FRANK CRANK STORYAlan TaylorTara PremPeter Campbell
197524 AprilSecond City FirstsRELEASEDStephen WakelamBarry HansonRoger Tucker
19758 May (repeat)Second City FirstsGIRLJames RobsonBarry HansonPeter Gill
197511 October (repeat)Second City FirstsTHE ACTUAL WOMANJack ShepherdBarry HansonPhilip Saville
197525 OctoberSecond City FirstsCLUB HAVANABerry ReckordTara PremPam Brighton
19751 NovemberSecond City FirstsTHE WRITING ON THE WALLMike Bradwell and Hull TruckTara PremMike Bradwell
19758 NovemberSecond City FirstsHOW IT ISAnita BronsonTara PremTara Prem
197515 NovemberSecond City FirstsON THE GOOD SHIP YAKKY IKKY DOOLABob MasonTara PremLes Blair
197522 NovemberSecond City FirstsTHWUMMike StottTara PremPedr James
197521 NovemberTRINITY TALES - The Prologue and The Driver’s TaleAlan PlaterDavid RoseTristan de Vere Cole
197528 NovemberTRINITY TALES - The Fryer’s TaleAlan PlaterDavid RoseTristan de Vere Cole
19755 DecemberTRINITY TALES - The Judy’s TaleAlan PlaterDavid RoseMichael Simpson
197512 DecemberTRINITY TALES - The Joiner’s TaleAlan PlaterDavid RoseTristan de Vere Cole
197519 DecemberTRINITY TALES - The Wife of Batley’s TaleAlan PlaterDavid RoseRoger Tucker
197526 DecemberTRINITY TALES - The Man of Law’s TaleAlan PlaterDavid RoseTristan de Vere Cole
197529 NovemberSecond City FirstsTHE HEALINGLaura LamsonTara PremChristopher King
19766 JanuaryPlay for TodayTHE OTHER WOMANWatson GouldDavid RoseMichael Simpson
197613 JanuaryPlay for TodayNUTS IN MAYMike LeighDavid RoseMike Leigh
197620 JanuaryPlay for TodayDORAN’S BOXEric ColtartDavid RoseMatthew Robinson
197627 JanuaryPlay for TodayPACKMAN’S BARNAlick RoweDavid RoseChris Menaul
197613 MarchSecond City FirstsTROTSKY IS DEADTony BicatTara PremTony Bicat
197620 MarchSecond City FirstsTHE VISITORDenise RobertsonTara PremBrian Parker
19763 AprilSecond City FirstsDO YOU DIG IT?John Harding and John BurrowsTara PremPedr James
197610 AprilSecond City FirstsJACK FLEA’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONIan McEwanTara PremMike Newell
197617 AprilSecond City FirstsBLACKBIRD SHOUTPaul HylandTara PremJane Howell
197624 AprilSecond City FirstsTRAVELLING FREESean McArthyTara PremTara Prem
197618 May (repeat)Second City FirstsEARLY TO BEDAlan BleasdaleBarry HansonLes Blair
197619 JuneTHE WITCHES OF PENDLEBarry CollinsDavid RoseAnthea Brown-Wilkinson
19762 SeptemberPlay for TodayGANGSTERSPhilip MartinDavid RosePhilip Saville
19769 SeptemberGANGSTERS - series 1, episode 1Philip MartinDavid RoseAlastair Reid
197616 SeptemberGANGSTERS - series 1, episode 2Philip MartinDavid RoseAlastair Reid
197623 SeptemberGANGSTERS - series 1, episode 3Philip MartinDavid RoseAlastair Reid
197630 SeptemberGANGSTERS - series 1, episode 4Philip MartinDavid RoseViktors Ritelis
197614 OctoberGANGSTERS - series 1, episode 5Philip MartinDavid RoseKenneth Ivers
197621 OctoberGANGSTERS - series 1, episode 6Philip MartinDavid RoseKenneth Ivers
197614 NovemberSecond City FirstsSUMMER SEASONBrian GloverTara PremMichael Tuchner
197621 NovemberSecond City FirstsKNOCK FOR KNOCKMike LeighTara PremMike Leigh
197628 NovemberSecond City FirstsGL LITERTony BicatTara PremTony Bicat
19765 DecemberSecond City FirstsDREAMBOATIan TaylorTara PremChris Menaul
197612 DecemberSecond City FirstsPERCY AND KENNETHMary J O’MalleyTara PremRobert Tronson
19773 JanuaryTHE GAME by Harold BrighouseHenry LivingsDavid RoseTristan de vere Cole
19774 JanuaryPlay for TodayLOVE ON A GUNBOATMalcolm BradburyDavid RoseRob Knights
197711 JanuaryPlay for TodayTHE KISS OF DEATH
Mike LeighDavid RoseMike Leigh
197718 JanuaryPlay for TodayOUR FLESH AND BLOODMike StottDavid RosePedr James
19777 March (repeat)Second City FirstsTHE PERMISSIVE SOCIETYMike LeighBarry HansonMike Leigh
19773 MaySecond City FirstsTWELVE OFF THE BELTRon HutchinsonTara PremRoland Joffe
197710 MaySecond City FirstsPOSTCARDS FROM SOUTHSEAJCW BrookeTara PremCohn Bucksey
197717 MaySecond City FirstsDAFT MAM BLUESDavid l-IalliweUTara PremAlan Dossor
197724 MaySecond City FirstsIN THE DEADSPELLJames RobsonTara PremClaude Whatham
197731 MaySecond City FirstsFATTENING FROGS FOR SNAKESJaney PregerTara PremAlex Marshall
19777 JuneSecond City FirstsWAIFS AND STRAYSChris BaileyTara PremBrian Parker
19778 June (repeat)TRINITY TALES - The Prologue and The Driver’s TaleAlan PlaterDavid RoseTristan de Vere Cole
197715 June (repeat)TRINITY TALES - The Fryer’s TaleAlan PlaterDavid RoseTristan de Vere Cole
197722 June (repeat)TRINITY TALES - The Judy’s TaleAlan PlaterDavid RoseMichael Simpson
197729 June (repeat)TRINITY TALES - The Joiner’s TaleAlan PlaterDavid RoseTristan de Vere Cole
19776 July (repeat)TRINITY TALES - The Wife of Batley’s TaleAlan PlaterDavid RoseRoger Tucker
197713 July (repeat)TRINITY TALES - The Man of Law’s TaleAlan PlaterDavid RoseTristan de Vere Cole
197713 JuneMAIDENS TRIP - MaggieEmma SmithAnthea Browne-WilkinsonMona Armstrong
197720 JuneMAIDENS TRIP - CharityEmma SmithAnthea Browne-WilkinsonMona Armstrong
197727 JuneMAIDENS TRIP - NanetteEmma SmithAnthea Browne-WilkinsonMona Armstrong
197714 June (repeat)Second City FirstsTROTSKY IS DEADTony BicatTara PremTony Bicat
197715 JuneMIDDLEMEN - Rich is BestAlan PlaterDavid Rose
197722 JuneMIDDLEMEN - A Little Bit of HeavenAlan Platerlan MacNaughton
197729 JuneMIDDLEMEN - A Young Lady from GloucesterAlan PlaterIan MacNaughton
19776 JulyMIDDLEMEN - A Bag of Mixed NutsAlan PlaterIan MacNaughton
197717 JulyMIDDLEMEN - Read Any Good Book LatelyAlan PlaterIan MacNaughton
197720 JulyMIDDLEMEN - Fresh Fields and Slightly Used PasturesAlan PlaterIan MacNaughton
197720 JulyTHE FOSDYKE SAGABill Tidy and Alan PlaterTara PremMike Newell
197711 AugustPlay for TodayNUTS IN MAYMike LeighDavid RoseMike Leigh
197717 August (repeat)Play for TodayTHE WITCHES OF PENDLEBarry CollinsDavid RoseAnthea Browne-Wilkinson
197720 DecemberSecond City FirstsBLACK CHRISTMASMichael AbbensettsTara PremStephen Frears
197728 DecemberOUR DAY OUTWilly RussellDavid RosePedr James
19783 JanuaryPlay for TodaySCULLY’S NEW YEAR’S EVEAlan BleasdaleDavid RosePedr James
19786 JanuaryGANGSTERS - The Dictates of Shen TangPhilip MartinDavid RoseAlistair Reid
197813 JanuaryGANGSTERS - The Red ExecutionerPhilip MartinDavid RoseAlistair Reid
197820 JanuaryGANGSTERS - While Beauty SleepsPhilip MartinDavid RoseRoger Tucker
197827 JanuaryGANGSTERS - Double PerilPhilip MartinDavid RoseRoger Tucker
19783 FebruaryGANGSTERS - Enter the White DevilPhilip MartinDavid RoseAlistair Reid
197810 FebruaryGANGSTERS - East of the EquatorPhilip MartinDavid RoseAlistair Reid
197810 JanuaryPlay for TodayLICKING HITLERDavid HareDavid RoseDavid Hare
19781 FebruarySecond City FirstsTHE DISSOLUTION OF MARCUS FLEISHMAN Stephen DavisTara PremJohn Bruce
19787 February (repeat)Play for TodayOUR DAY OUTWilly RussellDavid RosePedr James
19788 FebruarySecond City FirstsTHE O’HOOLIGAN FILEJaney PregerTara PremMike Vardy
197815 FebruarySecond City FirstsTHE TURKEY WHO LIVES ON THE HILLSean McCarthyTara PremAlex Marshall
197817 FebruaryPlay for TodayRED SHIFTAlan GarnerDavid RoseJohn Mackenzie
197815 MarchSTARGAZY ON ZUMMERDOWNJohn FletcherDavid RoseMichael Ferguson
19781 April (repeat)Second City FirstsJACK FLEA’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONIan McEwanTara PremMike Newell
19788 AprilSecond City FirstsTHE BACK PAGEAndrew Nickolds and Stan HeyTara PremDerek Lister
197815 AprilSecond City FirstsSHALL I SEE YOU NOWMary O’MalIeyTara PremPedr James
197817 AprilPICKERSGILL PEOPLE - The Sheik of PickersgillMike StottTara PremAlan Dossor
197824 AprilPICKERSGILL PEOPLE - Under the Moon of LoveMike StottTara PremPedr James
19781 MayPICKERSGILL PEOPLE - BankersMike StottTara PremAlan Dossor
19788 MayPICKERSGILL PEOPLE - 15 Second SneezeMike StottTara PremPedr James
197815 MayPICKERSGILL PEOPLE - Pickersgill PrimitiveMike StottTara PremAlan Dossor
197822 AprilSecond City FirstsTHE LADY IRENETom HadawayTara PremJohn Bruce
19786 MaySecond City FirstsMUCKING OUTRobert HolmanTara PremDerek Lister
197813 MaySecond City FirstsROTTENAlan BrownTara PremPhilip Saville
197822 MayCURRICULEE CURRICULAAlan Plater and Dave GreensladeDavid RoseAlastair Reid
197829 August (repeat)Play for TodayOUR FLESH AND BLOODMike StottDavid RosePedr James
197831 OctoberEMPIRE ROAD - The Street Party
Michael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgeAlex Marshall
19787 NovemberEMPIRE ROAD - GranmaMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgeAlex Marshall
197814 NovemberEMPIRE ROAD - The Way to Walter’s HeartMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgeAlex Marshall
197821 NovemberEMPIRE ROAD - Royston’s DayMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgeAlex Marshall
197828 NovemberEMPIRE ROAD - The Big DayMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgeAlex Marshall
19792 JanuaryPlay for TodayTHE OUT OF TOWN BOYSRon HutchinsonDavid RoseRob Knights
19795 January (repeat)MAIDENS TRIP by Emma SmithThomas ElliceAnthea Browne-WilkinsonMoira Armstrong
19799 JanuaryPlay for TodayVAMPIRESDixie WilliamsTara PrernJohn Goldschmidt
197916 JanuaryPlay for TodayTHE CHIEF MOURNERJohn ElliotDavid RoseBen Rea
197916 AprilPENNY WHISTLES OF ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSONMike Maran and David SheppardDavid RoseDavid Rose
197927 AprilThe Other SideCONNIEDerrick ButtressStephen GilbertDerek Lister
19794 MayThe Other SideUNDERDOGJack ShepherdStephen GilbertMichael Wearing
197911 MayTWO UP TWO DOWN - What’s Yours is MineJaney PregerTara PremRoger Cheveley
197918 MayTWO UP TWO DOWN - The SwapJaney PregerTara PremRoger Cheveley
197925 MayTWO UP TWO DOWN - Paper TigersJaney PregerTara PremRoger Cheveley
19791 JuneTWO UP TWO DOWN - PyramidocracyJaney PregerTara PremRoger Cheveley
19798 JuneTWO UP TWO DOWN - I Know What You’re ThinkingJaney PregerTara PremRoger Cheveley
197915 JuneTWO UP TWO DOWN - MeadowlarksJaney PregerTara PremRoger Cheveley
197911 MayThe Other SideA GREENISH MANSnoo WilsonStephen GilbertTony Bicat
197918 MayThe Other SideONLY CONNECTDrew Griffiths and Noel GreigStephen GilbertRichard Stroud
197925 MayThe Other SideCONTACTSStephen DavisStephen GilbertDerek Lister
19797 JuneTHE DEEP CONCERN - Arrivals and DepaturesElwyn JonesDavid RoseRichard Callanan
197914 JuneTHE DEEP CONCERN - Return and DespatchElwyn JonesDavid RoseRichard Callanan
197921 JuneTHE DEEP CONCERN - Burials and TrappingsElwyn JonesDavid RoseJonathan Alwyn
197928 JuneTHE DEEP CONCERN - Exposure and Explosion Elwyn JonesDavid RoseJonathan Alwyn
19795 JulyTHE DEEP CONCERN - Canvas and ContainersElwyn JonesDavid RoseRichard Callanan
197912 JulyTHE DEEP CONCERN - Death and ExitsElwyn JonesDavid RoseRichard Callanan
197931 July (repeat)Play for TodayLICKING HITLERDavid HareDavid RoseDavid Hare
197923 AugustEMPIRE ROAD - The SharkMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgePeter Jefferies
197930 AugustEMPIRE ROAD - MongrelsMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgePeter Jefferies
19796 SeptemberEMPIRE ROAD - M-Mister L-LandlordMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgePeter Jefferies
197913 SeptemberEMPIRE ROAD - Football CrazyMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgePeter Jefferies
197920 SeptemberEMPIRE ROAD - Kalaloo SundayMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgeMike Custance
197927 SeptemberEMPIRE ROAD - Blues in the NightMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgeMike Custance
19794 OctoberEMPIRE ROAD - D.I.V.O.R.C.EMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgeMike Custance
197911 OctoberEMPIRE ROAD - God Fadder Ar BayMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgeHorace Ove
197918 OctoberEMPIRE ROAD - Streets of ThornleyMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgeHorace Ove
197925 OctoberEMPIRE ROAD - WeddingMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgeHorace Ove
197926 December (repeat)OUR DAY OUTWilly RussellDavid RosePedr James



19802 JanuaryTHE BLACK STUFFAlan BleasdaleDavid RoseJim Goddard
198010 JanuaryPlay for TodayKEEP SMILINGPaul JoyceDavid RosePaul Joyce
198017 JanuaryPlay for TodayDREAMS OF LEAVINGDavid HareDavid RoseDavid Hare
198024 JanuaryPlay for TodayTHICKER THAN WATERBrian GloverTara PremAlan Grint
19809 FebruaryPlayhouseTHE ENIGMA by John FowlesMalcolm BradburyDavid RoseRobert Knights
198016 FebruaryPlayhouseHESTHER FOR EXAMPLEMichael SullivanDavid RoseCarol Wiseman
198028 FebruaryPlayhouseTHE TROUBLE WITH GREGORYStephen DavisMichael WearingJohn Glenister
198018 AprilPlayhouseTHE DIGJames RobsonDavid RoseCarol Wilks
198025 AprilPlayhouseHAPPYDerrick ButtressPeter AnsorgeDerek Lister
19801 MayBULL WEEK - Episode 1Ron HutchinsonMichael WearingPhilip Dudley
19808 MayBULL WEEK - Episode 2Ron HutchinsonMichael WearingPhilip Dudley
198015 MayBULL WEEK - Episode 3Ron HutchinsonMichael WearingCarol Wilks
198022 MayBULL WEEK - Episode 4Ron HutchinsonMichael WearingCarol Wilks
198029 MayBULL WEEK - Episode 5Ron HutchinsonMichael WearingPhilip Dudley
19805 JuneBULL WEEK - Episode 6Ron HutchinsonMichael WearingPhilip Dudley
19802 MayPlayhouseMARY’S WIFEDavid CookPeter AnsorgePeter Jefferies
19809 MayPlayhouseGAMES WITHOUT FRONTIERSMike BradwellPeter AnsorgeMike Bradwell
198016 MayPlayhouseTHE UNBORNPhilip MartinPeter AnsorgeMichael Custance
198023 MayPlayhouseELECTRIC IN THE CITYTony BicatDavid RoseTony Bicat
198024 NovemberNUMBER ON ENDGordon FlemyngDavid RoseDouglas Camfield
19814 JanuaryTHE HISTORY MAN by Malcolm Bradbury - Episode 1 Christopher HamptonMichael WearingRob Knights
198111 JanuaryTHE HISTORY MAN by Malcolm Bradbury - Episode 2Christopher HamptonMichael WearingRob Knights
198113 JanuaryTHE HISTORY MAN by Malcolm Bradbury - Episode 3Christopher HamptonMichael WearingRob Knights
198125 JanuaryTHE HISTORY MAN by Malcolm Bradbury - Episode 4Christopher HamptonMichael WearingRob Knights
19813 JanuaryPlay for TodayTHE MUSCLE MARKETAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingAlan Dossor
198120 JanuaryPlay for TodayA BRUSH WITH MR PORTER ON THE ROAD TO EL DORADODon HaworthMichael WearingBaz Taylor
198113 FebruaryPlayhouseDAYS AT THE BEACHMalcolm MowbrayDavid RoseMalcolm Mowbray
198120 FebruaryPlayhouseBOBBY WANTS TO MEET MEJaney PregerPeter AnsorgeTony Smith
198127 FebruaryPlayhouseDAYSEva FigesDavid RoseMichael Rolfe
19816 MarchPlayhouseCLAPPERCLAWJack ShepherdPeter AnsorgeMichael Wearing
198110 MarchPlay for TodayTHE GARLANDHorace Ove and H. O. NazarethPeter AnsorgeHorace Ove
198113 MarchPlayhouseTHE POTSDAM QUARTETDavid PinnerMichael RolfeDavid Giles
198115 MayPlayhouseTHE DAY WAR BROKE OUTPeter TinniswoodPeter AnsorgeMike Bradwell
19811 JulyTHE OLYMPIAN WAY - Happy BirthdayTara PremPeter AnsorgeLovett Bickford
19813 JulyTHE OLYMPIAN WAY - Slim ChanceTara PremPeter AnsorgeLovett Bickford
198115 JulyTHE OLYMPIAN WAY - Cleaned OutTara PremPeter AnsorgeLovett Bickford
198122 JulyTHE OLYMPIAN WAY - Family BusinessTara PremPeter AnsorgeLovett Bickford
19815 AugustTHE OLYMPIAN WAY - Public AppearanceTara PremPeter AnsorgeLovett Bickford
198112 AugustTHE OLYMPIAN WAY - Compliments of the ManagementTara PremPeter AnsorgeLovett Bickford
198114 DecemberTHE VARIOUS ENDS OF MRS F’S FRIENDSJohn FletcherRoger GregoryGillian Lynne
198121 DecemberIF WINTER COMESJanos NyiriPeter AnsorgePeter Sasdy
198129 DecemberARTEMIS 81David RudkinDavid RoseAlastair Reid
19825 JanuaryPlay for TodayENGLAND’S GREEN AND PEASANT LANDRita MayJohn NortonJim Hill
198212 JanuaryPlay for TodayA COTSWOLD DEATHTony BicatMichael WearingTony Bicat
198219 JanuaryPlay for TodayUNDER THE SKINJaney PregerPeter AnsorgeTony Smith
198222 AprilBIRD OF PREY - Input ClassifiedRon HutchinsonMichael WearingMichael Rolfe
198227 AprilBIRD OF PREY - Mode MurderRon HutchinsonMichael WearingMichael Rolfe
19826 MayBIRD OF PREY - Process PriorityRon HutchinsonMichael WearingMichael Rolfe
198213 MayBIRD OF PREY - Printout UrgentRon HutchinsonMichael WearingMichael Rolfe
198214 MayPlayhouseJAKE’S ENDDesmond LowdenMichael WearingJim O’Brien
198221 MayPlayhouseHOUSEWARMINGStephen BillPeter AnsorgeRobin Midgeley
198228 MayPlayhouseEASY MONEYMichael AbbensettsPeter AnsorgeGillian Lynne
19824 JunePlayhousePOTATOHEAD BLUESBill MorrisonPeter AnsorgeMichael Rolfe
19822 September (repeat)Play for TodayTHE MUSCLE MARKETAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingAlan Dossor
19825 September (repeat)NUTS IN MAYMike LeighDavid RoseMike Leigh
19828 October (repeat)THE HISTORY MAN by Malcolm Bradbury - Episode 1Christopher HamptonMichael WearingRob Knights
198215 October (repeat)THE HISTORY MAN by Malcolm Bradbury - Episode 2Christopher HamptonMichael WearingRob Knights
198222 October (repeat)THE HISTORY MAN by Malcolm Bradbury - Episode 3Christopher HamptonMichael WearingRob Knights
198229 October (repeat)THE HISTORY MAN by Malcolm Bradbury - Episode 4Christopher HamptonMichael WearingRob Knights
198210 OctoberBOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - Jobs for the BoysAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
198217 OctoberBOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - MoonlighterAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
198224 OctoberBOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - Shop thy NeighbourAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
198231 OctoberBOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - Yosser’s StoryAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
19827 NovemberBOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - George’s Last RideAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
198226 OctoberPlay for TodayTHREE MINUTE HEROESLeslie StewartCohn RogersMichael Custance
198311 January (repeat)BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - Jobs for the BoysAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
198318 January (repeat)BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - MoonlighterAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
198325 January (repeat)BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - Shop thy NeighbourAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
19831 February (repeat)BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - Yosser’s StoryAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
19838 February (repeat)BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - George’s Last RideAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
198313 FebruaryLive PlayTHE BATTLE OF WATERLOOKeith DewhurstRobin MidgeleyRobin Midgeley
198320 FebruaryLive PlayREDUNDANT OR THE WIFE’S REVENGEFay WeldonRobin MidgeleyJames Cellan Jones
198327 FebruaryLive PlayNIGHT KIDSBernard KopsRobin MidgeleyRob Walker
19836 MarchLive PlayCARGO KINGSStephen DavisRobin MidgeleyDonald McWhinnie
198313 MarchLive PlayJAPANESE STYLEMichael WallRobin MidgeleyRobin Midgeley
198329 MarchPlay for TodayATLANTISPeter TersonCohn RogersLes Chatfield
198312 AprilPlay for TodayRELUCTANT CHICKENSDavid CreganRoger GregoryGareth Davies
19834 NovemberGOOD AT ARTFarrukh DhondyPeter AnsorgeHorace Ove
19839 NovemberSPYSHIP - Episode 1Tom Keene with Brian Haynes, James Mitchell and Robert SmithCohn RogersMichael Custance
198316 NovemberSPYSHIP - Episode 2Tom Keene with Brian Haynes, James Mitchell and Robert SmithCohn RogersMichael Custance
198323 NovemberSPYSHIP - Episode 3Tom Keene with Brian Haynes, James Mitchell and Robert SmithCohn RogersMichael Custance
198330 NovemberSPYSHIP - Episode 4Tom Keene with Brian Haynes, James Mitchell and Robert SmithCohn RogersMichael Custance
19837 DecemberSPYSHIP - Episode 5Tom Keene with Brian Haynes, James Mitchell and Robert SmithCohn RogersMichael Custance
198314 DecemberSPYSHIP - Episode 6Tom Keene with Brian Haynes, James Mitchell and Robert SmithCohn RogersMichael Custance
198311 NovemberTHE BRIDEFarrukh DhondyPeter AnsorgeFranco Rosso
198318 November SALT ON A SNAKE’S TAILFarrukh DhondyPeter AnsorgeFranco Rosso
198325 November DEAR MANJUFarrukh DhondyPeter AnsorgeJohn McGrath
19832 DecemberCOME TO MECCAFarrukh DhondyPeter AnsorgeJohn McGrath
19839 DecemberROMANCE ROMANCEFarrukh DhondyPeter AnsorgeJon Amiel
198414 FebruaryPlay for TodayYOUNG SHOULDERS by John WainRobert Smith and John WainBernard KrichefskiSivio Narrizano
19845 MayTHE MORTE D’ARTHUR by Sir Thomas MaloryJohn Barton (edited by)Robin MidgeleyGillian Lynne
198423 June (repeat)BIRD OF PREY - Input ClassifiedRon HutchinsonMichael WearingMichael Rolfe
198430 June (repeat)BIRD OF PREY - Mode MurderRon HutchinsonMichael WearingMichael Rolfe
19847 July (repeat)BIRD OF PREY - Process PriorityRon HutchinsonMichael WearingMichael Rolfe
198414 July (repeat)BIRD OF PREY - Printout UrgentRon HutchinsonMichael WearingMichael Rolfe
198424 JulyPlay for TodayTHE GROUNDLING AND THE KITELeonard PrestonColin RogersPeter Jefferies
198423 AugustPlay for TodayTHE AMAZING MISS STELLA ESTELLELeslie StewartRob WalkerJohn Davis
19846 SeptemberBIRD OF PREY II - Death and TaxesRon HutchinsonBernard KrichefskiDon Leaver
198413 SeptemberBIRD OF PREY II - A State of the Art Way to DieRon HutchinsonBernard KrichefskiDon Leaver
198420 SeptemberBIRD OF PREY II - Ducks in a RowRon HutchinsonBernard KrichefskiDon Leaver
198427 SeptemberBIRD OF PREY II - Trapdoor and SpookRon HutchinsonBernard KrichefskiDon Leaver
198424 DecemberANGELS IN THE ANNEXEJaney PregerRobin MidgeleyRob Walker
19859 JanuaryANNA OF THE FIVE TOWNS by Arnold Bennett - Episode 1John HarveyCohn RogersMartyn Friend
198516 JanuaryANNA OF THE FIVE TOWNS by Arnold Bennett - Episode 2John HarveyCohn RogersMartyn Friend
198523 JanuaryANNA OF THE FIVE TOWNS by Arnold Bennett - Episode 3John HarveyCohn RogersMartyn Friend
198531 JanuaryANNA OF THE FIVE TOWNS by Arnold Bennett - Episode 4John HarveyCohn RogersMartyn Friend
198522 JanuaryTHE EXERCISETim Rose PriceRoger PineGareth Davies
19853 MarchScreen TwoSPACE STATION MILTON KEYNESLeslie StewartColin RogersColin Rogers and Leslie Stewart
198513 JuneRACHEL AND THE ROARETTESJude AldersonRoger GregoryRob Walker
198518 JunePHOEBEJulia StonehamRoger PineCarol Wiseman
19854 JulyPITY IN HISTORYHoward BarkerChris ParrSarah Pia Anderson
198513 AugustTUESDAY’S CHILDTerry Johnson and Kate LockRobin MidgeleyRobin Midgeley
198515 August (repeat)JAPANESE STYLEMichael WallRobin MidgeleyRobin Midgeley
198525 AugustTHE DAUGHTER IN LAWDH LawrenceCarol ParksMartyn Friend
198529 AugustAFTER YOU HUGOJohn David, Chris Harris and Nola RaeRoger GregoryJohn David and Bob Jacobs
19856 SeptemberMURDER OF A MODERATE MAN - Out of the ShadowsJohn HowlettJohn BowenRobert Tronson
198513 SeptemberMURDER OF A MODERATE MAN - A Massive StrokeJohn HowlettJohn BowenRobert Tronson
198520 SeptemberMURDER OF A MODERATE MAN - Noughts and CrossesJohn HowlettJohn BowenRobert Tronson
198527 SeptemberMURDER OF A MODERATE MAN - Night Train to MilanJohn HowlettJohn BowenRobert Tronson
19854 OctoberMURDER OF A MODERATE MAN - At the FrontierJohn HowlettJohn BowenRobert Tronson
198615 JanuaryDEAD HEAD - Why Me?Howard BrentonRobin MidgeleyRob Walker
198622 JanuaryDEAD HEAD - Anything for EnglandHoward BrentonRobin MidgeleyRob Walker
198629 JanuaryDEAD HEAD - The War RoomHoward BrentonRobin MidgeleyRob Walker
19865 FebruaryDEAD HEAD - The PatriotHoward BrentonRobin MidgeleyRob Walker
19869 JulyALL TOGETHER NOWPeter BuckmanRobin MidgeleyDavid Attwood
198627 JulyTHIS IS HISTORY GRANRobert HolmanChris ParrSarah Pia Anderson
198610 AugustTHE DAILY WOMANBernard MacLavertyChris ParrMartyn Friend
19864 AugustFIGHTING BACK - Episode 1Gareth JonesChris ParrPaul Seed
198611 AugustFIGHTING BACK - Episode 2Gareth JonesChris ParrPaul Seed
198618 AugustFIGHTING BACK - Episode 3Gareth JonesChris ParrPaul Seed
198625 AugustFIGHTING BACK - Episode 4Gareth JonesChris ParrPaul Seed
19861 SeptemberFIGHTING BACK - Episode 5Gareth JonesChris ParrPaul Seed
19868 SeptemberTHE HUSBAND, THE WIFE AND THE STRANGERAdrian HenriBeth PorterGerry Mill
19867 November (repeat)BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - Yosser’s StoryAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
19878 FebruaryNAMING THE NAMESAnne DevlinChris ParrStuart Burge
198722 FebruaryHEART OF THE COUNTY - Why Wasn’t I Told?Fay WeldonRoger GregoryBrian Farnham
19874 MarchHEART OF THE COUNTY - What You Need is a Helping HandFay WeldonRoger GregoryBrian Farnham
198711 MarchHEART OF THE COUNTY - You Have to Have SomeoneFay WeldonRoger GregoryBrian Farnham
198718 MarchHEART OF THE COUNTY - Til I’m on My FeetFay WeldonRoger GregoryBrian Farnham
198724 AprilTHE RITZ - Monday Grand Opening Night: Eric's DreamJohn GodberChris ParrMartin Shardlow and John Godber
19871 MayTHE RITZ - Tuesday Women Free Night: Skodge’s NightmareJohn GodberChris ParrMartin Shardlow and John Godber
19878 MayTHE RITZ - Wednesday over 25s Night: Chike’s NightmareJohn GodberChris ParrMartin Shardlow and John Godber
198715 MayTHE RITZ - Thursday Page 3 NightJohn GodberChris ParrMartin Shardlow and John Godber
198722 MayTHE RITZ - Friday Fancy Dress Night: Kenny’s NightmareJohn GodberChris ParrMartin Shardlow and John Godber
198729 MayTHE RITZ - St Valentine’s Day DanceJohn GodberChris ParrMartin Shardlow and John Godber
19873 JuneLIZZIE’S PICTURES - Episode 1Lesley BruceBrenda ReidNick Renton
198710 JuneLIZZIE’S PICTURES - Episode 2Lesley BruceBrenda ReidNick Renton
198717 JuneLIZZIE’S PICTURES - Episode 3Lesley BruceBrenda ReidNick Renton
198724 JuneLIZZIE’S PICTURES - Episode 4Lesley BruceBrenda ReidNick Renton
19879 JulyMARJORIE AND THE PREACHER MANStephen Bill and Jim BroadbentRoger GregoryBrian Farnham
198725 JuneBOOGIE OUTLAWS - Eight Thousand Six Hundred and Twenty Battery HensLeslie StewartCarol ParksKeith Goodman
19872 JulyBOOGIE OUTLAWS - Your Own Personal WembleyLeslie StewartCarol ParksKeith Goodman
19879 JulyBOOGIE OUTLAWS - We’ve Kissed the Bums of AngelsLeslie StewartCarol ParksKeith Goodman
198712 AugustScreenplayOUR LADY BLUEHeidi ThomasBrenda ReidRobin Midgeley
198726 AugustScreenplayWHITE LADY

David RudkinCarol ParksDavid Rudkin
198731 DecemberTHE CONTINENTALJohn GodberChris ParrMartin Shardlow and John Godber
19881 MarchAIRBASEMalcolm McKayRoger Gregory and Keith WilliamsDavid Attwood
19886 MarchLOVEBIRDSBarry CollinsChris ParrStephen Whittaker
198817 AprilRUN FOR THE LIFEBOATDouglas LivingstoneCarol ParksDouglas Livingstone
198810 JulyFINAL RUN - Episode 1Ron Hutchinson and Carol BunyanBrenda ReidTim King
198817 JulyFINAL RUN - Episode 2Ron Hutchinson and Carol BunyanBrenda ReidTim King
198824 JulyFINAL RUN - Episode 3Ron Hutchinson and Carol BunyanBrenda ReidTim King
198831 JulyFINAL RUN - Episode 4Ron Hutchinson and Carol BunyanBrenda ReidTim King
19884 DecemberTHE RAINBOW by DH Lawrence - GhostsAnne DevlinChris ParrStuart Burge
198811 DecemberTHE RAINBOW by DH Lawrence - The Widening CircleAnne DevlinChris ParrStuart Burge
198818 DecemberTHE RAINBOW by DH Lawrence - ?Anne DevlinChris ParrStuart Burge
198912 MarchICE DANCEStephen LoweMichael WearingAlan Dossor
198918 AprilA MASTER OF THE MARIONETTESGuy HibbertMichael WearingPedr James
198926 AprilSHALOM SALAAM - Episode 1Gareth JonesChris ParrGareth Jones
19893 MaySHALOM SALAAM - Episode 2Gareth JonesChris ParrGareth Jones
198910 MaySHALOM SALAAM - Episode 3Gareth JonesChris ParrGareth Jones
198917 MaySHALOM SALAAM - Episode 4Gareth JonesChris ParrGareth Jones
198924 MaySHALOM SALAAM - Episode 5Gareth JonesChris ParrGareth Jones
198931 May (repeat)BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - Jobs for the BoysAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
19897 June (repeat)BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - MoonlighterAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
198914 June (repeat)BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - Shop thy NeighbourAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
198921 June (repeat)BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - Yosser’s StoryAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
198928 June (repeat)BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF - George’s Last RideAlan BleasdaleMichael WearingPhilip Saville
19892 JuneVOTE FOR THEM - Episode 1David Edgar and Neil GrantCarol ParksJames Ormerod
19899 JuneVOTE FOR THEM - Episode 2David Edgar and Neil GrantCarol ParksJames Ormerod
198916 JuneVOTE FOR THEM - Episode 3David Edgar and Neil GrantCarol ParksJames Ormerod
198914 August (repeat)NAMING THE NAMESAnne DevlinChris ParrStuart Burge
19894 OctoberNICE WORK - Episode 1David LodgeChris ParrChris Menaul
198911 OctoberNICE WORK - Episode 2David LodgeChris ParrChris Menaul
198918 OctoberNICE WORK - Episode 3David LodgeChris ParrChris Menaul
198925 OctoberNICE WORK - Episode 4David LodgeChris ParrChris Menaul
198912 DecemberScreen One SpecialFIRST AND LASTMichael FraynMichael Wearing and Alan DossorAlan Dossor



199021 JanuaryTHE MAN FROM THE PRURobert SmithRoger GregoryRob Rohrer
199018 MarchTHE LORELEINick DunningRobert CooperTerry Johnson
199029 MayCHAIN - Lennox
Desmond LowdenCarol ParksDon Leaver
19905 JuneCHAIN - Vicky ElliottDesmond LowdenCarol ParksDon Leaver
199012 JuneCHAIN - Miss BrinkwellDesmond LowdenCarol ParksDon Leaver
199019 JuneCHAIN - David LyntonDesmond LowdenCarol ParksDon Leaver
19909 AugustKILLING TIMEKevin ElyotHilary SalmonDavid Attwood
19904 SeptemberDebut on TwoTHE CONVERSION OF ST PAUL Robert FlynnPhillippa Giles and Vicky Licorish
Bob Blagden
199011 SeptemberDebut on TwoBREAST IS BESTPaula MacGeePhillippa Giles and Vicky LicorishDi Patrick
199018 SeptemberDebut on TwoTHE WAKEJenny McLeodPhillippa Giles and Vicky LicorishDi Patrick
199025 SeptemberDebut on TwoWINDOW OF VULNERABILITYGregory EvansPhillippa Giles and Vicky LicorishBob Blagden
19902 OctoberDebut on TwoKINGDOM COMEPaul CornellPhillippa Giles and Vicky LicorishBob Blagden
19909 OctoberDebut on TwoA BOX OF SWANAlan David PricePhillippa Giles and Vicky LicorishDi Patrick
199021 OctoberSURVIVAL OF THE FITTESTJulian MitchellCarol ParksMartyn Friend
199022 December (repeat)FIRST AND LAST - Part 1Michael FraynMichael Wearing and Alan DossorAlan Dossor
199023 December (repeat)FIRST AND LAST - Part 2Michael FraynMichael Wearing and Alan DossorAlan Dossor
19916 February (repeat)NICE WORK - Episode 1David LodgeChris ParrChris Menaul
199113 February (repeat)NICE WORK - Episode 2David LodgeChris ParrChris Menaul
199120 February (repeat)NICE WORK - Episode 3David LodgeChris ParrChris Menaul
199127 February (repeat)NICE WORK - Episode 4David LodgeChris ParrChris Menaul
199110 FebruaryFELLOW TRAVELLERMichael EatonMichael WearingPhilip Saville
19913 MarchTHE LAUGHTER OF GODTony BicatBill ShapterTony Bicat
19912 AprilKINSEY - Episode 1Peter GibbsCarol ParksPhil O’Shea
19919 AprilKINSEY - Episode 2Peter GibbsCarol ParksPhilip Draycott
199116 AprilKINSEY - Episode 3Peter GibbsCarol ParksPhilip Draycott
199123 AprilKINSEY - Episode 4Peter GibbsCarol ParksPhilip Draycott
199130 AprilKINSEY - Episode 5Peter GibbsCarol ParksPhilip Draycott
19917 MayKINSEY - Episode 6Peter GibbsCarol ParksPhilip Draycott
19917 AprilAIMEEGuy HibbertMichael WearingPedr James
19916 MayCHALKFACE - A New Broom / First LessonsCatherine Hayes and Jane ThorntonChris ParrMichael Houldey
19917 MayCHALKFACE - See Them PlayAllan CubbittChris ParrMichael Houldey
199114 MayCHALKFACE - Opting OutGarry LyonsChris ParrMichael Houldey
199121 MayCHALKFACE - Roy’s Last StandJohn GodberChris ParrMichael Houldey
199128 MayCHALKFACE - A Good Clean FightWinsome PirmockChris ParrTim Fywell
19914 JuneCHALKFACE - Stage FrightJohn GodberChris ParrTim Fywell
199111 JuneCHALKFACE - Je Ne Regrette RienCatherine HayesChris ParrTim Fywell
199118 JuneCHALKFACE - Parker’s BluesAllan CubbittChris ParrTim Fywell
199125 JuneCHALKFACE - Christmas CheerJane Thornton and Garry LyonsChris ParrTim Fywell
199110 JulyBROKEStephen BillBarry HansonAlan Dossor
199122 AugustPlay on OneOUT OF THE BLUEGraham AlboroughBarry HansonNick Hamm
199125 SeptemberSPECIALS - Episode 1Brian Degas and Harry RobertsonBrian Degas and Harry Robertson
Chris Baker
19912 OctoberSPECIALS - Episode 2Brian Degas and Harry RobertsonBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonChris Baker
19919 OctoberSPECIALS - Episode 3Brian Degas and Harry RobertsonBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonChris Hodson
199116 OctoberSPECIALS - Episode 4Tony BagleyBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonChris Hodson
199123 OctoberSPECIALS - Episode 5Dene SouthallBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonChris Baker
199130 OctoberSPECIALS - Episode 6Tony BagleyBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonChris Baker
199113 NovemberSPECIALS - Episode 7Miller AndersonBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonChris Hodson
199120 NovemberSPECIALS - Episode 8Barbara MachinBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonChris Hodson
199127 NovemberSPECIALS - Episode 9Barbara MachinBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonChris Baker
19914 DecemberSPECIALS - Episode 10Barbara MachinBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonChris Baker
199111 DecemberSPECIALS - Episode 11Tony BagleyBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonChris Hodson
199118 DecemberSPECIALS - Episode 12Brian Degas and Harry RobertsonBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonChris Hodson
199229 MarchScreen TwoTHE LAST ROMANTICSNigel WilliamsDavid M ThompsonJack Gold
199220 AprilTHACKERTony MacNabbHilary SalmonRichard Spence
199224 JulyVIRTUAL MURDER - Meltdown to MurderPhilip MartinBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonPhilip Draycott
199231 JulyVIRTUAL MURDER - Last Train to Hell and BackBarry SmithBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonPhilip Draycott
19927 AugustVIRTUAL MURDER - A Bone to PickTom NeedhamBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonPeter Rose
199214 AugustVIRTUAL MURDER - A Torch for SilveradoTim AspinalBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonPeter Rose
199221 AugustVIRTUAL MURDER - A Dream of DraculaBennett Byron SimsBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonPhilip Draycott
199223 AugustVIRTUAL MURDER - Dreams lmagicHarry RobertsonBrian Degas and Harry RobertsonPeter Rose
19923 NovemberKINSEY Series II - Wet PaintPeter GibbsCarol ParksRichard Standeven
199210 NovemberKINSEY Series II - ComebacksPeter GibbsCarol ParksRichard Standeven
199217 NovemberKINSEY Series II - Heads and TailsPeter GibbsCarol ParksTony Garner
199224 NovemberKINSEY Series II - Drop ShotPeter GibbsCarol ParksTony Garner
19921 DecemberKINSEY Series II - The Waste WatchersPeter GibbsCarol ParksRichard Standeven
19928 DecemberKINSEY Series II - Conflicts of InterestPeter GibbsCarol ParksRichard Standeven
199221 DecemberWITCHCRAFT - Part 1Nigel WilliamsCarol ParksPeter Sasdy
199223 DecemberWITCHCRAFT - Part 2Nigel WilliamsCarol ParksPeter Sasdy
199314 FebruaryDEAD ROMANTIC by Simon BrettJan AshdownChris GriffinPatrick Lau
199328 FebruaryA YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle - January: Bonne Annee M. MayleMichael SadlerKen RiddingtonDavid Tucker
19937 MarchA YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle - February: Learning the LanguageMichael SadlerKen RiddingtonDavid Tucker
199314 MarchA YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle - March: Black GoldMichael SadlerKen RiddingtonDavid Tucker
199321 MarchA YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle - April: The Tony AwardsMichael SadlerKen RiddingtonDavid Tucker
199328 MarchA YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle - May: Daylight RobberyMichael SadlerKen RiddingtonDavid Tucker
19934 AprilA YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle - June: BreadwinnerMichael SadlerKen RiddingtonDavid Tucker
199311 AprilA YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle - July: Room ServiceMichael SadlerKen RiddingtonDavid Tucker
199318 AprilA YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle - August: FrogbustersMichael SadlerKen RiddingtonDavid Tucker
199325 AprilA YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle - September: Chateau MayleMichael SadlerKen RiddingtonDavid Tucker
19932 MayA YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle - October: War of the WorldsMichael SadlerKen RiddingtonDavid Tucker
19939 MayA YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle - November: Old BoysMichael SadlerKen RiddingtonDavid Tucker
199316 MayA YEAR IN PROVENCE by Peter Mayle - December: A Year in ProvenceMichael SadlerKen RiddingtonDavid Tucker
199317 MayBAD COMPANY - Part IDon ShawChris ParrDavid Drury
199319 MayBAD COMPANY - Part IIDon ShawChris ParrDavid Drury
199328 MayOLLY’S PRISON - Part I (70’49)Edward BondBarry HansonRoy Battersby
199329 MayOLLY’S PRISON - Part II (63’13)Edward BondBarry HansonRoy Battersby
199330 MayOLLY’S PRISON - Part III (75’59)Edward BondBarry HansonRoy Battersby
19936 JuneLADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER - Episode 1D H LawrenceRonaldo VasconeellosKen Russell
199313 JuneLADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER - Episode 2D H LawrenceRonaldo VasconeellosKen Russell
199320 JuneLADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER - Episode 3D H LawrenceRonaldo VasconeellosKen Russell
199327 JuneLADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER - Episode 4D H LawrenceRonaldo VasconeellosKen Russell
199311 July (repeat: recut version; 2 parts)THE RAINBOW by D H Lawrence - Part I (70’05)Anne DevlinChris ParrStuart Burge
199312 July (repeat: recut version; 2 parts)THE RAINBOW by D H Lawrence - Part II (94’45)Anne DevlinChris ParrStuart Burge
19944 January - 25 JanuaryALL QUIET ON THE PRESTON FRONTTim FirthChris GriffinBrian Farnham
1994 9 MarchSKALLAGRIGGNigel WilliamsJohn ChapmanRichard Spence
199421 March (repeat)ICE DANCEStephen LoweMichael WearingAlan Dossor
199411 JuneFAIR GAMEStephen BillCarol Parks and Alan DossorAlan Dossor
199420 August (repeat)AIMEEGuy HibbertMichael WearingPedr James
19947 November (repeat 13 November)MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT by Charles Dickens - Episode 1 (83’ 19)David LodgeChris ParrPedr James
199414 November (repeat 20 November)MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT by Charles Dickens - Episode 2 (52’18)David LodgeChris ParrPedr James
199421 November (repeat 27 November)MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT by Charles Dickens - Episode 3 (54’44)David LodgeChris ParrPedr James
199428 November (repeat 4 December)MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT by Charles Dickens - Episode 4 (53’24)David LodgeChris ParrPedr James
19945 December (repeat 11 December)MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT by Charles Dickens - Episode 5 (54’24)David LodgeChris ParrPedr James
199412 December (repeat 18 December)MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT by Charles Dickens - Episode 6 (54’33)David LodgeChris ParrPedr James
199527 JanuaryDANGERFIELD (Series 1) - Episode 1Adrian BateJan Sargent
19953 FebruaryDANGERFIELD (Series 1) - Episode 2Adrian BateJan Sargent
199510 FebruaryDANGERFIELD (Series 1) - Episode 3Adrian BateJan Sargent
199517 FebruaryDANGERFIELD (Series 1) - Episode 4Adrian BateDi Patrick
199524 FebruaryDANGERFIELD (Series 1) - Episode 5Adrian BateDi Patrick
19953 MarchDANGERFIELD (Series 1) - Episode 6Adrian BateDi Patrick
199513 FebruaryBLOOD AND PEACHES (indi) - Part 1 (74’ 12)Martin SadofskiPeter WallerCharles Beeson
199520 FebruaryBLOOD AND PEACHES (indi) - Part 1 (74’08)Martin SadofskiPeter WallerCharles Beeson
19957 May (repeat)SKALLAGRJGGNigel WilliamsJohn ChapmanRichard Spence
199513 MayRUMBLE - Episode 1Tim O’Mara / Al Hunter AshtonBrian TruemayRoger Bamford
199520 MayRUMBLE - Episode 2Tim O’Mara / Al Hunter AshtonBrian TruemayRoger Bamford
199527 MayRUMBLE - Episode 3Tim O’Mara / Al Hunter AshtonBrian TruemayRoger Bamford
19953 JuneRUMBLE - Episode 4Tim O’Mara / Al Hunter AshtonBrian TruemayRoger Bamford
199510 JuneRUMBLE - Episode 5Tim O’Mara / Al Hunter AshtonBrian TruemayRoger Bamford
199517 JuneRUMBLE - Episode 6Tim O’Mara / Al Hunter AshtonBrian TruemayRoger Bamford
199522 SeptemberDANGERFIELD (Series II) - Episode 1Nick McCartyAdrian BateRichard Holthouse
199529 SeptemberDANGERFIELD (Series II) - Episode 2Don ShawAdrian BateRichard Holthouse
19956 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series II) - Episode 3Don ShawAdrian BateRichard Holthouse
199513 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series II) - Episode 4Nick McCartyAdrian BateRichard Holthouse
199520 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series II) - Episode 5Don ShawAdrian BateRob Knights
199527 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series II) - Episode 6Tim PragerAdrian BateCatherine Morshead
19953 NovemberDANGERFIELD (Series II) - Episode 7Keith TempleAdrian BateRob Knights
199510 NovemberDANGERFIELD (Series II) - Episode 8Don ShawAdrian BateRob Knights
199517 NovemberDANGERFIELD (Series II) - Episode 9Roy MacGregorAdrian BateGrahame Moore
19951 DecemberDANGERFIELD (Series II) - Episode 10Roy MacGregorAdrian BateBrian Farnham
19958 DecemberDANGERFIELD (Series II) - Episode 11Roy MacGregorAdrian BateBrian Farnham
199515 DecemberDANGERFIELD (Series II) - Episode 12Tim PragerAdrian BateGrahame Moore
19957 SeptemberBACK UP (Series 1) - Episode 1Roy MitchellHilary SalmonJan Sargent
199514 SeptemberBACK UP (Series 1) - Episode 2Steve TraffordHilary SalmonJan Sargent
199521 SeptemberBACK UP (Series 1) - Episode 3Steve TraffordHilary SalmonJan Sargent
199528 SeptemberBACK UP (Series 1) - Episode 4Avril RussellHilary SalmonDouglas Mackinnon
19955 OctoberBACK UP (Series 1) - Episode 5Simon StirlingHilary SalmonDouglas Mackinnon
199512 OctoberBACK UP (Series 1) - Episode 6Roy MitchellHilary SalmonDouglas Mackinnon
199519 OctoberBACK UP (Series 1) - Episode 7Roy MitchellHilary SalmonBob Blagdon
199526 OctoberBACK UP (Series 1) - Episode 8Roy MitchellHilary SalmonBob Blagdon
199516 JulyPRESTON FRONT (Series II) - Episode 1Tim FirthChris GriffinMarcus Mortimer
199523 JulyPRESTON FRONT (Series II) - Episode 2Tim FirthChris GriffinMarcus Mortimer
199530 JulyPRESTON FRONT (Series II) - Episode 3Tim FirthChris GriffinMarcus Mortimer
19956 AugustPRESTON FRONT (Series II) - Episode 4Tim FirthChris GriffinBetsan Morris Evans
199513 AugustPRESTON FRONT (Series II) - Episode 5Tim FirthChris GriffinBetsan Morris Evans
199527 AugustPRESTON FRONT (Series II) - Episode 6Tim FirthChris GriffinBetsan Morris Evans
199616 MarchDALZIEL & PASCOE (Series I) - A Clubbable WomanAlan PlaterChris Parr / Eric AbrahamRoss Devenish
199623 MarchDALZIEL & PASCOE (Series I) - Advancement of LearningAlan PlaterChris Parr / Eric AbrahamMaurice Phillips
199630 MarchDALZIEL & PASCOE (Series I) - An Autumn ShroudMalcolm BradburyChris Parr / Eric AbrahamRichard Standeven
199618 March - 3 JuneTHIS LIFE (Independent: World Productions) - 11 episodesJane Fallon
199623 JulyGOLDEN COLLAR (Double Exposure strand)
199624 JulySEED (Double Exposure)Bradley ColeBarbara MackieJohn Greening
19966 SeptemberDANGERFIELD (Series III) - Episode 1Don ShawPeter WolfesJim Goddard
199613 SeptemberDANGERFIELD (Series III) - Episode 2P J HammondPeter WolfesJim Goddard
199620 SeptemberDANGERFIELD (Series III) - Episode 3Suj AhmedPeter WolfesJim Goddard
199627 SeptemberDANGERFIELD (Series III) - Episode 4Barbara CoxPeter WolfesRob Walker
19964 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series III) - Episode 5Don ShawPeter WolfesRob Walker
199611 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series III) - Episode 6P J HammondPeter WolfesRob Walker
199618 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series III) - Episode 7P J HammondPeter WolfesJim Goddard
199625 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series III) - Episode 8P J HammondPeter WolfesRob Walker
19968 NovemberDANGERFIELD (Series III) - Episode 9Alick RowePeter WolfesJim Goddard
199615 NovemberDANGERFIELD (Series III) - Episode 10Tony EtchellsPeter WolfesRob Walker
19969 DecemberKING GIRLPhilomena McDonaghHilary SalmonSam Miller
199622 DecemberCRUEL TRAIN by Emile ZolaMalcom McKayMervyn Gill-DochertyMalcolm McKay
19972 January - 12 March (repeat)THIS LIFEJane Fallon
199719 FebruaryINSIDERS - Episode 1Lucy GannonNicolas BrownDanny Hiller
199726 FebruaryINSIDERS - Episode 2Lucy GannonNicolas BrownDanny Hiller
19975 MarchINSIDERS - Episode 3Lucy GannonNicolas BrownDanny Hiller
199712 MarchINSIDERS - Episode 4Lucy GannonNicolas BrownDanny Hiller
199719 MarchINSIDERS - Episode 5Lucy GannonNicolas BrownDanny Hiller
199726 MarchINSIDERS - Episode 6Lucy GannonNicolas BrownDanny Hiller
19975 AprilMACBETH ON THE ESTATEPenny WoolcockAlison GilbeyPenny Woolcock
199720 April (revised repeat)BAD COMPANYChris ParrDavid Drury
199727 April (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOEPhilip LeachMaurice Phillips
19974 MayTHE HEART SURGEON - Episode 1John ColleeBill ShapterAudrey Cooke
19975 MayTHE HEART SURGEON - Episode 2John ColleeBill ShapterAudrey Cooke
199728 MayBACK UP (Series II) - Episode 1Roy MitchellHilary SalmonBob Blagden
19974 JuneBACK UP (Series II) - Episode 2Susan WilkinsHilary SalmonH. Salmon / J. Sargent
199711 JuneBACK UP (Series II) - Episode 3Avril RussellHilary SalmonH. Salmon / J. Sargent
199718 JuneBACK UP (Series II) - Episode 4Robin MukherjeeHilary SalmonH. Salmon / J. Sargent
199725 JuneBACK UP (Series II) - Episode 5Robin MukherjeeHilary SalmonH. Salmon / J. Sargent
19972 JulyBACK UP (Series II) - Episode 6Roy MitchellHilary SalmonBob Blagden
199714 JuneDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series II) - Play 1Malcolm BradburyPaddy HigsonGareth Davies
199721 JuneDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series II) - Play 2Malcolm BradburyPaddy HigsonEd Bennett
199728 JuneDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series II) - Play 3Alan PlaterPaddy HigsonEd Bennett
199712 JulyDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series II) - Play 4Stephen LowePaddy HigsonRoss Devenish
19975 July (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - Series IPhilip LeachRichard Standeven
199721 JulyPRESTON FRONT (Series 111) - Episode 1 - Hodge's Driving TestTim FirthBernard KrichefskiChris Bernard
199728 JulyPRESTON FRONT (Series III) - Episode 2-Eric’s Won TonTim FirthBernard KrichefskiChris Bernard
19974 AugustPRESTON FRONT (Series III) - Episode 3 - Lloyd’s HousewarmingTim FirthBernard KrichefskiChris Bernard
199711 AugustPRESTON FRONT (Series III) - Episode 4 - Spock’s Dilated PupilTim FirthBernard KrichefskiChris Bernard
199718 AugustPRESTON FRONT (Series III) - Episode 5 - Poison’s MessTim FirthBernard KrichefskiRick Stroud
19971 SeptemberPRESTON FRONT (Series III) - Episode 6 - Diesel’s OstrichTim FirthBernard KrichefskiRick Stroud
19978 SeptemberPRESTON FRONT (Series III) - Episode 7 - Jeanetta’s MarijuanaTim FirthBernard KrichefskiRick Stroud
19975 SeptemberDANGERFIELD Series IV - Episode 1 - Inappropriate AdultsBeverley DartnallLawrence Gordon Clarke
199712 SeptemberDANGERFIELD Series IV - Episode 2 - Perfect WitnessBeverley DartnallKen Hannam
199719 SeptemberDANGERFIELD Series IV - Episode 3 - Blood MoneyBeverley DartnallKen Hannam
199726 SeptemberDANGERFIELD Series IV - Episode 4 - Happy FamiliesBeverley DartnallL Gordon Clarke
19973 OctoberDANGERFIELD Series IV - Episode 5 - House CallsBeverley DartnallJo Johnson
199710 OctoberDANGERFIELD Series IV - Episode 6 - GuiltBeverley DartnallJo Johnson
199717 OctoberDANGERFIELD Series IV - Episode 7 - Adam Beverley DartnallSimon Meyers
199724 OctoberDANGERFIELD Series IV - Episode 8 - Contact Beverley DartnallSimon Meyers
199731 OctoberDANGERFIELD Series IV - Episode 9 - Lasting Relief Beverley DartnallL Gordon Clarke
19977 NovemberDANGERFIELD Series IV - Episode 10 - And Lips that we Might TellBeverley DartnallL Gordon Clarke
199725 SeptemberTHE LOCKSMITH - Episode 1 - Coming TogetherIrving TeitelbaumAlan Dossor
19972 OctoberTHE LOCKSMITH - Episode 2 - Full Moon 9Irving TeitelbaumAlan Dossor
19979 OctoberTHE LOCKSMITH - Episode 3 – VictimsIrving TeitelbaumL Gordon Clarke
199716 OctoberTHE LOCKSMITH - Episode 4 - Words and DeedsIrving TeitelbaumL Gordon Clarke
199723 OctoberTHE LOCKSMITH - Episode 5 - FireIrving TeitelbaumChris Bernard
199730 OctoberTHE LOCKSMITH - Episode 6 - GhostsIrving TeitelbaumChris Bernard
199720 MayOUT OF HOURS - Episode 1Simon PassmoreDouglas MacKinnon
199727 MayOUT OF HOURS - Episode 2Simon PassmoreDouglas MacKinnon
19973 JuneOUT OF HOURS - Episode 3Simon PassmoreDouglas MacKinnon
199710 JuneOUT OF HOURS - Episode 4Simon PassmoreRobin Sheppard
199717 JuneOUT OF HOURS - Episode 5Simon PassmoreRobin Sheppard
199724 JuneOUT OF HOURS - Episode 6Simon PassmoreRobin Sheppard
199821 MarchDALZIEL & PASCOE III - Episode 1 - UnderworldLars MacfarlaneEd Bennett
199828 MarchDALZIEL & PASCOE III - Episode 2 - Childs PlayLars MacfarlaneDavid Wheatley
199828 June (repeat)DALZIEL & PASCOE II - DeadheadsPaddy HigsonEd Bennett
199826 July (repeat)DALZIEL & PASCOE I - An Advancement of Learning Philip LeachMaurice Phillips
19982 August (repeat)DALZIEL & PASCOE II - Ruling PassionPaddy HigsonGareth Davies
19989 August (repeat)DALZIEL & PASCOE II - A Killing KindnessPaddy HigsonEd Bennett
199816 August (repeat)DALZIEL & PASCOE II - Exit LinesPaddy HigsonRoss Devenish
199818 OctoberDALZIEL & PASCOE III - Episode 3 - Bones & Silence Lars MacfarlaneMaurice Philips
199825 OctoberDALZIEL & PASCOE III - Episode 4 - The Wood Beyond Lars MacfarlaneEd Bennett
199811 SeptemberDANGERFIELD Series V Episode 1 - Local ColourBeverley DartnallL Gordon Clark
199818 SeptemberDANGERFIELD Series V Episode 2 - The Long WeekendBeverley DartnallL Gordon Clark
199825 SeptemberDANGERFIELD Series V Episode 3 - A Place of SafetyBeverley DartnallKen Hannam
19982 OctoberDANGERFIELD Series V Episode 4 - Moulded of Things Past Beverley DartnallKen Hannam
19989 OctoberDANGERFIELD Series V Episode 5 - The Last Picture Beverley DartnallTim Holloway
199816 OctoberDANGERFIELD Series V Episode 6 - Silence Has Got Rhythm Too Beverley DartnallTim Holloway
199823 OctoberDANGERFIELD Series V Episode 7 - PathsBeverley DartnallL Gordon Clark
199830 OctoberDANGERFIELD Series V Episode 8 - AngelBeverley DartnallSharon Miller
19986 NovemberDANGERFIELD Series V Episode 9 - Fall From GraceBeverley DartnallSharon Miller
199813 NovemberDANGERFIELD Series V Episode 10 - The Lost Boy Beverley DartnallL Gordon Clark
199827 NovemberDANGERFIELD Series V Episode 11 - Harvest TimeBeverley DartnallJim Shields
19984 DecemberDANGERFIELD Series V Episode 12 - Double HelixBeverley DartnallJim Shields
199924 JanuaryTHE SCARLET PIMPERNEL - Episode 1Julian MurphyPatrick Lau
199931 JanuaryTHE SCARLET PIMPERNEL - Episode 2Julian MurphyPatrick Lau
19997 FebruaryTHE SCARLET PIMPERNEL - Episode 3Julian MurphyEd Bennett
199918 FebruaryHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 1 - For Those in PerilSteve LanningKeith Boak
199921 FebruaryHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 1 - Narrative Repeat
199925 FebruaryHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 2 - Prince CharmingSteve LanningTim Dowd
19991 MarchHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 2 - Narrative Repeat
19994 MarchHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 3- Dead EndsSteve LanningTim Dowd
19998 MarchHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 3- Narrative Repeat
199911 MarchHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 4 - BaywatchSteve LanningGary Love
199915 MarchHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 4 - Narrative Repeat
199918 MarchHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 5 - Muck RakerSteve LanningGary Love
199922 MarchHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 5 - Narrative Repeat
199925 MarchHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 6 - The Last SupperSteve LanningTerry Bedford
199929 MarchHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 6 - Narrative Repeat
19991 AprilHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 7 - StrandedSteve LanningTerry Bedford
19995 AprilHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 7 - Narrative Repeat
19998 AprilHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 8 - Highland FlingSteve LanningKeith Boak
199911 AprilHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 8 - Narrative Repeat
199915 AprilHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 9 - The UntouchablesSteve LanningKeith Boak
199918 AprilHARBOUR LIGHTS Episode 9 - Narrative Repeat
199912 JuneDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 4) Episode 1 - On Beulah HeightNick PittMaurice Phillips
199919 JuneDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 4) Episode 2 - Recalled to LifeNick PittSun Krishnamma
199926 JuneDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 4) Episode 3 - Time to GoNick PittSun Krishnamma
19993 JulyDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 4) Episode 4 - The British GrenadierNick PittMaurice Phillips
199924 July (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - UnderworldLars MacfarlaneEd Bennett
199931 July (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - The Wood BeyondLars MacfarlaneEd Bennett
199914 August (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - An Autumn ShroudPhilip LeachRichard Standeven
199930 AugustTHE MYSTERY OF MENSteve LanningDavid Wheatley
19993 SeptemberDANGERFIELD (Series 6) Episode 1 - Gas ManBeverley DartnallJim Shields
199910 SeptemberDANGERFIELD (Series 6) Episode 2 - InstinctBeverley DartnallJim Shields
199917 SeptemberDANGERFIELD (Series 6) Episode 3 - Chasing ShadowsBeverley DartnallKim Flitcroft
199924 SeptemberDANGERFIELD (Series 6) Episode 4 - Hidden DesiresBeverley DartnallJim Shields
19991 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series 6) Episode 5 - Through a Glass DarklyBeverley DartnallKim Flitcroft
19998 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series 6) Episode 6 - Forbidden FruitBeverley DartnallBrett Fallis
199915 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series 6) Episode 7 - The End of the AffairBeverley DartnallKim Flitcroft
199922 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series 6) Episode 8 - Diminished ResponsibilityBeverley DartnallBrett Fallis
199929 OctoberDANGERFIELD (Series 6) Episode 9 - HauntedBeverley DartnallBrett Fallis
19995 NovemberDANGERFIELD (Series 6) Episode 10 - A Day in the CountryBeverley DartnallDelyth Thomas
199912 NovemberDANGERFIELD (Series 6) Episode 11 - Something PersonalBeverley DartnallDelyth Thomas
19999 NovemberDANGERFIELD (Series 6) Episode 12 - Tying the KnotBeverley DartnallDelyth Thomas



200026 MarchDOCTORS (Series I) - Letting GoCarson BlackRebecca Surridge
200027 MarchDOCTORS (Series I) - Coming and GoingCarson BlackAdrian Bean
200028 MarchDOCTORS (Series I) - CrushedCarson BlackRebecca Surridge
200029 MarchDOCTORS (Series I) - All That GlittersCarson BlackNick Phillips
200030 MarchDOCTORS (Series I) - A Life in the DayCarson BlackNeil Adams
200031 MarchDOCTORS (Series I) - Picking Up the PiecesCarson BlackNeil Adams
20003 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - God’s WillCarson BlackAdrian Bean
20004 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Confidential InformationCarson BlackNic Phillips
20005 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Rub of the GreenCarson BlackNeil Adams
20006 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - The Mourning AfterCarson BlackNic Phillips
20007 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Second FiddleCarson BlackAdrian Bean
200010 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Clear ViewCarson BlackAdrian Bean
200011 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Sex, Lies and Red TapeCarson BlackRebecca Surridge
200012 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - CheatedCarson BlackAdrian Bean
200013 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Game OverCarson BlackNeil Adams
200014 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Good to TalkCarson BlackNeil Adams
200017 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Matter of CommunityCarson BlackNic Phillips
200018 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Mum’s the WordCarson BlackRebecca Surridge
200019 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Under PressureCarson BlackNic Phillips
200020 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Abide With MeCarson BlackAdrian Bean
200021 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Love Is the DrugCarson BlackNic Phillips
200024 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - ControlCarson BlackNeil Adams
200025 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Second ChanceCarson BlackAdrian Bean
200026 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Sins of the MotherCarson BlackRebecca Surridge
200027 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Late Action HeroCarson BlackRebecca Surridge
200028 AprilDOCTORS (Series I) - Giving It UpCarson BlackAdrian Bean
20001 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - Loose EndsCarson BlackNeil Adams
20002 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - With Friends Like TheseCarson BlackNeil Adams
20003 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - Catch 22Carson BlackNeil Adams
20004 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - Damage LimitationCarson BlackNeil Adams
20005 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - ChoicesCarson BlackRebecca Surridge
20008 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - Twist of FateCarson BlackNeil Adams
20009 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - A Helping HandCarson BlackRebecca Surridge
200010 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - A Woman’s Right to ChooseCarson BlackRebecca Surridge
200011 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - Slim ChanceCarson BlackAdrian Bean
200012 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - False AlarmCarson BlackAdrian Bean
200015 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - Taking StockCarson BlackAdrian Bean
200016 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - Never Walk AloneCarson BlackNeil Adams
200017 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - Running CostsCarson BlackNeil Adams
200018 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - Baby LoveCarson BlackAdrian Bean
200019 MayDOCTORS (Series I) - To Have and To HoldCarson BlackNeil Adams
200014 April (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - The British GrenadierNick PittMaurice Phillips
200028 April (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - On Beulah HeightNick PittMaurice Phillips
200015 AprilCITY CENTRAL (Series III) - Episode 1 - No Direction HomeKen HornMartin Hutchings
200022 AprilCITY CENTRAL (Series III) - Episode 2 - Half Man Half CopKen HornTerry McDonough
200029 AprilCITY CENTRAL (Series III) - Episode 3 - Everything Must GoKen HornTerry McDonough
20006 MayCITY CENTRAL (Series III) - Episode 4 - RespectKen HornKenny Glenaan
200020 MayCITY CENTRAL (Series III) - Episode 5 - Above and BeyondKen HornKenny Glenaan
200024 MayCITY CENTRAL (Series III) - Episode 6 - NutcaseKen HornDelyth Thomas
200027 MayCITY CENTRAL (Series III) - Episode 7 - She’s the OneKen HornDelyth Thomas
20003 JuneCITY CENTRAL (Series III) - Episode 8 - Death Becomes HerKen HornMartin Hutchings
200010 JuneCITY CENTRAL (Series III) - Episode 9 - Community SpiritKen HornDavid Innes Edwards
200019 JuneCITY CENTRAL (Series III) - Episode 10 - HistoryKen HornDavid Innes Edwards
20001 JulyDALZIEL AND PASCOE (SeriesV) - A Sweeter LazarusAndrew RowleyStephen Whittaker
20008 JulyDALZIEL AND PASCOE (SeriesV) - Cunning Old FoxAndrew RowleyMatthew Evans
200015 JulyDALZIEL AND PASCOE (SeriesV) - Foreign BodiesAndrew RowleyDavid Wheatley
200022 JulyDALZIEL AND PASCOE (SeriesV) - Above The LawAndrew RowleyPaul Marcus
200028 July (repeat)DOCTORS I - Coming and GoingCarson BlackAdrian Bean
200011 August (repeat)DOCTORS I - CrushedCarson BlackRebecca Surridge
200017 August (repeat)DOCTORS I - All That GlittersCarson BlackNic Phillips
20001 September (repeat)DOCTORS I - Second FiddleCarson BlackAdrian Bean
20007 September (repeat)DOCTORS I - Love Is the DrugCarson BlackNic Phillips
200026 August (repeat)SCARLET PIMPERNEL - A King’s RansomJulian MurphyEd Bennett
20001 OctoberEASTENDERS - Bubble - The Return of Nick CottonBeverley DartnallChris Bernard
200014 October (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series II) - DeadheadsPaddy HigsonEd Bennett
200018 OctoberSCARLET PIMPERNEL (Series II) Film 1 - EnnuiCohn LudlowGraham Theakston
200025 OctoberSCARLET PIMPERNEL (Series II) Film 2 - Friends and EnemiesRichard LangridgeSimon Langton
20001 NovemberSCARLET PIMPERNEL (Series II) Film 3 - A Good NameRichard LangridgeSimon Langton
20002 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Love You MadlyWill TrotterDavid Kerr
20003 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Secrets and LiesWill TrotterDavid Kerr
20004 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Twice BlessedWill TrotterSven Arnstein
20005 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Looking AfterWill TrotterDavid Kerr
20006 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Not So InnocentWill TrotterCraig Lines
20009 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - On For TonightWill TrotterCraig Lines
200010 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Beating The OddsWill TrotterDavid Kerr
200011 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Bitter PillsWill TrotterDavid Kerr
200012 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - SlapstickWill TrotterSven Arnstein
20003 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Family LawWill TrotterSteve Kelly
200016 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Do the Right ThingWill TrotterSven Arnstein
200017 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Happy FamiliesWill TrotterSven Arnstein
200018 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - A Friend in NeedWill TrotterSteve Kelly
200019 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - A Lonely Place to BeWill TrotterSteve Kelly
200020 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Rules of ConductWill TrotterCraig Lines
200023 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Poles ApartWill TrotterCraig Lines
200024 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Killing Me SoftlyWill TrotterCraig Lines
200025 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - HeroesWill TrotterCraig Lines
200026 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - Second Time AroundWill TrotterDavid Kerr
200027 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - In DeepWill TrotterSteve Kelly
200030 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - In Too DeepWill TrotterSteve Kelly
200031 OctoberDOCTORS (Series II) - All Shook UpWill TrotterJane Powell
20001 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - How Mad is That?Will TrotterSven Arnstein
20002 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - They Can’t Take That Away From MeWill TrotterSven Arnstein
20003 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - A Home’s Not Where the Heart IsWill TrotterSven Arnstein
20006 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Pretty BabyWill Trotter
20007 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Blood TiesWill TrotterJane Powell
20008 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Last StandWill TrotterJane Powell
20009 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - A Matter of Life and DeathWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200010 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - ReputationsWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200013 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Judgement DayWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200014 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - The SacrificeWill TrotterJohn Greening
200015 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Juggling ActWill TrotterJohn Greening
200016 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Sins of the FatherWill TrotterJohn Greening
200017 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Payment in KindWill TrotterNeil Adams
200020 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - God’s GiftWill TrotterNeil Adams
200021 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Share of the CakeWill TrotterNeil Adams
200022 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Pig in the MiddleWill TrotterJane Powell
200023 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Big Boys Don’t CryWill TrotterJane Powell
200024 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Love Me TenderWill TrotterJane Powell
200027 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - From Russia With LoveWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200028 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Reasons to be CheerfulWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200029 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Counting MagpiesWill TrotterJohn Greening
200030 NovemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Fit To DriveWill TrotterJohn Greening
20001 DecemberDOCTORS (Series II) - The Doctor, the Student, His Wife and Her LoverWill TrotterJames Strong
20004 DecemberDOCTORS (Series II) - The AccusedWill TrotterSven Arnstein
20005 DecemberDOCTORS (Series II) - A Stranger in the FamilyWill TrotterSven Arnstein
20006 DecemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Vengeance is SweetWill TrotterSven Arnstein
20007 DecemberDOCTORS (Series II) - A Model PatientWill TrotterJames Strong
20008 DecemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Double TroubleWill TrotterJohn Greening
200011 DecemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Whose Fault is it Anyway?Will TrotterJames Strong
200012 DecemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Chapter of AccidentsWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200013 DecemberDOCTORS (Series II) - A Life in the Day Of’Will TrotterDominic Keavey
200014 DecemberDOCTORS (Series II) - Last RitesWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200015 DecemberDOCTORS (Series II) - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausWill TrotterJulie Anne Robinson
20006 December (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - Foreign Bodies (Series Five)Andy RowleyDavid Wheatley
200126 February (repeat)DOCTORS (Series II) - Whose Fault is it Anyway?Will TrotterJames Strong
200127 February (repeat)DOCTORS (Series II) - Chapter of AccidentsWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200128 February (repeat)DOCTORS (Series II) - A Life in the Day Of’Will TrotterDominic Keavey
20011 March (repeat)DOCTORS (Series II) - Last RitesWill TrotterDominic Keavey
20012 March (repeat)DOCTORS (Series II) - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausWill TrotterJulie Anne Robinson
20015 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Sins of the BrotherWill TrotterJulie Anne Robinson
20016 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Abuse of PowerWill TrotterJulie Anne Robinson
20017 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Death DutiesWill TrotterJohn Greening
20018 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Duty of CareWill TrotterJohn Greening
20019 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - The Waiting GameWill TrotterJohn Greening
200112 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Be Thankful for What You’ve GotWill TrotterJames Strong
200113 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Always Something There to Remind MeWill TrotterJames Strong
200114 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Safe HouseWill TrotterJames Strong
200115 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Desperate MeasuresWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200116 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - In Sickness and in HealthWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200119 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - A Breath of Fresh AirWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200120 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - No Smoke Without FireWill TrotterBob Jacobs
200121 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Bring Me SunshineWill TrotterBob Jacobs
200122 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Change of HeartWill TrotterBob Jacobs
200123 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Second ThoughtsWill TrotterJohn Greening
200126 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Educating TeacherWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200127 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Body BlowsWill TrotterJohn Greening
200128 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Old Wives’ TalesWill TrotterJohn Greening
200129 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Unjust PunishmentWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200130 MarchDOCTORS (Series II) - Play Mistry for MeWill TrotterDominic Keavey
20012 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - A Man’s WorldWill TrotterChristopher Timothy
20013 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - OffsideWill TrotterChristopher Timothy
20014 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - What She WantsWill TrotterChristopher Timothy
20015 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - A Different Kind of LoveWill TrotterDominic Keavey
20016 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - Wants and NeedsWill TrotterJane Powell
20019 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - SungodWill TrotterJane Powell
200110 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - The TestWill TrotterJane Powell
200111 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - Working BlindWill TrotterJohn Greening
200112 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - Once BittenWill TrotterJohn Greening
200117 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - Coming CleanWill TrotterJohn Greening
200118 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - Get Out of Jail FreeWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200119 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - RememberingWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200120 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - A Wonderful LifeWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200123 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - A Fuss About NothingWill TrotterTerry Iland
200124 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - Where There’s SmokeWill TrotterTerry Iland
200125 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - Baby Be MineWill TrotterTerry Iland
200126 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - Cop OutWill TrotterJane Powell
200127 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - Adverse ReactionsWill TrotterJane Powell
200130 AprilDOCTORS (Series II) - It Could Be YouWill TrotterJane Powell
20011 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - PartnersWill TrotterJohn Greening
20012 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Size Doesn’t MatterWill TrotterJohn Greening
20013 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Hide and SeekWill TrotterJohn Greening
20014 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - The Risk BusinessWill TrotterDominic Keavey
20018 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - The Final CutWill TrotterDominic Keavey
20019 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Should Auld AcquaintanceWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200110 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Father’s DayWill TrotterNeil Adams
200111 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Unfinished BusinessWill TrotterNeil Adams
200114 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Little ThingsWill TrotterNeil Adams
200115 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - A Suitable AlternativeWill TrotterJohn Greening
200116 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Passive ResistanceWill TrotterJohn Greening
200117 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - The Things We Do for LoveWill TrotterJohn Greening
200118 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Hush A ByeWill TrotterJames Strong
200121 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Sugar and SpiceWill TrotterJames Strong
200122 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Hot PantsWill TrotterJames Strong
200123 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Writing to CharlieWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200124 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Never Judge a BookWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200125 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - DisturbedWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200129 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Coming Home to RoostWill TrotterNeil Adams
200130 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - A Good MotherWill TrotterNeil Adams
200131 MayDOCTORS (Series II) - Father’s Day TooWill TrotterBob Jacobs
20011 JuneDOCTORS (Series II) - Truth and ConsequencesWill TrotterNeil Adams
200126 April (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - A Sweeter LazarusAndy RowleyStephen Whittaker
20015 May (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - Cunning Old FoxAndy RowleyMatthew Evans
200125 July (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - Above the LawAndy RowleyPaul Marcus
200116 JulyMERSEY BEAT (Series I) Episode 1 - DEEP ENDChris MurrayKen HornBrian Kelly
200123 JulyMERSEY BEAT (Series I) Episode 2 - STEP BY STEPChris MurrayKen HornRobert del Maestro
200130 JulyMERSEY BEAT (Series I) Episode 3 - COMING OF AGEPatrick MelanaphyKen HornBrian Kelly
20016 AugustMERSEY BEAT (Series I) Episode 4 - UNEXPLODED BOMBSChris MurrayKen HornRichard Signy
200113 AugustMERSEY BEAT (Series I) Episode 5 - DEAD TIMEGraham MitchellKen HornRichard Signy
200120 AugustMERSEY BEAT (Series I) Episode 6 - THICKER THAN WATERSteve LawsonKen HornTom Clegg
200127 AugustMERSEY BEAT (Series I) Episode 7 - FOOLS RUSH INJoe AinsworthKen HornPaul Walker
20013 SeptemberMERSEY BEAT (Series I) Episode 8 - FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSEJoe AinsworthKen HornRobert del Maestro
200110 SeptemberMERSEY BEAT (Series I) Episode 9 - CRYING OUT LOUDChris MurrayKen HornRob Evans
200117 SeptemberMERSEY BEAT (Series I) Episode 10 - WHAT GOES AROUNDChris MurrayKen HornKeith Boak
20013 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - FACE VALUERonnie HenryWill TrotterDominic Keavey
20014 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - A TWIST OF FATEDavid LloydWill TrotterDominic Keavey
20015 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - TOO MUCH TOO YOUNGDawn HarrisonWill TrotterDominic Keavey
20016 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - CONTROLLING PASSIONSTom Fry & Sharon KellyBev DartnallJane Powell
20017 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - HARD STUFFMark ChadbournBev DartnallJane Powell
200110 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - NOTHING TO FEARJoanne QuesnelBev DartnallJane Powell
200111 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - THE BLAME GAMEJonathan EvansWill TrotterJohn Greening
200112 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - HOMEGrant WatsonWill TrotterJohn Greening
200113 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - ROCK-A-BYE-BABYJulia WestonWill TrotterJohn Greening
200114 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - ONLY SKIN DEEPOlly PerkinBev DartnallNeil Adams
200117 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - ALL FOR ONE Martin BrocklebankBev DartnallNeil Adams
200118 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - SONS AND DAUGHTERSLiz JohnBev DartnallNeil Adams
200119 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - COMING OF AGEDawn HarrisonWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200120 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - A DYING WISHCandy DenmanWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200121 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - OLDER MANEllen MayWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200124 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - LIVING IN THE PASTMarc PeirsonBev DartnallJane Powell
200125 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - TELLING TIMETracey BlackBev DartnallJane Powell
200126 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCKNick WarburtonBev DartnallJane Powell
200127 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - A BITTER PILLJoanna QuesnelWill TrotterJohn Greening
200128 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - NEIGHBOURSDavid LloydWill TrotterJohn Greening
20011 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - WARS Tony ClarkeWill TrotterJohn Greening
20012 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - RETIRING THE PASTStephen Jonathan HallettBev DartnallNeil Adams
20013 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - A PLACE OF SAFETYCarolyn Scott JeffsBev DartnallNeil Adams
20014 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - HE AIN’T HEAVYGraham Lester GeorgeBev DartnallNeil Adams
20015 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - OLD SOLDIERSMarc PeirsonWill TrotterDominic Keavey
20018 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - WISHFUL THINKINGPolly EdenWill TrotterBurt Caesar
20019 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - ANCIENT HISTORYDawn HarrisonWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200110 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - MATTERS OF PRINCIPLECohn BrakeBev DartnallTerry Iland
200111 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - STRANGE BREWMark ChadbournBev DartnallTerry Iland
200112 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - GROWING PAINSLucy BhincoeBev DartnallTerry Iland
200115 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - BABY BONDRay BrookingWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200116 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - VANESSA’S WORLDMichael AbbensettsWill TrotterRay Kilby
200117 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - TWENTY YEARS ONEllen MayWill TrotterRay Kilby
200118 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - CARING FOR MARYJonathan EvansBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200119 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - NOR ANY DROP TO DRINKElizabeth DelaneyBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200122 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - MUMMY’S BOYJulia WestonBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200123 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - TOO POSH TO PUSHFry and KellyWill TrotterBurt Caesar
200124 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - A SECOND CHANCEPolly EdenWill TrotterBurt Caesar
200125 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - THE POSTCODE LOTTERYStephen Jonathan HallettWill TrotterRay Kilby
200126 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - THERE GOES MY BABYOIly PerkinBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200129 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - TOO MUCH PRESSUREPaul EbbsBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200130 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - STAND INTracey BlackBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200131 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - A PARENT’S RIGHT TO CHOOSEDawn HarrisonWill TrotterJohn Greening
20011 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - A WHOLE LOT OF LOVEMartin StoneWill TrotterJohn Greening
20012 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - RASH DECISIONTom Nolan & Mick YatesWill TrotterJohn Greening
20015 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - MUM’S THE WORDMark Hiser & Bridget ColganBev DartnallMalcolm Walker
20016 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - BAD BLOODGraham Lester GeorgeBev DartnallMalcolm Walker
20017 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - GIVING UPDale OvertonBev DartnallMalcolm Walker
20018 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - FAT OF THE LANDStephen John HallettWill TrotterCharlotte Conquest
20019 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - LOVE ALLChris WebbWill TrotterCharlotte Conquest
200112 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - SENSE OF DUTYCohn BrakeWill TrotterCharlotte Conquest
200113 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - MILITARY MANOEUVRESKate ChapmanBev DartnallTerry Iland
200114 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - HEAVY DRUGSPhil MatthewsBev DartnallTerry Iland
200115 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - A WORD IN EDGEWAYSNick WarburtonBev DartnallTerry Iland
200116 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - STAN LOVES CARAGaby ChiappeWill TrotterJohn Greening
200119 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - NOWHERE TO HIDEJoanna QuesnelWill TrotterJohn Greening
200120 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - NO MORE MR NICE GUYClifton StewartWill TrotterJohn Greening
200121 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - CAT’S OUT OF THE BAGGraham Lester GeorgeBev DartnallChristiana Ebohori
200122 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - GOOD COMPANIONSDavid LloydBev DartnallChristiana Ebohori
200123 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - HEARTS AND MINDSJonathan EvansBev DartnallChristiana Ebohori
200126 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - HOMECOMINGClare PalmierWill TrotterChristopher Timothy
200127 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - KISSING BABIESCohn BrakeWill TrotterChristopher Timothy
200128 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - PATCHESStuart GauntWill TrotterChristopher Timothy
200129 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - RELATIONSPaul EbbsBev DartnallSteve Kelly
200130 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - SLEEPING BEAUTYRay BrookingBev DartnallSteve Kelly
20013 DecemberDOCTORS (Series III) - THICKER THAN WATERPhil CharlesBev DartnallSteve Kelly
20014 DecemberDOCTORS (Series III) - COMING HOMEGeoff EversonWill TrotterTerry Iland
20015 DecemberDOCTORS (Series III) - MOTHER KNOWS BESTDawn HarrisonWill TrotterTerry Iland
20016 DecemberDOCTORS (Series III) - TITTLE TATTLETracey BlackWill TrotterTerry Iland
20017 DecemberDOCTORS (Series III) - LOSSFry & KellyBev DartnallJim Shields
200110 DecemberDOCTORS (Series III) - FALLING FOR JASONGraham Lester GeorgeBev DartnallJim Shields
200111 DecemberDOCTORS (Series III) - LOVE STORYMark ChadbournBev DartnallJim Shields
200112 DecemberDOCTORS (Series III) - WHY DOES THE CAGED BIRD SING?Dawn HarrisonWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200113 DecemberDOCTORS (Series III) - THIN ICEPolly EdenWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200114 DecemberDOCTORS (Series III) - MESSAGE IN A BOTTLEVeronica HenryWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200129 OctoberDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series VI) - WALLS OF SILENCEMatthew HallAnnie TricklebankAshley Pearce
20015 NovemberDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series VI) - HOME TRUTHSElizabeth-Anne WhealAnnie TricklebankLawrence Gordon Clark
200112 NovemberDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series VI) - SECRETS OF THE DEADTom NeedhamAnnie TricklebankRoss Devenish
200119 NovemberDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series VI) - TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCESElizabeth-Anne Wheal and David OilmanAnnie TricklebankDavid Wheatley
20024 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - GHOSTSGaby ChiappeBev DartnallBob Tomson
20025 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - THE FAMILY BUSINESSMarc PeirsonBev DartnallBob Tomson
20026 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - MARTIAL ARTSRani MoorthyBev DartnallBob Tomson
20027 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - NO REST FOR THE WICKEDJoy TaylorWill TrotterTerry Iland
20028 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - BIONIC MANPhil MathewsWill TrotterTerry Iland
200211 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - CATSDavid LloydWill TrotterTerry Iland
200212 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - HIM INDOORSStephen John HallettBev DartnallNick Bamford
200213 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - NEED TO KNOWDavid HowardBev DartnallNick Bamford
200214 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - SWEET SIXTEENJoanna QuesnelBev DartnallNick Bamford
200215 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - BOTTLEDCarolyn Scott-JeffsWill TrotterChristopher Timothy
200218 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - WHO’S GOING TO KNOW?David RobertsonWill TrotterChristopher Timothy
200219 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - HAPPINESS CAN’T BUY YOU MONEYPaul EbbsWill TrotterChristopher Timothy
200220 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - RAT MANJonathan EvansBev DartnallBob Jacobs
200221 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - STEALING BOOTYLucy BlincoeBev DartnallBob Jacobs
200222 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - SLEEP OF THE JUSTMark ChadbournBev DartnallBob Jacobs
200225 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - HOME SWEET HOMEAngela TurveyWill TrotterJon Boyce
200226 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - BORROWED TIME Dawn HarrisonWill TrotterJon Boyce
200227 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - STUDENT BODIESTom OgdenWill TrotterJon Boyce
200228 MarchDOCTORS (Series III) - SHOULD KNOW BETTERTracey BlackBev DartnallDominic Keavey
20022 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - FOOD FOR THOUGHTPat SmartBev DartnallDominic Keavey
20023 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - A NEIGHBOURLY EYENick WarburtonBev DartnallDominic Keavey
20024 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - THE FIRST LOSERRob FemeyhoughWill TrotterJohn Greening
20028 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - A CRISIS OF FAITHFry and KellyWill TrotterJohn Greening
200210 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - A MAN YOU DON’T MEET EVERY DAYGaby ChiappeBev DartnallTerry Iland
200211 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - HEAR NO SECRETS (Pt 1)Dawn HarrisonBev DartnallTerry Iland
200212 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - HEAR NO SECRETS (Pt 2) Dawn HarrisonBev DartnallTerry Iland
200215 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVEPaul EbbsWill TrotterPratibha Parmar
200215 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCEStuart GauntWill TrotterPratibha Parmar
200216 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - GOLDEN YEARSNick HoareWill TrotterPratibha Parmar
200217 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - THE DISEASE OF KINGSLouise PageBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200218 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - IT SHOULDN’T HAPPEN TO A DOCTORDavid LloydBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200219 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - WARM HEART, COLD KISSESChris WebbBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200222 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - IT CAN BE YOULloyd PetersWill TrotterIan Barnes
200223 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - POISON CLIMBERWill JewellWill TrotterIan Barnes
200224 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - HAVES AND HAVE..NOTSLiz JohnWill TrotterIan Barnes
200225 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - I SPY Mark ChadbournBev DartnallJon Boyce
200226 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - KEEPING MUMCohn BrakeBev DartnallJon Boyce
200229 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - THE MOMENT OF TRUTHFry and KellyBev DartnallJon Boyce
200230 AprilDOCTORS (Series III) - TWO WRONGSFry and KellyWill TrotterMalcom Walker
20021 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - CARRY THAT WEIGHTJonathan EvansWill TrotterPratibha Parmar
20022 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - NEVER FORGETMark ChadbournWill TrotterPratibha Parmar
20023 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - TROUBLE INHERITEDRuth BrotherhoodBev DartnallTerry Iland
20027 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - REGRETSLinda ThompsonBev DartnallTerry Iland
20028 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - RELATIVE CONCERNSCohn BrakeBev DartnallTerry Iland
20029 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - SHELLING PEASRay BrookingWill TrotterMalcolm Walker
200210 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - BAD VIBRATIONSSteve JamesBev DartnallMalcolm Walker
200213 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - TRAPPEDTracey BlackWill TrotterPratibha Parmar
200214 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - TREAT ME, TREAT MY DOGJean RitchieBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200215 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - MOTHERLY LOVEMoya O’SheaBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200216 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - GUT FEELINGBarrie HawkinsBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200217 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - STAND UPMarc PeirsonBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200220 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - A GAME OF TWO HALVESFry and KellyBev DartnallNeil Adams
200221 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - TEARS OF A CLOWNDavid LloydBev DartnallNeil Adams
200222 MayDOCTORS (Series III) - NO GUARANTEEVeronica HenryBev DartnallNeil Adams
20022 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - MORE IS NEVER ENOUGHTracey BlackBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
20023 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - PRESCRIPTION FOR A CORPSERay BrookingBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
20024 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - NIGHT TERRORSMark ChadbournBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
20025 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAINDavid LloydLowri GlainTerry Iland
20026 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - BULLDOG BREEDNick HoareLowri GlainTerry Iland
20029 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - TICKINGRay BrookingBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200210 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - CHARITY BEGINS AT HOMECohn BrakeLowri GlainTerry Iland
200212 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - STUFF HAPPENSMoya O’SheaBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200213 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - A WANTED CHILDRebecca StevensBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200216 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - BUSINESS AS USUALOllie PerkinBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200217 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - WORLD ON HER SHOULDERSMark BreconLowri GlainFiona Walton
200218 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - SILENT PARTNERSPaul EbbsLowri GlainFiona Walton
200219 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - DECEPTIVE APPEARANCESLucia HaynesLowri GlainFiona Walton
200220 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - A MATTER OF PRIDEJohn PilkingtonBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200223 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - LABOUR DAYAngela TurveyBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200224 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - TOO LATE FOR GOODBYESMark Hiser and Bridget ColganBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200225 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - COOL FOR CATSDavid HowardLowri GlainRay Kilby
200226 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - SIMPLY THE BESTSharon OakesLowri GlainRay Kilby
200227 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - A TERRIBLE HUNGERJane McNultyLowri GlainRay Kilby
200230 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series III) - FITRay BrookingBev DartnallDominic Keavey
20021 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - GROUNDEDDale OvertonBev DartnallDominic Keavey
20022 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - DIFFERENT DRUMMERMichael Chappell and Richard StevensBev DartnallDominic Keavey
20023 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - BITTEN BY THE BUGMarisse WhittakerLowri GlainTerry Iland
20024 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - ATTENTIONJeremy Hylton DaviesLowri GlainTerry Iland
20027 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - STOLEN MOMENTSMoya O’SheaLowri GlainTerry Iland
20028 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - A ROCK AND A HARD PLACEMark ChadbournBev DartnallDarcia Martin
20029 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - LOSING CONTROLDawn HarrisonBev DartnallDarcia Martin
200210 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - AND THEN HE WAS GONEFry and KellyBev DartnallDarcia Martin
200211 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - STUCK IN THE MIDDLEDavid LloydLowri GlainRay Kilby
200214 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - DO NO WRONGTracey BlackLowri GlainRay Kilby
200215 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - BEAUTY GAPPaul EbbsLowri GlainRay Kilby
200216 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - TICK TOCKMark Hiser and Bridget ColganBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200217 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - THE TROUBLE WITH ARTHURPatrick SpenceBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200218 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - UNFINISHED BUSINESSCohn BrakeBev DartnallDominic Keavey
200221 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - REASONS TO BE FEARFULDavid HowardLowri GlainTerry Iland
200222 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLSMartin StoneLowri GlainTerry Iland
200223 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - A QUICK FIXDavid ThornhillLowri GlainTerry Iland
200224 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - INTO THE SHADOWSMichael Chappell and Richard StevensBev DartnallAlice Troughton
200225 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - HUMBLE PIEFrances McNeilBev DartnallAlice Troughton
200228 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - PRIME CARERDale OvertonBev DartnallAlice Troughton
200229 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - SLEEPING DOGSJonathan EvansLowri GlainChris Richards
200230 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - SHATTERED DREAMSLiz JohnLowri GlainTopher Campbell
200231 OctoberDOCTORS (Series III) - YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNGDavid LemonLowri GlainChris Richards
20021 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - NOBODY’S CHILDClaire BennettBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
20024 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - CIRCLE OF LIFEAnne RixomLowri GlainTopher Campbell
20025 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - HEART BEATSMarc PeirsonBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
20026 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDSRay BrookingLowri GlainChris Richards
20027 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTLynne SharpLowri GlainTopher Campbell
20028 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - LEGACYJeremy Hylton DaviesBev DartnallMartin Sharp
200211 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - TREAT THEM MEANJoanna QuesnelBev DartnallMartin Sharp
200212 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - REASONABLE DOUBTMark Hiser and Bridget ColganBev DartnallMartin Sharp
200213 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - TIME BOMBDawn HarrisonLowri GlainTerry Iland
200214 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - FEET OF CLAYNick WarburtonLowri GlainTerry Iland
200215 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - SWING OUT SISTERDan WicksmanLowri GlainTerry Iland
200218 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - CAST THE FIRST STONEAndrea ClyndesBev DartnallBurt Caesar
200219 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - AFRAID TO LOVELinda ThompsonBev DartnallBurt Caesar
200220 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - WHERE WE LEFT OFFMichael Chappell and Richard StevensBev DartnallBurt Caesar
200221 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - A HOLE IN THE HEARTMark Hiser and Bridget ColganLowri GlainSJ Clarkson
200222 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - THE FIRST STEPFry and KellyLowri GlainSJ Clarkson
200225 NovemberDOCTORS (Series III) - TESTING TESTINGGraham Lester GeorgeLowri GlainSJ Clarkson
200221 DecemberDALZIEL AND PASCOE - DIALOGUES OF THE DEAD (Pt 1)Hugh StoddartAnn TricklebankPatrick Lau
200222 DecemberDALZIEL AND PASCOE - DIALOGUES OF THE DEAD (Pt 2)Hugh StoddartAnn TricklebankPatrick Lau
20036 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - FAMOUS LAST WORDSRay BrookingBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
20037 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - ALL IN VEINSudha Bhuchar and Shaheen KhanBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
20038 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - TRUTH OR DAREJohn PilkingtonBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
20039 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - SUSPICIOUS MINDS (Pt 1)Cohn BrakeBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200310 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - SUSPICIOUS MINDS (Pt 2)Cohn BrakeBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200313 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - A DIGNIFIED EXITSharon KellyLowri GlainNeil Adams
200314 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - POSITION OF TRUSTDale OvertonLowri GlainNeil Adams
200315 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - PRESERVATIONGraham WhiteLowri GlainNeil Adams
200316 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - BLACK AND BLUETracey BlackLowri GlainNeil Adams
200317 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - TO THE BONEPaul EbbsLowri GlainNeil Adams
200320 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - POINTS OF VIEWOlly PerkinRos WardFiona Walton
200321 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - CHILD’S PLAYCaroline GawnRos WardFiona Walton
200322 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - A QUESTION OF PRIORITIESMichael Chappell and Richard StevensRos WardFiona Walton
200323 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - FOOD FOR THOUGHTNick HoareRos WardFiona Walton
200324 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - AN EARLY FROSTSally NortonRos WardFiona Walton
200327 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY - TURKISH DELIGHTRowan JoffeCarson BlackAdrian Bean
200328 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY - COMING UP FOR AIRMatthew ParkhillCarson BlackDominic Keavey
200329 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY - THE REAL ARNIE GRIFFINJeff PoveyCarson BlackNigel Havers
200330 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY - HEROES AND VILLAINSLesley Clare O’NeillCarson BlackTerry Iland
200331 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY - GIRLS’ WEEKENDJane EnglishCarson BlackRay Kilby
200329 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - NUMBAbigail MensahBev DartnallSteve Kelly
200330 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - WITH THIS RINGMark Hiser and Bridget ColganBev DartnallSteve Kelly
200331 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - FAKING ITLinda ThompsonBev DartnallSteve Kelly
20033 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - CALL ME THE WANDERERJeremy DaviesBev DartnallSteve Kelly
20034 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - A TANGLED WEBDavid LloydLowri GlainChristopher Timothy
20035 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - REAL TONICKevin ScoulerLowri GlainChristopher Timothy
20036 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - DELIVERANCEEmma FrostLowri GlainChristopher Timothy
20037 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - SECOND CLASS TICKETGaby ChiappeLowri GlainChristopher Timothy
200310 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - JIMI HENDRIX IS DEADJan PageRos WardChris Richards
200311 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - TO BE OR NOT TO BERichard BevanRos WardChris Richards
200312 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - CAVE MANPaul EbbsRos WardChris Richards
200313 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - BABY BLUESRosemary FriedmanRos WardChris Richards
200314 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - MAR-CEL WAVECarol Simpson SolazzoRos WardChris Richards
200317 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARSPat CumperBev DartnallTerry Iland
200318 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - SILENT WORLDMark ChadbournBev DartnallTerry Iland
200319 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - A WOMAN’S WORKJonathan HallBev DartnallTerry Iland
200320 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - TEENAGE KICKSLucy BhincoeBev DartnallTerry Iland
200321 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - MORE THAN A JOBNicola ThompsonBev DartnallTerry Iland
200324 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - A SOLDIER’S LOTJohn PilkingtonLowri GlainDominic Keavey
200325 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKSRay BrookingBev DartnallSteve Kelly
200326 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - TUNNEL VISIONAnne RabbittLowri GlainDominic Keavey
200327 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - SEND IN THE CLONESCohn BrakeLowri GlainDominic Keavey
200328 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series IV) - ALL THE LONELY PEOPLETracey Black and Peter Eryl LloydLowri GlainDominic Keavey
200325 MarchDOCTORS (Series IV) - THE DRAGONKatharine WayRos WardSJ Clarkson
200326 MarchDOCTORS (Series IV) - ZERO TOLERANCELucia HaynesRos WardSJ Clarkson
200327 MarchDOCTORS (Series IV) - JUNK Dawn HarrisonRos WardSJ Clarkson
200328 MarchDOCTORS (Series IV) - DIFFERENT FOR GIRLSEmma FrostRos WardSJ Clarkson
200331 MarchDOCTORS (Series IV) - A LIFE OF ONE’S OWNJude TindallRos WardSJ Clarkson
20031 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - BORN AGAINRay BrookingBev DartnallSteve Kelly
20032 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - GRAVY ON THAT?Claire BennettLowri GlainChris Timothy
20033 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - NO MORE PAINRoland MooreBev DartnallSteve Kelly
20034 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - AS TIME GOES BYDavid LloydBev DartnallSteve Kelly
20037 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - AN HONOURABLE MANDawn HarrisonBev DartnallSteve Kelly
20038 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - NOTHING BUT THE TRUTHMoya O’SheaMartin SharpIan Barber
200310 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - TWICE SHYGraham WhiteMartin SharpIan Barber
200310 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - FIFTY-FIFTYMartin StoneMartin SharpIan Barber
200311 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - STONE WALLS DO NOT A PRISON MAKECohn BrakeMartin SharpIan Barber
200314 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - A TASTE OF POSSIBILITIESAbigail Abban-MensahMartin SharpIan Barber
200315 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - DRINKING GAMESJonathan EvansRos WardNeil Adams
200316 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - DOCTORS ARE FROM MARS Patrick SpenceRos WardNeil Adams
200317 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - FORGET ME NOTJoanna QuesnelRos WardNeil Adams
200322 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - DONATIONSAndrew EllardRos WardNeil Adams
200323 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - MOTHER LOVEMarc PeirsonRos WardNeil Adams
200324 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - FAKING THE DEADJeremy Hylton-DaviesBev DartnallAlice Troughton
200325 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - THE ROAD SWEEPERStephen John HallettBev DartnallAlice Troughton
200328 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - TOO LITTLE TOO LATESharon KellyLowri GlainDominic Keavey
200329 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - GIVE IT UPGary WatermanBev DartnallAlice Troughton
200330 AprilDOCTORS (Series IV) - BABES IN THE WOODDawn HarrisonBev DartnallAlice Troughton
20031 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - MR PUNCHJan PageBev DartnallSteve Kelly
20032 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - KEEP ON RUNNINGRichard PageBev DartnallAlice Troughton
20036 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - IN LOGO PARENTISJan PageMartin SharpRay Kilby
20037 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - KEEPSAKETracey BlackMartin SharpRay Kilby
20038 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELFDavid LloydMartin SharpRay Kilby
20039 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - A CIVILISED ARRANGEMENTMichael Chappell and Richard StevensMartin SharpRay Kilby
200312 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - FUGUE STATEPaul EbbsMartin SharpRay Kilby
200313 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - CAUGHT IN THE WEBGraham Lester GeorgeRos WardDominic Keavey
200314 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - VOICE OF REASONMike ShermanRos WardDominic Keavey
200315 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - PAYBACKAmanda StonhamRos WardDominic Keavey
200316 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - NO THUGS IN OUR HOUSEMark ChadbournRos WardDominic Keavey
200319 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - REALLY ILLNick HoareRos WardDominic Keavey
200320 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - GOOD GRIEFBernard PaddenBev DartnallGeoff Harris
200321 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - THE FOUNDLINGTom FryBev DartnallGeoff Harris
200322 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - ASSISTED PASSAGEAdrian ReynoldsBev DartnallGeoff Harris
200323 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - GRIEVOUS LOSSJude TindallBev DartnallGeoff Harris
200327 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - NAME AND SHAMEMark ChadbournBev DartnallGeoff Harris
200328 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACEMarcus GoodwinMartin SharpDarcia Martin
200329 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - NOTHING TO FEAR BUTCohn BrakeMartin SharpDarcia Martin
200330 MayDOCTORS (Series IV) - ENCOUNTERED BRIEFLYMoya O’SheaMartin SharpDarcia Martin
20032 JuneDOCTORS (Series IV) - TURNING A BLIND EYEJonathan HallMartin SharpDarcia Martin
20033 JuneDOCTORS (Series IV) - YOU ONLY HAVE TO ASKNicola ThompsonMartin SharpDarcia Martin
20034 JuneDOCTORS (Series IV) - LUCKY MANRoland MooreRos WardTerry Iland
20035 JuneDOCTORS (Series IV) - LOOSE ENDSMichael Chappell and Richard StevensRos WardTerry Iland
20036 JuneDOCTORS (Series IV) - CONVENTIONAL WARFAREPaul EbbsRos WardTerry Iland
20039 JuneDOCTORS (Series IV) - DRIVING ME MADOllie PerkinBev DartnallRupert Such
200310 JuneDOCTORS (Series IV) - FOOD GLORIOUS FOODDavid LloydRos WardTerry Iland
200311 JuneDOCTORS (Series IV) - COLLATERAL DAMAGERay BrookingRos WardTerry Iland
200312 JuneDOCTORS (Series IV) - FAT LIESDawn HarrisonBev DartnallRupert Such
200313 JuneDOCTORS (Series IV) - ALL AN ILLUSIONGeoff EversonBev DartnallRupert Such
200313 JuneDOCTORS (Series IV) - IF YOU DON’T KNOW ME BY NOWSharon KellyBev DartnallRupert Such
200315 AprilGREASE MONKEYS (Series 1) - DOUBLE VISIONHarwant BainsWill TrotterSimon Meyers
200322 AprilGREASE MONKEYS (Series 1) - LAST MAN STANDINGHarwant BainsWill TrotterSimon Meyers
200329 AprilGREASE MONKEYS (Series 1) - DIFFERENT STROKESHarwant BainsWill TrotterIan Barnes
20036 MayGREASE MONKEYS (Series 1) - ALMOST BLUEHarwant BainsWill TrotterIan Barnes
200313 MayGREASE MONKEYS (Series 1) - THE CUT AND SHUTHarwant BainsWill TrotterSimon Meyers
200320 MayGREASE MONKEYS (Series 1) - HEART OF THE MATTERHardeep Singh KohliWill TrotterHardeep Singh Kohli
200327 MayGREASE MONKEYS (Series 1) - GIRL CRAZYHarwant BainsWill TrotterSimon Meyers
20033 JuneGREASE MONKEYS (Series 1) - THE DRUGS DON’T WORKHardeep Singh KohliWill TrotterHardeep Singh Kohli
200310 JuneGREASE MONKEYS (Series 1) - HEY FEVERHarwant BainsWill TrotterIan Barnes
200317 JuneGREASE MONKEYS (Series 1) - HAPPY DAYSHarwant BainsWill TrotterJan Barnes
20031 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - UNLIKE FATHER, UNLIKE SONPaul MarxRos WardIan Barber
20032 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - DOCWATCHNeil ArkseyRos WardIan Barber
20033 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - EMOTIONAL FALLOUTMark Hiser and Bridget ColganMartin SharpAlex Perrin
20034 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - IN THE BLOODRebecca StevensRos WardJan Barber
20035 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - WHO GOES THEREAndrew CornishRos WardIan Barber
20038 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - ROOTSMarcus GoodwinRos WardJan Barber
20039 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - NO REFUNDTracey BlackBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200310 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - TO HAVE NOTChris BoilingBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200311 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - RUFUSMartin StoneBev DartnallRupert Such
200312 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - LOVE HURTSMichael Chappell and Richard StevensBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200315 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - SLIPPERY SLOPEPhil CharlesBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200316 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - BLACKOUTLinda ThompsonBev DartnallSJ Clarkson
200317 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - DISCLOSURETorn OgdenMartin SharpAlex Perrin
200318 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - TODAY’S THE DAYTom Rob SmithMartin SharpAlice Troughton
200319 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - APPEARANCESGraham Lester GeorgeMartin SharpAlice Troughton
200322 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - TERMINALLY UNCOOLMiles BodimeadeMartin SharpAlice Troughton
200323 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - THE TIME IS RIGHTSally NortonMartin SharpAlice Troughton
200324 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - NOTHING LIKE HOME HELPAbigail Abban-MensahMartin SharpAlex Perrin
200325 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - BILLIETom FryMartin SharpAlice Troughton
200326 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - AFTERSHOCKBernard PaddenRos WardRay Kilby
200329 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - ALPHA MALEGary WatermanRos WardRay Kilby
200330 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - SURVIVAL OF THE FITTESTMarc PeirsonRos WardRay Kilby
20031 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - NOW YOU SEE MEJoanna QuesnelMartin SharpAlex Perrin
20032 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - CUT LOOSEPhil MathewsRos WardRay Kilby
20033 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - FLASHBACKSKatharine WayRos WardRay Kilby
20036 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - PRODIGAL CHILDDawn HarrisonBev DartnallChris Richards
20037 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - LOVE ON THE ROCKSMarrisse WhittakerBev DartnallChris Richards
20038 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - HOW’S THIS MY PROBLEM?Patrick SpenceMartin SharpAlex Perrin
20039 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - IMPACTJeremy Hylton DaviesBev DartnallChris Richards
200310 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLESharon KellyBev DartnallChris Richards
200313 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - DOPPELGANGEROlly PerkinBev DartnallChris Richards
200314 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - A RED LIGHT MEANS STOP (Pt 1)Olly PerkinMartin SharpTerry Iland
200315 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - A RED LIGHT MEANS STOP (Pt 2)Olly PerkinMartin SharpTerry Iland
200316 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - MEXICAN WAYClaire BennettMartin SharpTerry Iland
200317 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - TILL DEATH DO US PARTJulia WestonMartin SharpTerry Iland
200320 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - TIME ON YOUR HANDSMike Chappell and Richard StevensRos WardTopher Campbell
200321 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - DEEP PREJUDICEDavid LloydRos WardTopher Campbell
200322 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - BACK TO BASICSMark ChadbournMartin SharpTerry Iland
200323 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - TROUBLE AT THE BANKWill JewellRos WardTopher Campbell
200324 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAYTracey BlackRos WardTopher Campbell
200327 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - A WEIGHT ON HER SHOULDERSTracey BlackRos WardTopher Campbell
200328 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - THE DECISIONRoland MooreBev DartnallMichael Baig-Clifford
200329 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - IT’S A FAMILY AFFAIRChris WebbBev DartnallMichael Baig-Clifford
200330 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - A JOB FOR LIFEJonathan EvansBev DartnallMichael Baig-Clifford
200331 OctoberDOCTORS (Series IV) - THE WRONG BODYSharon KellyBev DartnallMichael Baig-Clifford
20033 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - THE CARING PROFESSIONMarc PeirsonBev DartnallMalcolm Walker
20034 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - KEEPING THE PEACELucia HaynesBev DartnallMalcolm Walker
20035 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - AN ENGLISH WOMAN’S HOMECohn BrakeBev DartnallMichael Baig-Clifford
20036 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - MIXED BLESSINGSBernard PaddenChristiana EbohonMalcolm Walker
20037 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - KEEP IT IN THE FAMILYKevin ScoulerChristiana EbohonMalcolm Walker
200310 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - UNDER MY SKINGary WatermanChristiana EbohonMalcolm Walker
200311 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - PAIN BARRIERJohn PilkingtonRos WardAlice Troughton
200312 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - ASSUMPTIONSKath MurphyRos WardAlice Troughton
200313 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - THE DRUGS DON’T WORKPaul MarxRos WardAlice Troughton
200314 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - SAY A LITTLE PRAYERRay BrookingCarol HardingSteve Kelly
200317 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - THE MEASURE OF A MANChristine MarshallRos WardAlice Troughton
200318 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - HAPPY PILLSStephen HallettRos WardAlice Troughton
200319 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - PLAY IT AGAIN, MACChris WebbCarol HardingSteve Kelly
200320 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - ODD ONE OUTMichael Chappell and Richard StevensChristiana EbohonTerry Iland
200321 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - END OF INNOCENCEEllen MayRos WardDarcia Martin
200324 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - WHERE SHADOWS NEVER FALLSharon OakesChristiana EbohonTerry Iland
200325 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - THE LONG AND WINDING ROADAndrea ClyndesChristiana EbohonTerry Iland
200326 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - OUT ON LOANDawn HarrisonChristiana EbohonTerry Iland
200327 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - SOLVENTRichard SimpsonChristiana EbohonTerry Iland
200328 NovemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - FOUR WALLSRoland MooreRos WardDarcia Martin
20031 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - NATURE’S WAYChrissie HallRos WardDarcia Martin
20032 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - TWINSDavid LloydRos WardDarcia Martin
20033 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - UNSPEAKABLEPatrick SpenceCarol HardingSteve Kelly
20034 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - DRESSING DOWNLinda ThompsonRos WardDarcia Martin
20035 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - THE FORGOTTEN WARRIORMarc PeirsonCarol HardingFiona Walton
20038 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - A FRESH STARTKevin ScoulerCarol HardingFiona Walton
20039 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - COUNTING THE DAYSMarc PeirsonCarol HardingFiona Walton
200310 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - ART OF NOISEJeremy Hylton-DaviesCarol HardingFiona Walton
200311 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - COLD CUTSBernard PaddenCarol HardingFiona Walton
200312 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - BEST BEHAVIOURSue PierlejewskiChristiana EbohonTrudy Coleman
200315 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - GETTING THE RIDEColin BrakeChristiana EbohonTrudy Coleman
200316 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - A WHIFF OF SULPHURRay BrookingChristiana EbohonTrudy Coleman
200317 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - CRESCENDOLinda JamesChristiana EbohonTrudy Coleman
200318 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMASColin BrakeChristiana EbohonTrudy Coleman
200319 DecemberDOCTORS (Series IV) - HOUSE OF CARDSDawn HarrisonRos WardIan Barber
20043 JanuaryDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 8) - A GAME OF SOLDIERSStan HeyAnnie TricklebankPatrick Lau
200410 JanuaryDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 8) - THE PRICE OF FAMETony McHaleAnnie TricklebankDavid Wheatley
200417 JanuaryDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 8) - GREAT ESCAPESElizabeth-Anne WhealAnnie TricklebankColin Buchanan
200424 JanuaryDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 8) - SOFT TOUCHBill GallagherAnnie TricklebankPaul Marcus
200426 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY (Series 2) - VENUS AND MARSJohanna BaldwinWill TrotterNick Jones
200427 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY (Series 2) - SONS, DAUGHTERS AND LOVERSMatthew ParkhillWill TrotterMatthew Parkhill
200429 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY (Series 2) - DRIVEPete LawsonWill TrotterJohn Greening
200430 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY (Series 2) - VIVA LAS BLACKPOOL!Damian FitzsimmonsWill TrotterSarah Lancashire
20042 FebruaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY (Series 2) - GLASGOW DREAMSShan KhanWill TrotterChristopher Timothy
20045 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - LOOK MA, NO HANDSRay BrookingCarol HardingSJ Clarkson
20046 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - LAST MINUTE NERVESDale OvertonCarol HardingSJ Clarkson
20047 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - DEAD MAN TALKINGDavid HowardRos WardIan Barber
20048 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - NO PAIN, NO GAINMichael Chappell and Richard StevensCarol HardingSJ Clarkson
20049 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - NO FURYPaul EbbsCarol HardingSJ Clarkson
200412 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - WHEELS OF DESTINYClaire BennettChristiana EbohonJohn Maidens
200413 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - HOME ALONEDawn L EdwardsChristiana EbohonJohn Maidens
200414 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - THE MIRACLESharon KellyRos WardIan Barber
200415 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - A RECIPE FOR DISASTERPat SmartChristiana EbohonJohn Maidens
200416 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - EASY COME, EASY GOAbigail Abban-MensahChristiana EbohonJohn Maidens
200419 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - THE GOOD GUYS CLUBAndrew CornishRos WardAlice Troughton
200420 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - HIDDEN HARMNeil ArkseyRos WardAlice Troughton
200421 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - NO ANGELNazrin ChoudhuryRos WardIan Barber
200422 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - LOOK BOTH WAYSNick WarburtonRos WardAlice Troughton
200423 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - A LATE FLOWERINGJane McNultyRos WardAlice Troughton
200430 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series V) - REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONSChris WebbRos WardAlice Troughton
20042 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - TESTIMONYPeter MorganCarol HardingNick Bamford
20043 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - TALK TO MEKatharine WayChristiana EbohonJohn Maidens
20043 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - SPIKEDAnn-Marie McCormackCarol HardingNick Bamford
20044 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - GRANNY’S LITTLE HELPERTom FryCarol HardingNick Bamford
20044 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - BALD FACTSNicola ThompsonCarol HardingBurt Caesar
20045 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - SELLING SOULSMark ChadbournCarol HardingNick Bamford
20046 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - THE CHILDREN THAT SUFFERCassian HallChristiana EbohonGloria Thomas
20049 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - BABY DOCDavid LloydChristiana EbohonGloria Thomas
20049 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - BLUERay BrookingChristiana EbohonGloria Thomas
200410 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - STRANGER THAN FICTIONJan PageChristiana EbohonGloria Thomas
200411 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - THE FINAL CURTAINRoland MooreChristiana EbohonGloria Thomas
200412 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - NEIGHBOURLYBernard PaddenRos WardIain B Macdonald
200413 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - MY STEPMOTHER THE ALIENGary WatermanRos WardIain B Macdonald
200416 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - LIKE FATHERJude TindallRos WardIain B Macdonald
200416 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - GETTING ONSue PierlejewskiCarol HardingBurt Caesar
200417 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - TWO CAN PLAY (Part One)Jeremy Hylton-DaviesCarol HardingBurt Caesar
200418 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - TWO CAN PLAY (Part Two)Jeremy Hylton-DaviesCarol HardingBurt Caesar
200419 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - CHECKING OUTColin BrakeCarol HardingNick Bamford
200420 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - ONE MAN’S MEATAnne RabbittCarol HardingBurt Caesar
200423 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - THE DEPUTY (Pilot episode)Richard StonemanAnnie TricklebankPatrick Lau
200423 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - AMY’S SOCIAL WORKERDawn HarrisonPeter LloydChris Richards
200424 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - AMY’S MOTHERDawn HarrisonPeter LloydChris Richards
200425 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - AMY’S NEW HOMELinda ThompsonPeter LloydChris Richards
200426 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - AMY’S FATHERMoya O’SheaPeter LloydChris Richards
200427 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series V) - AMYJoanna QuesnelPeter LloydChris Richards
20041 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - ACTING OUTMarc PeirsonRos WardIain B Macdonald
20042 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOUNick KingRos WardRay Kilby
20043 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - INNER CIRCLESTom OgdenRos WardRay Kilby
20044 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - FIRST IMPRESSIONSGary WatermanRos WardRay Kilby
20045 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - SIEGE MENTALITYNick HoareRos WardRay Kilby
20048 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - ABOUT A BOYLucy BlincoeRos WardRay Kilby
20049 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - ODDS ONTracey BlackCarol HardingTopher Campbell
200410 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - INTERNAL AFFAIRTom OgdenRos WardIain B Macdonald
200411 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - CLOSE TO MY HEARTRoland MooreCarol HardingTopher Campbell
200412 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - TURNING BACK THE CLOCKPaul EbbsCarol HardingTopher Campbell
200415 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - FOUR YEAR ITCHJane MarlowCarol HardingTopher Campbell
200416 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - THE BIRDS AND THE BEESRay BrookingCarol HardingTopher Campbell
200417 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - HOLDING THE BABYDavid LloydCarol HardingIan Barber
200418 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - ROOM 101David LloydCarol HardingIan Barber
200419 MarchDOCTORS (Series V) - RUN BABY RUNChris WebbCarol HardingIan Barber
20045 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - TWO’S COMPANYChris WebbRos WardNeil Adams
20046 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - CROSS MY HEARTRay BrookingRos WardNeil Adams
20047 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - SAFE AND SORRYDawn HarrisonRos WardNeil Adams
20048 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - RELATIVE VALUESTracey BlackRos WardNeil Adams
200413 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - HIGH ANXIETYJoanna QuesnelRos WardNeil Adams
200414 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - THE WISH LISTSally AbbottCarol HardingIan Barber
200415 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - SWEET AS A LOLLIPOPJan PageWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200416 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - LAST CHANCEDavid LloydWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200419 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - THE REPLACEMENTRoland MooreWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200420 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - PAST CARINGPaul EbbsWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200421 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - HAVING IT ALLChappell and StevensWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200422 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - PARDONGary WatermanCarol HardingIan Barber
200423 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - SAY THE WORDKevin ScoulerCarol HardingIan Barber
200426 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - AN EVEN STRANGER DANGERBernard PaddenCarol HardingIan Barber
200427 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - A PIECE OF PAPERMarc PeirsonCarol HardingIan Barber
200428 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - PRIMARY CAREMichael HolleyCarol HardingIan Barber
200429 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - DON’T ASK, DON’T TELLTom OgdenRos WardMichael Baig-Clifford
200430 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - GAP YEARTom Rob SmithRos WardMichael Baig-Clifford
20044 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - MISCONCEPTIONSJulia WestonRos WardMichael Baig-Clifford
20045 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - ROTTEN EGGSLucy BlincoeRos WardMichael Baig-Clifford
20046 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - STICKS AND STONESDarren RapierRos WardMichael Baig-Clifford
20047 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - A LION OR A SHEEPJonathan EvansWin Mensah-LarbieJohn Maidens
200410 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - A SOFT TOUCHSally NortonWin Mensah-LarbieJohn Maidens
200411 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - A MATTER OF FAITHSue PierlejewskiWin Mensah-LarbieJohn Maidens
200412 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - FORGET-ME-NOTColin BrakeWin Mensah-LarbieJohn Maidens
200413 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - NIGHT PEOPLEMark ChadbournWin Mensah-LarbieJohn Maidens
200414 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAYChris JuryCarol HardingDavid Squires
200417 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - TOO DARN HOTLinda ThompsonCarol HardingDavid Squires
200418 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - BUTTERFINGERSChappell and StevensCarol HardingDavid Squires
200419 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - MONSTROUS REGIMENTDawn HarrisonWin Mensah-LarbieChris Richards
200420 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - ROLLING STONEDale OvertonCarol HardingDavid Squires
200421 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - THIS TOO TOO SOLID FLESHGary WatermanRos WardDominic Keavey
200424 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - HASTY HEARTSBernard PaddenRos WardDominic Keavey
200425 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - DADDY’S GIRLDavid LemonRos WardDominic Keavey
200426 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - KEEPING MUMPaul MyattRos WardDominic Keavey
200427 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - FLOWER POWERClaire BennettRos WardDominic Keavey
200428 MayDOCTORS (Series VI) - LOST AND FOUNDDavid HowardWin Mensah-LarbieMartin Sharp
20041 JuneDOCTORS (Series VI) - HOOKEDNicola ThompsonWin Mensah-LarbieMartin Sharp
20042 JuneDOCTORS (Series VI) - EXTREMEMark ChadbournWin Mensah-LarbieMartin Sharp
20043 JuneDOCTORS (Series VI) - OFF THE CHESTSharon OakesWin Mensah-LarbieMartin Sharp
20044 JuneDOCTORS (Series VI) - A GAME OF SOLDIERSDavid HowardRos WardSteve Kelly
20047 JuneDOCTORS (Series VI) - FAMILY SECRETSAmanda StonhamWin Mensah-LarbieMartin Sharp
20048 JuneDOCTORS (Series VI) - MOVING ONMarcus GoodmanCarol HardingChristiana Ebohon
20049 JuneDOCTORS (Series VI) - SWEET DREAMSDavid HermansteinCarol HardingChristiana Ebohon
200410 JuneDOCTORS (Series VI) - ON THE ROPESRay BrookingCarol HardingDavid Squires
200411 JuneDOCTORS (Series VI) - WILD, WILD WEST MIDLANDSJH DaviesCarol HardingChristiana Ebohon
200414 JuneDOCTORS (Series VI) - A DECISIVE MOMENTAndrew CornishCarol HardingChristiana Ebohon
20045 June (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - SECRETS OF THE DEADTom NeedhamAnn TricklebankRoss Devenish
200413 June (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCESElizabeth-Anne Wheal and David GilmanAnn TricklebankDavid Wheatley
200425 June (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - WALLS OF SILENCEMatthew HallAnn TricklebankAshley Pearce
20043 July (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - THE UNWANTEDManjit SinghAnn TricklebankPatrick Lau
200417 July (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - MENS SANAStephen ChurchettAnn TricklebankJuliet May
200424 July (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - SINS OF THE FATHERSElizabeth-Anne WhealAnn TricklebankLawrence Gordon Clark
200431 July (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - FOR LOVE NOR MONEYMark HollowayAnn TricklebankWarren Clarke
20047 August (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - A GAME OF SOLDIERSStan HeyAnn TricklebankPatrick Lau
20046 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - PROMISES, PROMISESPaul EbbsRos WardDarcia Martin
20047 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - A SPECIES OF HAPPINESSMatthew BentleyRos WardDarcia Martin
20048 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - ILL FEELINGSTracey BlackRos WardDarcia Martin
20049 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - OVER THE FENCERoland MooreRos WardDarcia Martin
200410 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - CATCHY MONKEYRay BrookingRos WardDarcia Martin
200413 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - BEAT SURRENDERTom OgdenWin Mensah-LarbieChris Richards
200414 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - GAMES PEOPLE PLAYMarvin CloseWin Mensah-LarbieChris Richards
200415 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - ANGEL OF MERCYKevin ScoulerWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200416 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - WHEN LOVE HURTSAndrew ForbesWin Mensah-LarbieChris Richards
200417 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - A WING AND A PRAYERJoanna QuesnelWin Mensah-LarbieChris Richards
200420 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - A SECRET LIFEJonathan EvansCarol HardingTerry Iland
200421 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - LOVE THY NEIGHBOURGraham Lester GeorgeCarol HardingTerry Iland
200422 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - PRINCE CHARMINGMartin StoneCarol HardingTerry Iland
200423 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - LIVING THE HIGH LIFEPaul Matthew ThompsonCarol HardingTerry Iland
200424 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - OVERDUEOlly PerkinCarol HardingTerry Iland
200427 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - DANGEROUS LOADSBernard PaddenRos WardSteve Kelly
200428 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - ONLY CONNECTColin BrakeRos WardSteve Kelly
200429 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - WATCHING MYSELF DIEGary BrownCarol HardingChristiana Ebohon
200430 SeptemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVEJulia WoodstockRos WardSteve Kelly
20041 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - COMPLEX ADONISSharon OakesRos WardSteve Kelly
200419 SeptemberGREASE MONKEYS (Series II) - JAIL BAITHarwant BainsWill TrotterIan Barnes
200419 SeptemberGREASE MONKEYS (Series II) - DELHI BELLYHarwant BainsMuirinn Lane KellyPaul Kousoulides
200426 SeptemberGREASE MONKEYS (Series II) - LITTLE STARDamian FitzsimmonsWill TrotterIan Barnes
200426 SeptemberGREASE MONKEYS (Series II) - REUNIONJames PayneMuirinn Lane KellyIan Barnes
20043 OctoberGREASE MONKEYS (Series II) - DISCO FEVERDamian FitzsimmonsWill TrotterDominic Keavey
20043 OctoberGREASE MONKEYS (Series II) - P.S …..Harwant BainsWill TrotterIan Barnes
200410 OctoberGREASE MONKEYS (Series II) - POWER AND PASSIONStuart BlackburnMuirinn Lane KellyShani Grewal
200410 OctoberGREASE MONKEYS (Series II) - GREY DAYSLynne DallowWill TrotterDominic Keavey
200417 OctoberGREASE MONKEYS (Series II) - MIDDLEMANHarwant BainsWill TrotterIan Barnes
200417 OctoberGREASE MONKEYS (Series II) - LOVE BUGHarwant BainsWill TrotterShani Grewal
20049 October (repeat)DALZIEL AND PASCOE - SOFT TOUCHBill GallagherAnn TricklebankPaul Marcus
20044 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - THEY NEVER CUT THE CORDJan PageWin Mensah-LarbieMatt Bloom
20045 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - IN THE HOUSE OF THE DEADDavid LloydWin Mensah-LarbieMatt Bloom
20046 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - LOVE LIES BLEEDINGChappell and StevensWin Mensah-LarbieMatt Bloom
20047 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - OUT OF CONTROLAlison RoseWin Mensah-LarbieMatt Bloom
20048 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - WHAT IFPhil CharlesWin Mensah-LarbieMatt Bloom
200411 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - LIFE SKILLSKevin ScoulerCarol HardingIan Barber
200412 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - AN INSPECTOR CALLEDMiles BodimeadeCarol HardingIan Barber
200413 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - ONE FOR SORROWAndrea ClyndesCarol HardingIan Barber
200414 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - PARTY GAMESAndrew CornishCarol HardingIan Barber
200415 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - RABBIT IN THE HEADLIGHTSJustin EdgarCarol HardingIan Barber
200419 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - THE WAY TO A MAN’S HEART Dawn HarrisonRos WardGloria Thomas
200419 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - COLOUR BLINDNic CornwallRos WardGloria Thomas
200420 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - GREENS AND BLUESTom FryRos WardGloria Thomas
200421 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - PRACTICE RUNJude TindallRos WardGloria Thomas
200422 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - LETTING GOJonathan HallRos WardGloria Thomas
200425 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - MY SON THE DRAMATICJH DaviesWin Mensah-LarbieDarcia Martin
200426 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - UNCERTAIN JUSTICEAndrew CornishWin Mensah-LarbieDarcia Martin
200427 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - SLEEPOVERMelanie LawmanWin Mensah-LarbieDarcia Martin
200428 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - A FRIEND IN NEEDColin BrakeWin Mensah-LarbieDarcia Martin
200429 OctoberDOCTORS (Series VI) - NOUGHTS AND CROSSESChris WebbWin Mensah-LarbieDarcia Martin
20041 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - UGLY DUCKLINGSusie MenziesCarol HardingNeil Adams
20042 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - PERFECTPaul RobinsonCarol HardingNeil Adams
20043 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - LEST WE FORGETJo ToyeCarol HardingNeil Adams
20044 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - CHANGE OF HEARTRay BrookingCarol HardingNeil Adams
20045 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - BEHIND YOUTracey BlackCarol HardingNeil Adams
20048 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - ALWAYS IN MY HEARTMark Hiser and Bridget ColganRos WardTopher Campbell
20049 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - WAKE UP CALLKatharine WayRos WardTopher Campbell
200410 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - BORN TO FLYMarc PeirsonRos WardTopher Campbell
200411 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - A DAY TO REMEMBERClaire BennettRos WardTopher Campbell
200412 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - LISTEN TO MENandita GhoseRos WardTopher Campbell
200415 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - DOCTOR AT LARGELucy BlincoeWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200416 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - HEART STRINGSJonathan EvansWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200417 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - ONE LAST REQUESTMoya O’SheaWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200418 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - MEDICINE WITHOUT FRONTIERSJonathan HallWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200419 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - HEMMED INNicola ThompsonCarol HardingMartin Sharp
200422 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - AMBULANCE CHASERSPaul FontanaCarol HardingMartin Sharp
200423 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - THE DAUGHTER I NEVER HADAnn-Marie McCormackCarol HardingMartin Sharp
200424 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - A WAKE OF VULTURESAndrea ClyndesCarol HardingMartin Sharp
200425 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - MOTHER’S PRIDEPat SmartCarol HardingMartin Sharp
200426 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - A WALK IN THE PARKRoland MooreRos WardMichael Baig-Clifford
200429 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - PASSING BYChappell and StevensRos WardMichael Baig-Clifford
200430 NovemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - SHARP SEEDLINGSElspeth PennyRos WardMichael Baig-Clifford
20041 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - WHAT THE DOCTORS SAWTracey BlackRos WardMichael Baig-Clifford
20042 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - RISKY BUSINESSJane MarlowRos WardMichael Baig-Clifford
20043 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - A SEASON IN HELLMark ChadbournWin Mensah-LarbieIan Barber
20046 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - CUCKOO IN THE NESTCarole Budgen and John HalesWin Mensah-LarbieIan Barber
20047 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - SPOTLESSJohn PilkingtonWin Mensah-LarbieIan Barber
20048 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - INTOLERANCEBernard PaddenWin Mensah-LarbieIan Barber
20049 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - DAMAGED ROOTSMike ShermanWin Mensah-LarbieIan Barber
200410 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - MISSINGOlly PerkinCarol HardingAriyon Bakare
200413 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - THE MERRY WIDOWPaul Matthew ThompsonCarol HardingAriyon Bakare
200414 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCELiam DuffyCarol HardingAriyon Bakare
200415 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - OLD WOUNDSDawn HarrisonCarol HardingAriyon Bakare
200416 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - WHAT HE WANTEDJan PageRos WardRupert Such
200417 DecemberDOCTORS (Series VI) - GOLDEN GIRLMartin StoneCarol HardingAriyon Bakare
20054 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - BRINGING UP BABYLinda ThompsonRos WardRupert Such
20055 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - SWANSONGDale OvertonRos WardRupert Such
20056 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - DIM TRESBASUDavid LloydRos WardRupert Such
20057 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - TRUE ROMANCEMartin DayWin Mensah-LarbieChristiana Ebohon
200510 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - CONFLICTS OF INTERESTMichael MaynardWin Mensah-LarbieChristiania Ebohon
200511 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - LITTLE LIESMarvin CloseWin Mensah-LarbieChristiania Ebohon
200512 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - LEAP IN THE DARKColin BrakeWin Mensah-LarbieChristiania Ebohon
200513 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - BENEATH THE SURFACEMarcus GoodwinWin Mensah-LarbieChristiania Ebohon
200514 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - CROWDED HOUSEEmma ReevesCarol HardingChris Richards
200517 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - HOME FRONTKevin ScoulerCarol HardingChris Richards
200518 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - DREAM LOVERGary WatermanCarol HardingChris Richards
200519 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - PAST IMPERFECTMarc PeirsonCarol HardingChris Richards
200520 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - COMING TO TERMSAdrian ReynoldsCarol HardingChris Richards
200521 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - THE HAPPIEST DAYSharon KellyRos WardChristopher Timothy
200524 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY (Series III) - THE HITCHMartin SadofskiSam HillNeil Adams
200525 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY (Series III) - THE TROUBLE WITH GEORGEMatthew ParkhillSam HillMatthew Parkhill
200526 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY (Series III) - THE GOOD CITIZENEd McCardieSam HillJames Strong
200527 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY (Series III) - REVERSE PSYCHOLOGYHarwant BainsSam HillIan Barnes
200528 JanuaryTHE AFTERNOON PLAY (Series III) - THE SINGING CACTUSDamian FitzsimmonsSam HillSteve Kelly
200530 JanuaryDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 9) - HEADS YOU LOSE Part 1Tony McHaleAnn TricklebankMatthew Evans
200531 JanuaryDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 9) - HEADS YOU LOSE Part 2Tony McHaleAnn TricklebankMatthew Evans
20056 FebruaryDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 9) - DEAD MEAT Part 1Simon SharkeyAnn TricklebankPatrick Lau
20057 FebruaryDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 9) - DEAD MEAT Part 2Simon SharkeyAnn TricklebankPatrick Lau
200513 FebruaryDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 9) - THE DIG Part 1Stan HeyAnn TricklebankDavid Thacker
200514 FebruaryDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 9) - THE DIG Part 2Stan HeyAnn TricklebankDavid Thacker
200520 FebruaryDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 9) - DUST THOU ART Part 1JC WilsherAnn TricklebankGwennan Sage
200521 FebruaryDALZIEL AND PASCOE (Series 9) - DUST THOU ART Part 2JC WilsherAnn TricklebankGwennan Sage
200527 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - SKY BURIALSimon TurleyRos WardChristopher Timothy
200528 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - INTERVENTIONTom OgdenRos WardChristopher Timothy
200531 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - TROPHY LIFENicola ThompsonRos WardChristopher Timothy
200531 JanuaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - OLD HABITSMoya O’SheaRos WardChristopher Timothy
20051 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - REAL GONE KIDJH DaviesWin Mensah-LarbieGloria Thomas
20051 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - NO PLACE LIKE HOMEColin BrakeWin Mensah-LarbieGloria Thomas
20052 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - SLEIGHT OF HANDDale OvertonWin Mensah-LarbieGloria Thomas
20053 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - SLEEPLESS NIGHTSDave SimpsonWin Mensah-LarbieGloria Thomas
20054 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - HARSH WORDSSeth LinderCarol HardingMartin Sharp
20057 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - FOR LOVESimon BoveyCarol HardingMartin Sharp
20058 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - FLESH AND BLOODRay BrookingCarol HardingMartin Sharp
20059 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - WATCHEDAndrea ClyndesCarol HardingMartin Sharp
200510 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - WEDDING NERVESNick DayCarol HardingMartin Sharp
200511 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - DEATH OF A MOUSELol FletchersRos WardSteve Hughes
200514 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - SKINHEADMiles BodimeadeRos WardSteve Hughes
200515 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - THE ROAD TO ENLIGHTENMENTClaire BennettRos WardSteve Hughes
200516 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - LACK OF CONVICTIONAndrew ForbesRos WardSteve Hughes
200517 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - A GOOD MATE?Anne RabbittRos WardSteve Hughes
200518 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - THE SWEET SILVER SONG OF THE LARKDavid HowardWin Mensah-LarbieIan Barber
200521 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - BROTHERSJonathan EvansWin Mensah-LarbieIan Barber
200522 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - A ROSE FOR DELILAHPaul Matthew ThompsonWin Mensah-LarbieIan Barber
200523 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - LIFEPACTAriyon BakareWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200524 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - A NIGHT TO REMEMBERClaire BennettWin Mensah-LarbieIan Barber
200525 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - HAPPY FAMILIESSue PierlejewskiCarol HardingPaul Gibson
200528 FebruaryDOCTORS (Series VI) - SPORT FOR ALLSteve ThompsonCarol HardingPaul Gibson
20051 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - FAT CHANCEJane McNultyCarol HardingPaul Gibson
20052 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLEBen JonesRos WardChristiana Ebohon
20053 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - IN THE LIBRARY, WITH THE CANDLESTICK (Pt 1)David LloydCarol HardingPaul Gibson
20054 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - IN THE LIBRARY, WITH THE CANDLESTICK (Pt 2)David LloydCarol HardingPaul Gibson
20057 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?Ray BrookingRos WardChristiana Ebohon
20058 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - CAUSE FOR CONCERNPhilip RalphRos WardChristiana Ebohon
20059 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - TABLE FOR TWOChris WebbRos WardChristiana Ebohon
200510 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - ALL THAT GLITTERSRay BrookingRos WardRupert Such
200511 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - THE DEVIL YOU KNOWPaul EbbsRos WardChristiana Ebohon
200515 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - MY OWN FLESH AND BLOODKatharine WayWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200516 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - BOUNDARIESAngela TurveyWin Mensah-LarbieFarren Blackburn
200517 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - FEELING THE HEATKevin ScoulerWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200518 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - WINOMiles BodimeadeWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200521 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - UNDER A BUSHELBernard PaddenWin Mensah-LarbieRupert Such
200522 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - NO GOTracey BlackRos WardIan Barber
200523 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - STAGS AT BAYMartin StoneCarol HardingMichael Baig-Clifford
200524 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - BIRTHING PAINSLucy BlincoeCarol HardingMichael Baig-Clifford
200529 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - YOUR VERY GOOD HEALTHNick HoareCarol HardingMichael Baig-Clifford
200530 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - SKYLARKSDawn HarrisonCarol HardingMichael Baig-Clifford
200531 MarchDOCTORS (Series VI) - DOCTOR’S ORDERSSally NortonRos WardIan Barber
20051 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - SONS AND STRANGERSRoland MooreCarol HardingMichael Baig-Clifford
20054 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - WHEN TWO BECOME ONESimon LubertaRos WardIan Barber
20055 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - HARD TO SWALLOWTrish CookeRos WardIan Barber
20056 AprilDOCTORS (Series VI) - LUCKY FOR SOMEClaire BennettRos WardIan Barber