Blue Plaque for Pebble Mill

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Steve Weddle has been leading a campaign for a Blue Plaque to commemorate BBC Pebble Mill. His hard work has been rewarded with success! Here is how Steve revealed the news last Friday, 7th April 2017:

“I’m pleased to announce that we have been granted a Blue Plaque for BBC Pebble Mill, in honour of its status as an inconic broadcasting institution. The Heritage Foundation, who recently awarded plaques for Morecambe and Wise, The Who and Eric Sykes have made this award in recognition of our innovative work there. And thank you also to Circle Health, who have agreed to display the plaque on the front of their new hospital, which will soon start construction on the site where BBC Pebble Mill once stood. So, we anticipate the unveiling of the Plaque in about two years time – just enough time to plan a party! Rejoice!!!”

Steve Weddle

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