Joan Armatrading – Secret, Secrets NEC

Here is the script front page from Joan Armatrading’s, Secret Secrets Tour at the NEC, from Annie Gumbley Williams. Annie still has the T shirt! It was her second show working with the great John G Smith. She went on to work on around 20 concerts with John.

Anna of the Five Towns Publicity Photos

L-R Katie Carey, Linsey Beauchamp, Emrys James, director Martyn Friend

F/g Dir Martyn Friend, make-up Linda Webster, Engineering Manager Dick Bentley

Possible location Port Erin, Isle of Man

Publicity photographs taken on location for the 1985 drama: Anna of the Five Towns. Most of the locations are at the Black Country Museum.

Anna of the Five Towns – Publicity Card

Anna of the Five Towns was transmitted from 9 Jan 1985 on BBC 2.

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Promo card inside cover

Promo card inside

Promo card back page

Martin Chuzzlewit – Crew Photo

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This photo is of the cast and crew of the drama serial ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’ 1994. It was taken to celebrate the 1000th slate.

The director was Pedr James, with John Kenway as DoP.

Thanks to Josephine Mainwaring for sharing the photo. It was probably taken by photographer Stephen Morley.