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Look! Hear! was a regional television music and arts show produced at Pebble Mill in the early 1980s which went out in the Midlands on BBC 1.  The series featured genuinely live popular music performances with a studio audience.  It was presented by Toyah Wilcox plus local radio presenters Ann Butler, Liz Cotton, John Holmes and Chris Phipps, who sat around on odd-looking chairs talking about the arts.

Copies of many studio programmes in the 1970s and 80s were not kept by the BBC; they were seen as disposable. Three episodes of Look!Hear! had been lost, but fortunately presenter John Holmes had kept VHS copies of the shows, and so Paul Vanezis from the BBC was to transfer them, and create copies for the BBC programme library.

Thanks to Ian Collins, VT Editor, who worked on the series, for making the badge available.

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  • Toyah Wilcox – I was her age and I remember I got my hair cut and coloured like hers (an orange and yellow assymetric bob, probably not very flattering). She was a guest on a series I researched for regional TV producer Jim McDougal, called Face to Face (I think), which was half-hour one on one interviews with famous local people. I remember other guests in the series were the reformed bank robber John McVicar and (I think), Isobel Barnett. Can’t remember the interviewer though – Alan?

  • Thanks for that Jane, it’s really useful to get details of different shows. I wonder if you might like to write a quick blog about some of the shows you remember working on? It would be great if you would. If so please just email me a few sentences to [email protected].

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