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John Taynton used to present the Late Show on Radio WM.  Sadly, he died in Feb 2011, after a battle with cancer.  The show he presented was current affairs and consumer based, and was one of the first shows to be syndicated across the Midlands network.

Thanks to Stuart Gandy for making this Radio WM Photocard of presenter John Taynton available.

Sparks, Andy Frizzell adds the following memory of John:

“One thing stands out for me. During the electricians strike in 1987 John came out to us on the picket line and handed us a bag for our hardship fund. It was full of cash from a collection organised by John and WM. Totally unexpected but very much appreciated. Came over as a kind and generous man and fully sympathised with us.”

Series producer and director, Kath Moore adds the following comment:

“John was my first boss. His 11am WM show circa 1987 was my chance to make tea, answer his phone-in phones and do the intro/ outro durations on the vinyls that he chose with consummate care and knowledge. He carried them to studio in a wire …supermarket basket I recall …. A real People’s Champ, he was tirelessly supportive and encouraging to those starting off – and there were many of us…. He set the bar high too on standards – and taught us to do the same, for which I’m grateful, daily. A lovely, feisty man.”

Producer, Rebecca Skidmore remembers listening to John’s show as a teenager:

“His show was my escape when I was being bullied at school in my teens. I used to lie under my duvet with my walkman on and listen to this very kind man helping people, and it just made everything seem better….”

Darren New travelled with John:

“I had the most amazing trip with John to Rwanda as part of Midlands Aid, Richard Uridge’s idea to raise money for the innocent people caught up in the genocide. His back pack never made it to Africa so we had to lend him some of our clothes. He was a great guy and a brilliant broadcaster.”

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  • My husband’s band in the early 1990’s recorded a session for John’s show which was played over 4 nights. The band were called ‘Blue Water State’ and the session was sound engineered by Ian Rae. What a thrill it was to hear them on the radio.

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