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This titles grab is from the six part cookery series: Ainsley’s Big Cook Out, which went out in summer 1999. Here is the Radio Times entry for the first episode, courtesy of the BBC Genome project:

‘Beginning a six-part travelling cookery programme. Chef
Ainsley Harriott travels the Americas in search of the finest local ingredients with which to prepare his own barbecue recipes, starting in the Canadian island province of Newfoundland.
He visits Signal Hill, just outside the capital, and also goes white-water rafting in western Quebec. Harriott’s creations include scallops with coriander, fishcakes, pan-fried cod, barbecued river eel and, for two Mounties, Canadian pancakes.’

The producer was Sara Kozak, with Roger Casstles as Exec Producer.

Thanks to VT editor, Ian Collins, for making the grab available.