Tom O’Connor Roadshow – Jim Clelland

Jim Clelland JM











Photo by Jane Mclean, no reproduction without permission.

The photo is from the Tom O’Connor Roadshow, a touring live entertainment show. It was a BBC1 Daytime show which went out at midday in 1987. It shows Jim Clelland on stage, carrying out a lighting check; Jim was an Engineering Manager.

The following comments were added on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Keith Brook (Scouse), talking about Jim’s hand signal: ‘It’s a signal to one of the sparks to stop lowering the light, or panning it up, for example.’

Kevin Lakin: ‘Foreground is John Potter ( props ), a brilliant bloke who sadly passed away a year or so after this picture was taken.’

Alan Jessop: ‘Jim’s son Iain works with us at CTV Outside Broadcasts’

Little Red Book – Safety Regulations

BBC Little Red Book PP












Photo by Peter Poole, no reproduction without permission.

This little red book contained the BBC Safety Regulations for Engineering staff.

Thanks to Peter Poole for sharing his copy of the book.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Pete Simpkin: ‘Somewhere I have the big green folder containing among other things the correct balance and control settings for audio levels…. Obviously no longer issued!!’

Stuart Gandy: ‘I still have one of these too somewhere. Funnily enough I am at Wood Norton this week almost 35 years to the day that I started my BBC career there, where I was presented with the little red book!’

Alan Jessop: ‘Still got mine in the loft, you used to get a pack of new pages now and again with updated regs, you we’re suppose to replace updated pages and chuck the old ones!’

Malcolm Hickman: ‘Mine went west years ago, but I do have my Comms Data Sheets’

Ray Lee: ‘I think I’ve still got mine somewhere!’


Top Gear Rally Report













This titles grab dates from the 1990s. Rally Report was made by members of the Top Gear production team and presented by some of the same presenters as the motoring magazine show. The series reported on the Lombard RAC Rally.

Thanks to Ian Collins to making the grab available.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Peter Poole: ‘I did some location recording for this.’

Steve Lee: ‘I presented for a while…Denis Adams was the producer…Fun days !!!’

Ned Abell: ‘If this was the one on BBC2 we parked CM2 outside the Laguna Tandoori next to the Albany hotel, Nottingham. Off the air and sit down with chicken tikkas already waiting!!’

Adam Hartley: ‘I remember preparing some of the rushes & working with editors on some time around 1998… Also have a vague recollection of a viewer complaining because a certain rally car had the wrong engine noise synched to it on a wide drive past…’

Simon Edwards: ‘I think Jim Knights might have been involved?’

Paul Hutchins: ‘Yes Simon, Magpie crewed most of the rallies! Some great memories mate. Great team that went on to produce and film the world rally championship for years to come!! Happy days.’

Alan Jessop: ‘I was one of the cameramen on many of the Rally shows – great fun in the forest!’


Tom O’Connor Roadshow – Toby Horwood

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.












Here’s me on The Tom O’Connor Roadshow (picture by Nigel Beaumont).  

This was at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. The camera is an LDK 5 working out of our big OB truck called CM1. This picture exemplifies the long hours of waiting that OBs sometimes entail.  I think at one point I did actually doze off. I just had the big wide ‘low cock-up factor’ shot, not very challenging. It was sometimes a good idea to bring along a book. Some crew members bought along golf clubs, badminton racquets and watercolour sets, so that their time off duty away from home could be made more useful. I remember going to a fringe comedy show one evening whilst we were in Cambridge for Tom O’Connor.

Toby Horwood

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page:

Mike Renshall: ‘North 3 did Falkirk and Blackpool (twice), all of which I was on the crew for.’

Alan Jessop: ‘That Schneider ZDU has the external v/f switch adaptor that I thought was only on LO6 cameras, was this CM1 then?