Children in Need – photos from Ruth Kiosses

Andria Fletcher, Ruth Kiosses, Alex Pargeter

Ruth Kiosses

Ruth Kiosses & Andria Fletcher

Photos from Ruth Kiosses, no reproduction without permission.

The photos were taken at Pebble Mill on a ‘Children in Need’ day, with the Wardrobe department volunteering and manning the phones.

‘The photos date from 1991/2. It was the busiest week of the Wardrobe year with van loads of costumes arriving daily from TVC and our own Selly Oak stores. You couldn’t move in the basement for costume rails ready for the CIN broadcast in the evening. It was always stressful but fun on the night. We raised a lot of cash dressed as a racehorse from Pebble Mill’s drama ‘Trainer’ one year, and yes, I was the back end! ‘

Ruth Kiosses

Costume Department – photos from Ruth Kiosses

Photos copyright of Ruth Kiosses, no reproduction without permission.

Here are a couple of photos some of the Costume Department staff at BBC Pebble Mill, from the early 1990s.

The first photo features Anne Marie Morrell, and Ruth Kiosses.

The second one features Ruth Kiosses, Russell Barnett and Andria Fletcher.