Small Town Gardens – Andover garden

STG Andrew Fisher-Tomlin, Andover












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This photo shows the final planting up of the back garden of a modern town house in Andover, designed by Andrew Fisher Tomlin. This garden was part of Small Town Gardens, series 3, transmitted 2003 on BBC 2 at 8pm. The waterfall in this garden worked brilliantly, making the most of the sloping garden with the change in levels. I seem to remember that we filmed the final scenes at night with the pond lit up with floating candles etc.

The presenter was James Alexander Sinclair. I was the series producer. It was a great series to work on, the team of designers transformed some dull and boring gardens into some fantastic outdoor spaces.

Vanessa Jackson

Small Town Gardens article

Garden Design Journal, Feb 2005

Garden Design Journal, Feb 2005

Garden Design Journal, Feb 2005


Copryright resides with the original holders, no reproduction without permission.

This article appeared in the Garden Design Journal in February 2005, and considers the question of whether television gardening has trivialised garden design. Bella D’Arcy argues ‘yes’, I argue ‘no’, and Matt James sits on the fence, with a ‘maybe’.

There was a spate of garden design related programmes in the late 1990s and early 2000s, led by Ground Force and HomeFront in the Garden. I was lucky enough to be the series producer of two series of Small Town Gardens, a design show which was a delight to work on!