‘Fair Game’ – photos by Bev Dartnall

Photos by Bev Dartnall, no reproduction without permission.

Fair Game was a Pebble Mill drama transmitted in 1994.  It was set recorded in Italy and Britain.  The photos look like Florence.  Michael Wearing was the executive producer, Alan Dosser the director, Carol Parks the producer, and Stephen Bill wrote the script.

The drama starred: Massimo Bellinzoni as Marco, Lena Headey as Ellie, Julian Kerridge as Carl, Prunella Scales as Marjorie and Anita Zagaria as Maria.

The BFI database describes the synopsis of the storyline:

‘It is 1970, there is World Cup and General Election fever. Marco, a wealthy Italian has come to England to discover his true identity. Carl, a student is torn between canvassing for the Labour party, watching the World Cup or going on a walking holiday with his girlfriend Ellie. Their paths cross in Preston library and the three take an epic journey across the Pennines.’  http://ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/title/495778?view=synopsis

'Fair Game'