Tom O’Connor Roadshow

















































































Photos by Jane Mclean, no reproduction without permission.

These photos are from the Tom O’Connor Roadshow from the 1980s, and include Les Dennis, Bernie Winters, Keith Harris and Orville!

The variety show travelled round the country, and went out live each weekday at lunchtime.

Thanks to Jane Mclean for sharing the photos.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Page:

Keith Brook (aka Scouse): ‘I wasn’t on this because I’d left by then, but I’ve done several programmes with Tom O’Connor since then.
He always made a point of thanking the crew individually. Maybe a handshake, maybe a wave, but always a thank you. That’s a real celebrity.’

Stuart Gandy: ‘Keith Harris and Orville was the first ‘celebrity(s) that I saw when I first visited Pebble Mill for my first interview back in 1979. He was on Pebble Mill @ One that day, and I got a sneak look into the foyer on my way to the interview.’

Gary Jordan: ‘Had some great musical guests on including the mighty Slade who performed, Still The Same.’