Stan Smith’s retirement party











Photo from Malcolm Hickman of Stan Smith’s retirement party (circa 1983/4), which was well attended by Comms Centre staff.

The following comments were posted on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Brian Johnson: ‘Will give it a try: Front row L to R – David Robinson, John Noble, Chris Donovan, Stan Smith, Keith Lindsey, Graham Hewitt: : Second Row L-R Shaffiq, John Nestor, Brian Johnson, Ian Gordon, Roy (Cyril) Thompson (peering over his shoulder), Glynn Benbow, Roy Winson, Jon Parker, Bob Allison, Mike Day, Fred Norton, Nigel Harris, Keith Brown, Paul Wheeldon, Derrek Smith, Malcolm Hickman,: Back Row R-L- John Malby, Phil Partridge, Guy with Glasses (??), then Graham Todd, Richard Taylor.
Can anyone fill in the (??) .

Great Photo. but what a male orientated lot we were’

Malcolm Hickman:’Guy over Roy’s shoulder is John Parker. Went to VT. Nigel Harris with beard, Keith Brown looking sideways.’

Andy Marriott: ‘Graham (on the right, with his hand on the trolley looking thing) was one of the Comms supervisors when I started.’


Harrier landing 1979

Photos by Bob Allison, no reproduction without permission

Refuelling the Harrier















































These photos are from the first Harrier landing at Pebble Mill in the summer of 1979. This one was a Fleet Air Arm Harrier as you can see from the logo on the tail. Bob Allison took these from the balcony of Pebble Mill on the 8th Floor.

Paul Wheeldon

Photos from Steve Dellow, no reproduction without permission

Paul Wheeldon, and Bob Allison, posing in the OB line up area, 1983



































These photos show Comms engineer, Paul Wheeldon, who worked at Pebble Mill during the 1970s and 80s, before moving to BBC Manchester. The first photo shows Paul with Nigel Harris at Meir Heath water tower for the darts OB at Jollies nightclub. Access to the top involved climbing through the tank in a concrete ‘tube’! The second photo was taken in Nov 1983 in the OB line up area, at Steve Dellow’s leaving do. The deal was that if anyone wanted a drink off Steve, they had to wear a silly hat!

Paul sadly died a number of years ago.

Thanks to Steve Dellow for sharing these photos.