Backup – photos by Willoughby Gullachsen

Photos by Willoughby Gullachsen, no reproduction without permission.

The photos probably come from the drama ‘Backup’.  It was a Pebble Mill drama which ran for two series.  The first eight part series went out in 1995, with the second, six part series transmitting in 1997.  Hilary Salmon was the producer; Tony Virgo the exec producer; Bob Blagdon, Jan Sargent, and Douglas Mackinnon the directors.  Nigel McCrery created the series with Roy Mitchell writing some of  the scripts.  The series was edited by John Rosser and Beverley Mills.

These photos are probably from the first series.

The drama featured Martin Troakes, Katrina Levon, Nick Miles, Christopher John Hall, and Calum MacPherson.

A synopsis by ‘Sulla-2’ on the IMDB site describes the drama:

‘There were two series of ‘Back up’ and they were both very good entertainment. Basically it is a series about a section of the Special Patrol Group ( SPG) They work has a crew of experienced male and female Constables working in uniform or plain clothes. They are based in Birmingham in the Digbeth area but can be called upon to assist any of the West Midlands Police areas, although they would mainly be in Birmingham. Their speciality is Public Order but they are in a position to provide back up for more or less anything. In real life, Officer on the SPG are very fit and highly trained. The officers portrayed in this programme are rather less fit. Several of the cast have gone on to bigger and better things but others have disappeared without trace.’

Thanks to Ant Smith and Kevin Lakin for identifying the photos of this drama.