Dear Octopus 1959

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Dear Octopus was transmitted on BBC television on 10th January 1960. It was produced at Gosta Green in Birmingham. The drama is set at a reunion of the Randoph family.

Joyce Hawkins worked on the costumes for the drama. Thanks to her for sharing this publicity photograph of Michael Denison, from the production.

Chloe Gibson was the director, and the play was written by Dodie Smith.

Michael Denison played Nicholas Randolph and Gwen Ffrangcon Davies played Dora Randolph.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Colin Pierpoint: I think I do remember it. Each of the characters was a bit weird in some way or other. Now I think of it the son ends up behaving like a baby at the end, with the parents encouraged by this, even though he is about 40. It was so way out, I thought it worthy of a Pebble Mill drama!’

Mary Sanchez: ‘I worked with Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray on Howard’s Way too- lovely almost regal like couple! They didn’t mind being driven around locations in my massive mini bus and were always very appreciative!! Climbing in and out …They invited me to their house in Amersham for tea, I never did go but they were very sweet indeed!’

Jane Green: ‘Ah! Michael was married to Dulcie Gray who played Kate Harvey in Howards Way. When we were filming near Southampton they gave me a lift back to my hotel in their car – which he proudly told me he’d bought off Princess Diana’s dad.(Dulcie was friends with the Queen Mum and used to go to Clarence House a lot for tea) The Denisons were a lovely, giggly, fun couple. Photo is of AFM Alison Symington and me on location standing infront of ‘Jan Howard’s’ car. About 1986.’

Yesterday’s Enemy 1958

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Thanks to Joyce Hawkins for sharing this photo. This was the first production that Joyce worked on in the Costume department.

Yesterday’s Enemy starred Gordon Jackson and Alex Scott. It was written by Peter R Newman, and produced by Chloe Gibson. The designer was John Cooper. The drama was transmitted on 14th October, 1958, and was produced at Gosta Green, presumably in the studio. It was set during the Burma campaign of WWII.

Interestingly the television play spurred a Hammer Films production of Yesterday’s Enemy, in 1959, with Gordon Jackson playing the same role.

Below is the cast list from the Radio Times:

Japanese Officer: Otokichi Ikeda
Burmese informer: Andy Ho
Sergeant Ian McKenzie: Gordon Jackson
Captain Alan Langdon: Alex Scott
Second Lieutenant Paul Hastings: Barry Foster
Private Wilson: David Webb
First Private: Tom Watson
The Doctor: Alan Rowe
The Padre: Manning Wilson
Max Turner, war correspondent: John Sharplin
Second Private: Graham Lines
Brigadier Wilmont: Hugh Morton
Corporal Patrick: Terence Brook
Japanese Private: Burt Kwouk
Major Yamazaki: Lee Montague
British and Japanese soldiers: [uncredited]