Friday Night at the Mill ticket

Friday night at the mill pass Adam Cooke











Friday night at the mill pass reverse Adam Cooke













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This ticket is from the staff party held on 3rd September 2004, to mark the closure of the Pebble Mill building, when production moved to the Mailbox in the centre of Birmingham, and to the Drama Village in Selly Oak. The pass was designed by Chris Hession.

The party was a very good night, with different activities taking place in the various marquees shown on the reverse of the ticket.

Thanks to Adam Cooke for sharing the ticket, and keeping it safe for the last decade.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Jean Palmer: ‘This was a great night but I never got into any of the tents ended up talking to loads of people. What happened to the Mill message book?’

Stuart Gandy: ‘It was indeed great night, with many mixed emotions.’

Jane Ward: ‘Great night….but bitter-sweet….’

Lynn Cullimore: ‘It was a fantastic night and I so enjoyed it. Happy memories.’