Staff Christmas Dinner

Serving Staff Christmas Dinner

Serving Staff Christmas Dinner













Photo from Marie Phillips, no reproduction without permission.

At the annual BBC Pebble Mill Staff Christmas Dinner the management team would take on the role of serving the staff, so that the catering staff could also enjoy their dinner. ┬áThe photo shows Marie Phillips, who worked as personal assistant to the Head of Personnel, in her Union Flag apron at the end of the Christmas Dinner. Marie Phillips went on to be the ‘Children in Need’ co-ordinator for the Midlands in the 1990s.

Together with Marie, is Julie Myslowska, from Personnel.

The Christmas dinner was an occasion for staff to let off steam, and the odd food fight did break out!

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Nicola Silk: ‘I┬áremember a food fight, poss ’94 or ’95 when a sprout landed in Denis Gartside’s ear… I was merely an onlooker.’

Marie Phillips: ‘Of course you were Nicola !! It was the crusty cobs that were most lethal. I cannot think of a better place for a sprout to land.’