The Clothes Show – photos from Clive Wagner

Clothes Show Live

Photos from director Clive Wager (shown here in the lower picture), no reproduction without permission,

‘The Clothes Show’ was produced at Pebble Mill from 1986-2000, it was originally a spin off of fashion items from ‘Pebble Mill at One’.  The executive producer was Roger Casstles.  The fashion magazine show had very high production values, and became well known for its use of new video editing effects.  Eventually the post production team were awarded a BAFTA for their work.

The first photo shows the production office at ‘Clothes Show Live’, the annual exhibition at the NEC which is still running.  Shown in the photo are Nicky Barfoot in the stripy top, Caroline Hawkins, Tim Langford, and presenter Caryn Franklin seated.

The lower photo is of a location shoot at the Imperial War Museum, and shows director Clive Wagner.

‘Good Morning’ titles shoot – photo from Clive Wagner

Good Morning titles shoot

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This photo is from the title shoot of ‘Good Morning with Anne Nick’ in 1992.  Clive Wagner (on the left with the bald head) was the director on the shoot.  He was a director on ‘The Clothes Show’, and very well thought of.  The cameraman is almost certainly Tim Johnson, and the assistant, Sue Cane. The titles were shot on 35mm film, which was a real luxury.

‘Good Morning with Anne and Nick’ began on 12 Oct 1992, and was on air until 1996.  Their first guest on the sofa was Joan Collins.  The popular morning magazine show was presented by Anne Diamond and Nick Owen.  Anne’s husband, Mike Hollingsworth, was the series editor.

‘Good Morning’ was set in Studio C, the Pebble Mill foyer, where ‘Pebble Mill at One’ was set, but the instantly recognisable windows and view out on to Pebble Mill road were blocked out by the living room type set.