Roy Hill

I’ve heard from Terry Powell, that Roy Hill from costume sadly passed away a month ago (autumn 2017). Roy worked at Pebble Mill for over 10 years. Terry said that he was part of the ‘old gang’ and that old friends would like to know.

Thanks to Peter Church for adding the photo below, and to Terry Powell for identifying those in the photo. Included are I think: Roy Hill, Marc Ridley, Colin Bailey, Annie Arnold, Sally Pearson.

Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission

Al Barnett’s retirement party

Colin Bailey dresser, Peter Church












Photo by Peter Church, no reproduction without permission. Peter Church was the partner of senior dresser, Colin Bailey, for many years.

The photo is probably of Al Barnett’s (Costume department) retirement party.

Senior dresser, Colin Bailey, sadly died in 2005.

Thanks to Colin’s partner, Peter, for sharing the photo.

Bob Jacobs (drama dept), second from the left.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Keith Brook (Scouse): ‘It’s John Abbott in the suit foreground. Harvey Frost is behind Gwen. I think it’s Yvonne O’Malley hiding behind John’s right shoulder, our left.’

Susan Astle: ‘Gwen Arthy.Joyce Hawkins John Linlair at the front. Jane Wellsley behind Colin.’

Kate Hawkins: ‘And that’s me bottom left hand corner…checked jacket. I was ‘Senior Personnel Officer’ to Programme Services. Harvey Frost is behind Joyce & John.’

Liz Cox: ‘Karen Bevins is in black behind Gwen’