Pebble Mill – Comic Relief

Alan Titchmarsh, Jo Dyer, Lenny Henry JD











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This photo is from when Lenny Henry kicked off the 1993 Comic Relief campaign on Pebble Mill. Alan Titchmarsh was the presenter, and Johannah Dyer, the producer.

Thanks to Johannah Dyer for sharing the photo.

Archers for Comic Relief – Kathryn Shuttleworth

Photo from Kathryn Shuttleworth, no reproduction without permission.


The Archers for Comic Relief (The Mailbox)


Of all the people I worked with this brief encounter with Victoria Wood has to go down as one of my favourites. She had written some special episodes of  ‘The Archers’ for Comic Relief and came along for the recording.  She was very hands on in studio helping with the effects. This was also the only time I have ever asked someone I have worked with for their autograph – well she is my all time comedy hero!

Kathryn Shuttleworth