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Thank you for sending so many lovely tributes for Angie giving so much support to her and her family – husband John, sons Jonathan and Justin at this very difficult sad time. Jonathan sent an email to me giving more insight into how courageous she has been over the last 14 years. Helping and supporting others whilst raising money, pushing herself with her enthusiastic energy to beat cancer and help others. Our thoughts and support are with you Angie.

(Annie Gumbley-Williams)
The following email is what Jonathan wrote in his email about his mum:
“Angie had 37 years of happy experiences at the BBC. My mum loved every day she worked at the BBC and made many lifelong friends. Her last 14 years at the “Beeb” were spent working for the Contract’s department. She has also worked in so many different departments learning so much including engineering, production, music and drama.
Just to correct the story this is her 7th re-occurrence of cancer since diagnosis 14 years ago, each time she has fought this disease with courage and determination. Sadly though this last battle is one that she will not beat.

Just one my many memories of my mum was the day that she was inside a Dalek outfit for the whole day going around Gramby Halls in Leicester. In the end she had to be lifted out of the Dalek because she couldn’t walk.
Just to let you know that although cancer ended the career she loved at the BBC, she never really retired because through her new journey her goal was to give hope and make a difference to cancer patients and raise money wherever she could in the hope one day they can find a cure.”