Doctors filming at Pebble Mill






























Photos from John Waldron, no reproduction without permission.

The photos show shoots for the continuing drama, ‘Doctors’, taking place at the rear, and front entrances to Pebble Mill.

The Pebble Mill building proved ideal in providing multiple locations for ‘Doctors’. ¬†With a little dressing the corridors and exterior could be made to look like a hospital or police station.

The photos include: Kenny Ralston (swinging the boom in the second photo), Tabitha Wady, Natalie J. Robb, Tom Butcher, and Corrine Wickes.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook Group:

Andy Walters: ‘The first picture is of the back of Pebble Mill below the WM production office. The other two are of the front.’

Marie Phillips: ‘My Successor at CIN left after a year or so and I was asked to spend time with the next Co-ordinator to show her the ropes so to speak so I was not up to date with current programmes. On my way to the Photocopy Room one morning a very nice, smart gentleman asked me the way to Doctors. I thought “Oh Dear, he must be feeling poorly” and promptly escorted him to the Surgery to Gina the Nurse. “Oh No” he said, “I’m directing it!” I did feel silly and took him up to the set and I could hear raucous laughter as I sped away !!’