Regional Clubs Day 1990

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These photographs were published in the BBC newspaper, Ariel, in July 1990. They were taken at the annual Regional Clubs Day held at Pebble Mill.


The second photo shows the Midlands winning badminton team, including Arif ?, Jane Dance, Pippa Jones (Graphics), ?.

The photos were originally shared on the Pebble Mill Engineers’ Facebook page.

The following comments were left on the Pebble Mill Facebook page:

Craig Wood: ‘Front row, second in on the left is my good pal, Mike Brown. Who I worked with in graphics. Very sadly passed away a few years ago.’

Ruth Barretto: ‘Front row: Colin ? Mike brown, Karen Hewson, Richard Pearson, middle row: Jane Dance Bartley, Maria Hurley, Lynne ? Julie Adams, David Wayne, Mary Sanchez’

John Major – photo from Gail Herbert

Gail Herbert meeting John Major

Prime Minister John Major visited Pebble Mill in the 1990s and appeared on Good Morning with Anne and Nick for a sofa chat.  He is shown here meeting Gail Herbert, Chair of the BBC Club and P.A., outside the front of Pebble Mill Reception.  Between Gail and John Major is David Wayne, the Head of Building.

You’ll notice that John Major has signed the photo for Gail, who was a supporter of his.