She Stoops to Conquer 1961

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This was Derek Jacobi’s first television production, She Stoops to Conquer TX, 26th Nov 1961, starring alongside Daphne Slater.

It was recorded at BBC Birmingham’s Gosta Green studio.

Here is the Radio Times entry for the drama:

“Starring Daphne Slater, Marjorie Rhodes, Arthur Brough and Dinsdale Landen
Introducing Derek Jacobi
From the Midlands
Derek Jacobi appears by arrangement with Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

Shy with ladies of fashion but bold with girls of lower station, Marlow goes to visit Kate Hardcastle, as their parents have proposed a match.


Writer: Oliver Goldsmith
Designer: Margaret Peacock
Producer: John Harrison
Marlow: Derek Jacobi
Hastings: Murray Hayne
Kate Hardcastle: Daphne Slater
Mr Hardcastle: Arthur Brouch
Constance Neville: Hilary Liddell
Mrs Hardcastle: Marjorie Rhodes
Tony Lumpkin: Dinsdale Landen
Landlord: Joe Greig
Diggory: Harry Hutchinson
Maid: Pat Heywood
Sir Charles Marlow: John Kidd”

Thanks to Joyce Hawkins, who worked in costume on the drama, for sharing the photo.




Pinto at Pebble Mill – Prospero Dec 2013

Pinto at Pebble Mill PP























Copyright resides with the original holder, no reproduction without permission.

This article by costume designer, Joyce Hawkins, appeared in the BBC retirees magazine, Prospero, in December 2013.